Excerpts from the book The End of History author Francis Fukuyama of the ------ that the end of history does not mean the end of the natural cycle of birth, life and death, and that important events have occurred and will depend newspapers Tnscherkha Stanjb publication .. But this means that there will be no room for more ... Progress in the area of ​​principles and basic regulations recalled because all the really big issues will be solved -------- that the satisfaction of human material situation really is not as far as content with their status and dignity of recognition that the States --------- and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Soviet Union, different forms of governance systems, however, that governments in each of the regimes of the three extended its control so that both of these countries is the political society dominated by consensus is overwhelming among the people on the legitimacy of its political system in each of these countries agree citizens with their leaders on the concept of the general good of society and about the traditions and principles that are the basis of the political community -------- that the lack of consensus has made the intellectual wars of this century and the rebellions predominantly ideological and then make it more extreme than that which could be it not for this lack of consensus -------- even in a gang of thieves there must be a principle of the principles of justice allows the division of spoils among themselves the apportionment of the fair .. Therefore, the legitimacy is necessary even for the most unfair and brutal dictatorships -------- lack of legitimacy when the people as a whole does not mean a crisis in the legitimacy of the regime unless the infection of discontent and lack of recognition of the legitimacy of any elite associated with the system .. Especially the elite's monopoly wheat tools as a ruling party and the armed forces and the police .. When we talk then about the crisis of legitimacy within the authoritarian regime for he mean by a crisis in the ranks of the elite that coherence and solidarity is a precondition for the effectiveness of the regime -------- The legitimacy of the dictator may emerge from several sources .. Kalolae Profile spoiled by the army .. Or ideology of the court justify the -------- right to rule that political liberalism is the legal Hadop recognize certain rights and freedoms of individuals are not subject to government control, such as civil rights, which means to edit someone the citizen and his property from the control of the government and religious rights, which means allowing freedom of expression religious views and practice of worship and political rights, which means editing the citizen from government control in matters that do not appear clearly in favor of it affects the whole society requires effective state intervention .. These include the recent press freedom as a fundamental -------- that democracy means the right recognized by everyone for all citizens to have a share in political power .. Any right of all citizens to vote and participate in political activity --------- The main focus of history is the growth of freedom .. It is not a blind date a series of events .. But is all grown a significant human ideas about the nature of political and social system normal and went out to its purpose .. And today we have reached a stage which we can not imagine a world very different from our world .. Or visible way, and clear the future is by far better than where we are .. We also have to take into account the possibility that the history has come to an end --------- naive optimist seems to disappoint when expectations of an idiot .. The pessimist who proves wrong is maintained by a halo of depth and seriousness, so it is safer to adopt a second road ---------- science as a social phenomenon not develop just because people hold out curiosity about the universe .. But to develop because the science allows them to satisfy their desire for security and ownership of material goods are no limits ------------- that needs created by the modern consumer society arise from the human ego ------- - no country in the world .. Whatever the political system .. Succeeded in modernizing itself with a policy of closed door ---------- desire arising from human nature, the desire that is generated by self-consciousness and the reality of human origins are in the expression of the desire to gain recognition and appreciation of life and the risk that the emerging reality rights to light, but risk to satisfy that desire and therefore, any talk about the source of self-consciousness is not necessarily talk about life or death battle for recognition and appreciation -------------- sensation that human value and identity is linked to closely related to an assessment by others ------------- that many examples of human choice is, in fact, just the mentality of the accounts does not serve the interests of the self is to satisfy the desires or emotions animal ---------- --- in the nature of Rights 3 main reasons of conflicts: first, competition second, third, loss of confidence and glory .. The desire for glory pay people to invasion because of nonsense spoken word or a smile or a different opinion .. Or any signal carries contempt either of the individuals themselves .. Or for their children and their relatives or friends or to their nation or their name ------------- When we contemplate the human condition is new today .. It seems to us a new kind of human beings has become known as such as censure, a man described the bourgeois horizon is limited so as not occupied by non-self-survival and prosperity of the material does not mean the immediate community around it except to the extent of service in favor of the Profile ------------- sense of dignity or self worth is linked to a belief that human being a moral choice could really ------------- what man can become a judge just to decide the case is ------------ - The cause of the people behind the pursuit of wealth and poverty can not avoid significant link between him and the material needs .. But is to wish that others noticed them and empathize with them and Ihtermuhm and recognize their behavior is all the privileges resulting from the wealth .. It's pride, not comfort or pleasure, those that concern us ... but you are always showing off on the belief that we are the focus of attention and respect .. Valgne prided his fortune that he feels it brings him the attention of the world .. And that human beings tend to Msajrih in all his emotions resulting from the advantages and put it .. The poor Vijgel of a paragraph because poverty does not make it the focus of attention of the people .. Fan, signed by their sights, they will not empathize with the misery and the suffering of misery - Adam Smith - ------------- deeper forms of sexual love contains a longing to be recognized by the lover lass more than just a physical advantage .. A longing rise to the ranks of the recognition of the extent and the importance of ------------- the man who feels that the value determined by things that are more than just a set of desires constitute a physical entity .. He alone which we are willing to stand in the face of the tank or in the face of a row of soldiers .. Often note that without the courageous actions such small raised by the unfair actions of a small .. Never achieved the bulk of that chain of events leading to fundamental changes in constructive political and economic ------------- that the presence of moral dimension of the human personality is always the task of self-assess and evaluate the other does not mean the availability of substantive content of morality. . So that in a world of selves moral narcissism people will continue to disagree among themselves and discuss some of them angry and others in connection with a host of important issues and trivial .. Balthali and the narcissism - even in the simplest form - is the starting point in the conflict between humans ------------- all people are equal in their enjoyment of the Queen of one particular .. Is the queen of the moral choice ------------- can not be stable liberal democracy come into existence without a wise politicians are competent and understand the art of politics can turn the underlying tendencies of peoples to political institutions holding ------ ------- that civilizations are not static phenomena such as laws of nature .. But are of human creation and is subject to a permanent process of evolution and can be adjusted thanks to the economic development, wars and other shocks strong .. And migration or even a conscious choice ------------- that was able to persons with disabilities in the cultural field of economic competition out ideologies of new anti-liberal .. The totalitarian ideas that may be done also for those who have made extraordinary economic success ------------- that the most important challenges faced by today's global trend resulting from the liberal American and French revolutions do not come from the Communist world, which explained to the eyes of the failure of economic .. But the source of these communities in Asia that combine liberal economies and the type of patriarchal oppression in the Middle ------------- There is a low voice to the policies of western democracy Mounay uncommon for word and other words .. The Western democracies are built on the basis of competing personal opinions about different right and wrong .. And expressed in the editorial pages of the newspapers .. Then elections at various levels .. And where the succession of political parties representing the interests or personal views in different administer the affairs of the state .. This is seen as competition for natural and necessary condition for the normal functioning of democracy .. In the east, the community as a whole tends to be regarded as the same group and have one large and one independent source of authority .. And confirm the importance of harmony in the group tends to keep to the sidelines of the confrontation explicit policy .. There is no succession of political parties in power on the basis of Saddam and his views on certain issues ------------- It is the most common complaints of the nature of contemporary American life is exactly the common complaint of lack of community spirit and start the collapse of the collective life family in the United States that Americans know very well how to split itself and fragmentation over the past two generations ------------- we are seeing in the contemporary world the phenomenon of double-strange .. The victory in the State Assembly and in harmony with the continuation of the different peoples .. On the one hand we see an increase in the homogeneity of human economies resulting from modern technology and the spread of the idea of ​​rational recognition as the sole basis for judging the project in various parts of the world .. But we have seen the other hand, the resistance in each place for this heterogeneity and a tendency to confirm cultural identities, which ultimately strengthens the barriers between people of Duty ------------- choose friends and enemies, mainly the light of the extent of their power. . Not the light of the ideology or the nature of the rules of procedure ------------- politicians are staying external dangers to study carefully the largest military capabilities, not intentions --------------- that imperialism is a kind of re-emergence of ancestral characteristics and remnants of an earlier stage of social evolution of human beings .. Which is a result of living conditions .. In the present but in the past .. Or in the words of the economic interpretation of history .. Resulting from the relations of production that prevailed in the past can not present ---------------- nationalist groups that maintained their own languages ​​its sense of independent identity .. However, the expression of that identity should be mainly in the field of culture, not politics --------------- have resulted in our attempt to build a world history for a historical parallel tracks .. First: is governed by modern natural science and the logic of desire .. And the second is governed by the struggle for recognition .. The ends of the tracks and one for good luck .. But a liberal democracy ---------------- liberal society that the problem does not lie in the lack of public recognition to the full .. But the goal is to win recognition of the same .. And the latter is problematic .. Since human beings are by nature not equal .. And treatment of human beings as equals does not confirm, but denies their humanity! ---------------- The lack of social equality are two .. Inequality resulting from the traditions of humanity .. And inequality caused by nature or necessity of natural ----------------

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