Hand insight...appointed to blunt ears

Hand insight ... appointed to blunt ears
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See philosopher "was" that the hand is like outside of the human brain, and Ibn Khaldun, who has studied the history of civilization believes that creativity and cultural advances achieved Bodhatin are: "Mind and Hand "!!..
When surrounded by human Bzlmat blindness, and drown in the silence of deafness; cut off from the world of image and sound vibrant, and keep the port in his fingers that it reads the characters personalities, and the groping for the objects, and feel the warmth of friends, including emerging ideas; Vinakecha symbols and signs, including the intervention of sounds and words, However, in the form of "vibrations."

Deaf children hear the vibrations Find a physician researcher, "Dean Shibata," radiologist at the University of Washington to a region of the brain responsible for processing sound active normal children who are deaf since birth to make them feel vibrations; showed scans of the crust audio for children born deaf that this region of the brain activated when you hold plastic tube with its vibrations, while the active region when you make the same experiment on healthy children. The research suggests that this part of the brain is conditioned to deal with feelings like the sound, and that those who were born deaf can adapt to hear what it feels like fingers .. Which refers to the possibility of using the audio tool that can convert sound to vibrations .. Electronic devices such as using concrete that can convert sound energy to the energy frequency to help the deaf to understand speech and hear the sound better.
How do we hear sounds?! To understand the idea of ​​transforming the sense of touch in the fingers to understand the sense of hearing sound waves, acting on behalf of the ear that she lost her job deaf, it should first understand how it works vastly superior sense of hearing and touch in normal conditions and unsatisfactory. Sounds consist of mechanical energy transmitted through the air molecules in the form of Tdhaguetat Tkhalkhalat related and make up what we call ultrasound. When we speak, each character comes out of our mouths a certain number of waves have a certain degree and intensity that distinguish it from other character, and when we speak there is a speed of our words, and words of some people talk faster than others .. And increase the speed when we speak be emotional or angry, and less in cases of relaxation ..
Fingers .. Hear the sounds!!

In fact, is not the sense of touch sense of one, as some believe, but it is at least four: the feeling of vibrations, pain, heat or cold, all of which are under the surface of the skin. And all the feelings of other Kgp and pains of various resulting from these feelings of the four; has provided divine ends of the fingers particles different sensory related Balsairat neural spread in the skin, and by raising these particles or the receptors move the message nerve to the brain, where the specialized centers for the translation of the message, and take appropriate action , we recall Menhzh particles as follows: - Particles and Ruffine Tumsa: It has jurisdiction to realize the heat and cold, and you move the temperature to the brain in the form of a nerve, and brain is sending the appropriate command to the skin Veetmdd or shrink according to temperature changes. - Particles Langer Hans: It is responsible for pain sensation; When touching a hot cup pull the hand immediately without thinking what is known as reflex reaction. - Particles Pasini: It has jurisdiction to realize vibration and adjust the balance; are transported to the brain accurate picture of the situation of balance, and monitor any strange vibrations; for the brain to take what it takes to restore the balance. In the case of deafness of early the fingers of the hand by the particles striking the transfer of vibrations - including sound waves - to the brain, which are trained gradually understand the meaning of each pulse; letters are audio is only waves of frequency, and each character demonstrated by the private that sets it apart from other characters. . And develop this sense of Deaf significantly in an attempt to compensate for the absence of hearing. Thus, thin fingers, trying to penetrate the wall of silence and darkness, which isolates the deaf from the world of joyful sounds, and blind about the world is magnificent. Tell us about the famous proverb "an eye for insight .. and jealousy", while we talked studies and research on hand insight that God made light to the blind eye and a warm sun and a moon giving light!!!


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