For turtles

For turtles 

Sea turtles from a group of reptiles due to the presence of more than 200 million years, adapted and adapted to the life of the sea are skilled in swimming as well as they can remain underwater for a long time. Because they relate to land, they have some characteristics that have remained with them, as they have lungs and need to process the air to breath as the female turtles come out to the beach to lay their eggs. Includes eight turtle species found around the world: Hook-billed (with Hawksbill) - a huge head - Green Turtle - Tortoise Black - flat back turtle - Leather back turtle - turtle Kempes Rdeddle - Olive Turtle Rdeddle. Feeding different Turtles are divided in terms of nutrition into two parts: the first section of carnivores are vertebrates that feed on bottom-living, such as cancer - sea urchin - shellfish - and other snails as well as feed on small fish and hatching turtles. Section II of the herbivores where it feeds on sea grasses and marine algae. It was noted that the green turtle bilateral nutrition as they feed on the meat in the period of living surface that will last for 2 to 4 years and after this period turn into herbivores where it feeds on sea grass and algae. And facing the turtles, especially small ones during the period of living surface of objects taken the problem of plastic and nylon sheets, believing it generational nutritious fish in order to speed its response to the bright colors and white. The turtles live alone except during the mating period where migrate to certain areas and graduated from the bottom of the sea to feed near the surface and thus meet and mate. It was not known how many turtles live longer but it is estimated to be living more than 60 years old and therefore for the loggerhead turtle. The period of maturity and mating Different period of sexual maturity of the turtle from one place to another, due to the different growth rates and to different degrees of temperature and food availability. The estimated age of sexual maturity of the turtle loggerhead between 13-30 years old As for the turtles that live in the basin particular, they grow and mature before the turtles that live in the sea, but noted that some of the turtles start Baltashic when the length of the shell has about 60 cm or 70 cm. However, he did not specify age. The process of mating of turtles on the shallow water and often a distance of one kilometer from the beach and far from places that have come out for nesting. Nesting cycle conundrum

Different cycle nesting of turtles They range from one year to almost eight years and sometimes more, it was noted that the same tortoise returned after four years to lay eggs and some are no longer ever, possibly due to the conditions that provide food for it or loss of label adhesive developed by scientists and researchers, dead. It has been observed through the turtles numbered that they belong to the same beach, which hatched and left him several years ago and it is still a puzzle, where some scientists say it may be due to the Earth's magnetic field and vibrations it and the direction of waves and the chemical content sand beaches of this region and the waters adjacent as well as to the food that the region along with a host of other factors that are still studying. And turtle eggs at night where start after ten o'clock at night during certain cycles of the moon. In a deep hole in the sand and after completion of the nest egg you fill and left. And egg incubation lasts between 44-60 days or more. Several days before the start of hatching egg shell Balthri and become fragile and this is due to consumption of calcium by the fetus, hatching when the young emerge by breaking the crust, which is at the forefront of her nose and this loses after hatching period. It is also curious that the temperature of the nest clearly influenced the ratio between males and females. No different male and female in young turtles and before sexual maturity either through sexual maturity begins differences in appearance, where males grow faster than females, as the tail males become longer than the tail of female and this one the most important characteristics when identifying turtles as well as in males, we find that claws longer than either the size of the Dome of the female female larger than male. Ktaralangrad Facing turtles risk predation and fishing at the exit to the surface of the mating, by fishing nets erected on the surface by fishermen and exposed by animals during the exit for the development of eggs as being young after hatching and direction to the sea for this predation, which has become a problem threatening the turtles and increase of decrease prepared in many areas that does not have the activity. The Predator is a common animal fox, identifies the nests, especially when they are new by sense of smell to him. As well as devour young during the exit from the nest on its way to the sea and has been estimated that a fox and one can cover one kilometer or more, as are the nests and hatching turtles to predation by stray dogs and garbage, jackals and other mammals other. They also cancer-Ghoul devour any eggs, nests and young people when they are on their way to the sea. This, along with some birds and fish that prey on young people when it enters into the sea and swim to the surface.
In addition to the above, the turtle is facing the problem of poaching by hunters for the purpose of trafficking chance for tourism purposes and also eat eggs as a food rich in proteins. Not only that, but that the pollution of seas and bays in oil or plastic pollution of the beaches and nesting the various dust, chemicals added more threat on the lives of these objects.


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