Republic of Bulgaria

Republic of Bulgaria

   Republic of Bulgaria is a country of the European continent, known as the Balkans in relation to the Balkan Mountains which are in the country from west to east, and includes Bulgaria are many factors natural tourist Vttal coasts great on the Black Sea, in addition to the mountains covered by snow, which is the central place come to Tourists enjoy skiing and charming nature in winter.
Bulgaria has a number of natural sources of the Revolution such as bauxite, copper, lead, zinc, coal and other sources.
   Bulgaria State is the continent of Europe, shares its northern border with Romania to the west with Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, and bordered to the south of Greece and Turkey, and from the Middle Vttal on the Black Sea.
Area: total area of ​​110.910 km 0.2 Bulgaria
Total population: a population of 7,262,675 people.
Capital: Sofia
Language: The official language is Bulgarian, in addition to the Turkish and Romanian.
Currency: Lev
Religion: Christian Orthodox, representing 82.6%, Muslim 12.2%, other Christian 1.2% and other religions.

 Dominates the mountainous parts of Bulgaria, although interspersed with some of the valleys and fertile plains in both the north and south-east, divided Bulgaria into a number of regions, and come Plateau Danube in the forefront of these regions and stretches northeast Bulgaria from the Danube River as far south as the mountains of the Balkans, and being across many rivers in the direction of the Danube River, this region is characterized by high fertility.
The Balkan Mountains to cut off the territory of Bulgaria from west to east, and Summit is Botev, the highest mountain peaks in the region, The region of mountains and valleys located south of the Balkan Mountains between the Black Sea in the east and the mountains of Rhodope which occupies the south of Bulgaria, and the summit Mosala the highest mountain peaks in the country, which a height of 2.925 meters above sea level.
   Different climate in Bulgaria from one region to another because of different aspects of the surface, and there is the summer weather is hot and dry while the winter shall be a cold wet, and temperatures drop sharply exerting downward pressure for several degrees below zero near the Black Sea in the month of January, but in July it reaches the temperature to 24 degrees Celsius in most parts of the country.
   Regime in Bulgaria Republican The executive body of the President and the Vice President and Prime Minister, Cabinet, is elected president and his deputy together in the popular vote directly, so as to term of five years, while the Prime Minister shall be nominated by the President of the Republic.
The legislative body in Bulgaria is one of the Council of the National Assembly, which consists of 240 members, elected by direct popular election, and continue their membership of the council four years.
The judicial power is represented in the Supreme Administrative Court and the Supreme Court of Cassation, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Judicial Council.
Bulgaria and there are a number of political parties, among them the Bulgarian Socialist Party, the Coalition for Bulgaria, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, the Union of Democratic Forces and the other from the other parties, in addition to a number of political lobbying.

   Was to establish the first Bulgarian state in 681 AD, which was founded by a number of Bulgarian tribes under the leadership of Khan Asbaruch and a number of local populations of the Slavic tribes and Altherasip, Christianity entered the country in 864 AD when the state falls under Byzantine influence.
During the ninth and tenth centuries enjoyed the Bulgarian Empire by force and influence between the countries of the European continent, and was standing in the face with the Byzantine Empire, during their competition for control of the Balkans.
In 1396 the Ottoman occupation of Bulgaria was annexed to the state, and remained under the control of the Ottomans four hundred years, won Bulgaria's independence is nominally in the third of November 1878, after the San Stefano to end the Russo-Turkish War, but remained virtually under the control of the Turks.
In 1908 was the proclamation of the Kingdom of Bulgaria and ascended Ferdinand I to the throne and becomes the property of her, entered Bulgaria First Balkan War years 1912.1913 and that against the Turks and won it, also entered the Second Balkan War in 1913 against both the Ottomans, Greeks and Serbs, but was defeated there.
Then participated in Bulgaria after the First World War and defeated them, and after the defeat by Ferdinand I to give up the throne to his son Boris III.
Communists sought to reach the provision in the period between World Wars I and II, but has not been achieved for them what they wanted, and after the outbreak of World War II, Bulgaria participated in addition to the Axis powers, then it soon, Soviet forces occupied territory in 1944, then announced the People's Republic by the year 1946, and subjected the country to communism and became one of the masses until the nineties, and it soon fell to communism was the first free elections in Bulgaria in 1990.

   Bulgaria has many wonderful natural features, of these factors on the beaches bordering the Black Sea coast, in addition to the mountains covered by snow in winter, and springs of mineral water, and abound with tourist resorts.
Packed with the Bulgarian capital, "Sofia" in many churches and historic monuments remaining from different eras, in addition to a number of museums that includes the main doors of many of the artifacts, which are parts of the history of Bulgaria, of these museums, archaeological museum, museum of ethnography, which includes collections of jewelry and indigenous clothing heritage from different parts of Bulgaria, as there is a museum of "land and people," which displays the forms of metals and precious stones, and the Military Museum National Historic and includes military machines by the Bulgarian army to use in addition to a collection of paintings that tell the history of Bulgaria, also includes the Sofia National Theatre.
It is also the most prominent city in Bulgaria "Varna" on the Black Sea coast and is one of the most beautiful tourist areas, in addition to being a major port for shipping and trade, and Bulgaria is rich in many tourist resorts and skiing enthusiasts come out on ....

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