Child .. come out of the darkness into the light

I've created God - the Almighty - rights in the darkness of three are: The darkness of the womb .. The darkness of the placenta .. Abdominal darkness .. Then the child is born come out of the darkness into the light .. But despite his release to light, but he reached the darkness of ignorance! .. He says: "He Who sends down to His servant, signs, evidence for you out of darkness into the light, and that Allah is to you kindness, Most Merciful" .. humans or in childhood , the phase of the patent does not have any idea about anything so you should look at the root of that stage and we will see that the father and mother Ihlolan must understand Sgerhma utter the word Mama or Papa .. responds child for them and starts Bmrgelp perception .. and where is aware of the child his father or his mother, and begin to have stage of the darkness of cognition, pointing to his mother as any lady or any man as his father!! Then come out of that stage to reach the stage of light perception, and this gives him the meaning of names. Ozkal says: "taught Adam all the names .." Without the presence of names of what was to understand the meaning, this meaning will turn to the language of a man, that man .. and then the child begins to understand the words He understands its meaning .. then became aware of the meaning of the child!! Says research in this regard: It consists in the stage roots in the first seven years of a child's life has made up 90% of the value, and 95% of the value of emotional Vistta the child to understand the meaning of love and affection and knows well of love and reciprocated love!! 
                                                                               It is then you know at this stage, the meaning of passion and this period of the stage roots called "the age of representation" where mimics the child the mother or father in everything!! At this stage, the phase-rooted control parents in the actions of children .. even the child grows tries the child to prove existence and the way he identifies, and tries to get out of control in the framework of his actions .. The truth is that the child get used to dealing with the outside world .. so get used to dialogue and opposing opinions ...

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