Smaller addicted to alcohol in Britain .. A child three years old

Smaller addicted to alcohol in Britain .. A child three years old ===================================
Underwent a three-year-old for the treatment of addiction to quit alcohol in a British hospital, as data showed Monday 14/03/2011, all the public health system in the country.
... And the child who did not disclose his identity, was among a group of 13 children under the age of 13 years were treated for alcohol addiction in the context of the public health system between 2008 and 2010.
And had 70 children between the age of thirteen and sixteen health care for the excesses of alcohol, while that 106 adolescents in the same age who received treatment for alcohol addiction quitting, I explained the same source. A study published in the EU in October 2009 that the British are the biggest consumers of alcohol within the EU. The poll, which covered 27 000 citizens of the Union of the seven and twenty, 43% said that they consume a glass or two glasses of alcohol a day and 24% 3 to 4 cups, 12%, 5 to 6 cups, 6% 6 to 7 cups, 6% more than 10 cups.
According to this study that excessive drinking of alcohol starts with five Cups during the evening one, and this is what happened with 24% of the British.

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