Five drinks give you health and strength and keep your weight perfect

There are many beverages that are recommended to address them because they give the body health and strength, as she drinks

Maintain the ideal weight, but only dealt with in normal limits and away from excess.


Most important of these beverages are:


 Fresh water clean

 Comes to the fore and is essential for digestion and prevents constipation and regulates body temperature by secreting

 Race, as it preserves the skin's moisture and also helps to reduce appetite.


 Fresh fruit juice

It is available with various kinds of fruits and recommended capturing the era soon to get the full benefits and to reduce the calories a

To heat, preferably drink without sweetening also recommends eating calcium-rich fruit juice and drinks tomato juice

 Because it is a rich source of material "Alaecupeh" that prevent oxidation and protect against disease.



It is very important especially for women, try eating two cups of milk, low fat and rich in calcium.



Whether regular or skim cafe which they'd like a good antioxidant, but it must determine the amount of coffee and a glass a day

And to avoid adding fat to the coffee whitener and replace it with skim milk.


 Tea hot or cold, especially green tea

It contains "Filanueh" which reduces the oxidation of blood cells, and a glass of herbal tea-free cafe

Gives a feeling of comfort as it addresses the pain of the stomach and intestine.

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