Top 100 global wisdom modern

Top 100 global wisdom and modern
1 - small candle that lights the better for you than to spend your life cursing the darkness2 - No grief, you have failed as long as you are trying to stand on your feet again3 - the more the culture of one's misery increased4 - could be asked the impossible: Where are you staying? He answered in the dreams of disabled5 - A house without books is a house without a soul6 - not the strong always win the war but lose the peace of the weak always7 - the titles are not only toxic to the fools and great men do not need is their name8 - loved the tree branches like9 - We do not get peace by war, but understanding10 - If Justice has disappeared from the earth is no longer the value of human existence11 - Happiness is not that always works, but in what you want to want what you do12 - The worst thing that happens to a person be without work or love13 - beauty in the women's modesty and virtue in the man14 - a friend of Issarg Ijmlha wrongdoing, not to earn your satisfaction15 - Friendship well is getting deeper as you take it16 - The smile is a good word without letters17 - do not think about missing so as not to lose existing18 - disguise of a simple reflection of the world by both the Han Asir19 - Good call on a pass to all hearts20 - if more pleasing lack of vanity ..21 - good conscience reassuring cushion for comfort22 - of the implants is known reap thanks23 - beautiful grove is not free of snakes24 - age is the only thing that the greater the lack of25 - Hearts vessels, lips locked and tongues of everyone to save the keys secret key26 - Experience .. Is a comb that life gives him .. When you have lost your hair27 - money good server .. But bad master28 - the greatness of your mind you create envious .. And the greatness of your heart and create your friends29 - minute hour pain .. Hours and minutes of pleasure30 - No need to fear the voice of lead .. Valrsasp that kill you will not hear her voice.31 - Satan can be an angel. . Giant and dwarf. . Eagle and the batDarkness and light. . But in front of only fools and dupes.32 - Ms. stop for scolding her husband to respond to the telephone.33 - Poor her husband loved her long hair and found her tongue longer.34 - If you want to understand the fact that women look at her and you blindly.35 - If you have the loaves every one of them with one another, and buy flowers.36 - Who is at fault, it is human being and insists it is the devil.37 - a chain is only as strong the weakest link.38 - people can live without air a few minutes and two weeks without water and withoutFood about two months and years without ideas are endless.39 - move the first half of our lives in search of money and success and fame and moveThe second half of them in search of doctors.40 - who bought what does not need to sell what he needs.41 - When people praise the people, few believe that when Ivmonh everyone to believe.42 - up from deep sleep does not have the fear of loss?43 - Marriage comes without warning, as is the point of black ink on the clothing of rights.44 - There is no man failed, but there is a man who started from the bottom and stayed in it.45 - is often wasted money .. In search of money.46 - if people refrained from talking about themselves and others as bad to deal with the vast majority of injured people Babakm.47 - a small child playing with life without learning that life will play its great.48 - our desires are Ksgar children, whenever Tzhlna increased with more requests from us?49 - Choose your words before you speak and give choice and enough time to maturity of speech WordsKalosmar need for a sufficient time to grow up.50 - Be wary of the Quran if I insulted him, and if Varmint Okrmth is wise if embarrassed and foolish if his mercy.51 - It is easy to respect you people .. But it is hard to respect yourself.52 - was happy to wash the face of worries and concerns of his head and body aches.53 - All authorized his mustache and long beard longer to hide a smile Gloating54 - If you reach the summit drew your eyes to see on the slope of the rise in AonkTo heaven and see God's feet to prove it.55 - Two faces of those who lived not died in him.56 - If your enemy A_i_ark he presented him with advice, because he had emerged from the consultationMaadatk to Mwalatk.57 - If you are rich when you want it handled your food .. If you are poor handled your foodWhen you can.58 - When you say a man he loves like his brother, remember Cain and Abel.59 - You spoke in an angry .. Vstcol greatest modern regret it all your life.60 - Do not argue eloquently and foolish .. Valbleg overcome you and hurt you fools.61 - good manners Leicester a lot of bad deeds and bad manners that covers a lot ofFavors.62 - Marriage is give and take, give a take ..63 - man Bugger deprive you of solitude without providing you an enjoyable session.64 - a little flag with the work .. More beneficial than many of the science with a lack of work ..65 - Some women believe that marriage is the only chance for revenge on the man ..66 - If dogs had a dispute on the share of the booty to be the wolf who comes toSiahama.67 - the marriage is not only a beautiful day, and on entering the cage and onGet out of it.68 - human flesh, not to be eaten .. Skin and clothes .. What is the sweetness of the tongue ..69 - Health is the thing which makes you feel that the day that you live. Is the bestTime of the year ..70 - If you are afraid of the unit is not married.71 - Phone bill is the clearest evidence of that silence is more economical than the speech.72 - not the poor little king .. But a poor person asking a lot73 - a first for you to suffer for the truth .. To be rewarded for lying.74 - There is no doubt that life seemed pretty impressive if we were born at the age of eighty-The approach over the years of the twelfth75 - not generosity that give me what I need it more than you, but in the generosityGive me what you need me the most.76 - if you give the poor fish have been paid hunger for one day only .. IfTaught him how to catch fish have been paid hunger throughout the life77 - happy dog ​​wagging its tail wagging tongue hypocrite.78 - If the man decided to marry may be the last decision to allow him to take.79 - Human successful is the one who closes his mouth before the people close their ears and opens his earsBefore people open their mouths.80 - Do not let your tongue involved eyes when you criticize the defects of others do not forget that they like youTheir eyes, and age.81 - to ride the right thinks of creation82 - not sold by the piece of wood and sold fish in the lake83 - laziness when walking in the road must be inflicted by poverty84 - dying loved better for me than to live distasteful85 - If you want to keep a friend you so I Friend86 - Be a good listener for not speaking tactful87 - does not know the hole only boot socks88 - barren tree is not a stone Iqzha89 - a lot easier to believe a lie man playedA time to be true fact has not heard of before90 - not something I encourage the blind horse91 - Beware of the door, which has many keys92 - if given a fool become a deadly dagger93 - is not important to love the one you love is important94 - are easier to be wise. . Too late95 - All the darkness in this world can not hide the light of a candle illuminated96 - better for you to ask twice that mistake once97 - guilty of income-fire with a laugh, a cry98 - enough to show the dog whip milled99 - feathers are not beautiful enough to make beautiful birds

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