Words of Gold

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Words of Gold
If it were not life difficult for we came out from the wombs of our mothers cryIf it was life, and rose to everyone managed to inhalation of juiceDo not imagine all the people collapse angels of your dreams and do not make them blind trust, because you will cry on SmajtkThat childhood period of life lived by the man at the expense of otherA piece of bread is not something important, but with that all things being equal for the homeless starvingIt is beautiful to the human cry, a smile on his lips and laughs and tears in his eyesIf you were a strong memory .. The bitter memories of you are miserable people on earthDo not Kqmp mountain see people see people young and smallShould not tell everything you know .. but you should know all what it saysDo not spit in the well has a lot that dayIs not titles that earn glory ... But people have earned the titles of gloryWhen everyone said that the apple fell down the apple and only one .. He fell for what??It is not difficult to sacrifice for a friend .. But it is hard to find a friend who is worth the sacrifice!Life is full of stones do not stumble, but pull it out and I'm stepping up the ladder to success byDo not underestimate dropletJane is the love of a wise and otherwise it is gone crazyMay sell rights may procurers something .. But do not sell heart desires mayAt the moment you feel people in this world, while there are people in the world you feelThe whole worldIf one million, I love them .. If love is the one I am .. If no one loves you .. Know I wasIf Rklk from behind .. You know in the foregroundLove of God saw everything niceMy life that I live such as coffee to drink it that many times what is VihahlaohFriendship Kalmazlp as Std Tr more need for itIf only such as pointers to Aigrna timeEnough to be loved by one's heart to liveEverything if many licenses only if it is much literature GlaEverything begins with a small and then grow it but woe primitive large then smallerQuiet voice of conscience. Tells you that no one looks at youDo not complain to the people you are the owner wound .... Iolm wound but not of its painAgarmen dedicate my words when you .. Vtjbk my words I do not likeVery nice to make him your friend. Beautiful and not open your heart to turn it on Vtlh enmity into friendshipNo shame in the fall .. But shame that we can not promoteRights without hopeless without waterAnd without a smile Kordp without smellThat without love of woods burned CjrhaWithout faith in the human monster in the herd does not have mercyIt is a shame stumble the same stone twiceThe limits of intelligence but not limit to stupidityStab the enemy bleed the body. And heart-rending stab friendEven though the attempt failed enough honor

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