Student Research Center, U.S. to ban soft drinks that use colored material called "Alcarmela colors," such as "Pepsi" and "Coca-Cola," pointing out that the article to cause cancer.
He said: "Center for Science in the public interest" yesterday, in a petition submitted to the Food and Drug Administration of America: That article colorful manufactured by the reaction of sugar, ammonia, sulfites, under high pressure and high temperature, causing several types of cancer, autoimmune lung, liver and thyroid and blood, pointing out that research conducted on mice proved that.
He also stressed that the center "of the U.S. National Institutes of Health," have proved that together produce articles that interaction of the two (2-MI - 4 MI) sleeps several types of cancer, and that evidence proved inconclusive.
According to the Centre, it may be the future on the soft drink companies that use "color Alcarmela" put a label on the cans says: Beware it may cause cancer.


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