All this human suffering and Evrq between a

(Masterpieces of Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud)
God's mercy
Punishment has no layer
Who lives deep in the desert complaining over the complaint because it does not find clean water to drink.
And residents an upscale neighborhood in which it finds water, light and heater and air conditioning and telephone and Altlevizion if I listened to him I found him to complain over the complaint is one of indigestion and sugar and pressure
And Parisian millionaire who finds all dreamed of, complain of depression, fear of enclosed spaces and obsessive and insomnia and anxiety.
And that God gave him health, money, beautiful wife doubted his beautiful wife and does not know the taste of comfort.
Famous and successful man, lucky star in everything and won every battle he could not triumph over weakness and subjugation of the drug Vodinm cocaine and ended the devastation.
Wrestling champion and injury in inflation due to an enlarged heart muscle.
We all get out of the minimum fare close despite what appears on the surface after differences.
And despite the rich are getting richer and the poor poverty Vmahsolhm final of happiness and misery of worldly close.
God takes as much as give and compensated as far as what is forbidden and facilitate as much as anything too hard .. And if each of us entered the heart of the other to feel sorry for him and to the opinion of Justice balances internal imbalances, despite the virtual .. And what he felt no envy and hatred and no pride and no arrogance.
But these palaces and jewels and ornaments and pearls purely decorative outdoor deck of cards .. And in hearts that lie within the lives of heartbreak and groans Almmeltap.
And jealous and haters and yield to and Alfarahon Mkhaddoon in phenomena are unaware of the facts.
And if the thief knew this perception of what was stolen, and if he catches the killer to murder a liar, and if known to lie.
And if we learned the right of science to our request to lower self-esteem for our selves and to live in conscience and virtue to Txna not most in this world and no losers in the truth and fortunes as we close in the soles of the order and Mahsolna of misery and happiness convergent phenomenon, despite the differences between the classes .. For torture has no class and is a common denominator between all .. Etjra from each glass thoroughly and then ultimately equally Cups despite different views and varying grades and bodies
And not the difference of our souls is the difference in happiness and misery, and that the different positions .. There are superior to the same misery and go beyond it and see it as a lesson and wisdom, and the hearts of those enlightened view of justice and beauty in everything and loves the Creator in all his actions .. There are hearts and chewed Hqaha Tjatra and its transformation into a hatred of black and corrosive envy .. These are the souls and dark infidel Boukhalgaha rebel actions.
All the same, and pave the determination of the final position in the other world .. Where the real misery .. Or true happiness .. The people of satisfaction to bliss and hatred to the people of hell.
The world is not the bliss and hell but not prima facie only, while in fact equally cups that goes through everyone .. And everyone in fatigue.
But the minimum exam to highlight the positions .. What is different souls but what differentiated positions and only their positions.
And miserable is not bliss and varied and organized blood doping ring is not differentiated and do not differentiate what appears on the faces of laughter and crying varied.
That is the stage seems deceptive.
And it is the cross-dressing disguise decor and clothing worn by the heroes as it seems the other one of us Mlkao Assaloka varies, and where we have bombarded and the deprived.
But behind the scenes.
At the scene of hearts.
The secrets in deposits and on the stage of the right and the truth .. There is no unjust and not the oppressed and not overstuffed and not deprived .. But justice and absolute entitlement and fair ways of being fixed and does not lag behind in terms extend the hand of God comfort hidden commiserated with the deprived and illuminate the consciences of the blind and stroking the people of wretchedness and humanizes the orphans and retreats in the autistic patient and offset the sweetness in their hearts .. Then tends, however, arrested and cut, then blot on the insights of the affluent and weaken the hearts of Almtkhmon and haunts the eyes of the oppressors and transgressors Erhl Ibadan .. And it is the wind blowing the hidden warning of hell and promising breeze that comes from heaven .. And introductions before the promised day .. On the scenes unfolding and disruption of blocking and destinies diverge to the right and misery to bliss right .. Sorry does not work on .. And does not help the ticket.
And people of wisdom in the comfort because they knew that their minds and the people of God in the comfort because they are obedient to God in confidence and accepted as conducted by them, and saw in his actions just never without the bother their minds Voraho their minds, too, They collected themselves between the palms rest the heart and peace of mind Votmrt Alrahtan comfort is the comfort of a third body .. While Hqy Bmjadlathm minds.
The people of negligence and are in the majority of dominant They still kill each other in order to bite, women, and DRAM and meters of land, then do not collect anything except more pain and loads of sins and unquenchable thirst and insatiable hunger.
See the range of any of these you .. And you shut your door and cry over your sin.

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