Men and women network box plots

Masterminds: the mind of man and woman's mind.

The fact that this story is not only the story of two minds, but is the story of the family, society and the story and the story of life.

And address: "A Tale of Two Brains" is the title chosen by the pastor, Cape Town, records and music, American Mark Gungor to provide a series of lectures Libyan formulated in the form of comic great magnificence, fascinate and was attended by a number of married couples (subject to the audience that attended: every man with his wife).

I advise all linked to Ichahda this tape together ... whether they are engaged or newly married couples or before their marriage for years and years Vsestmta a lot ... and Sifama much hidden from them of the reasons for the difference between men and women, who would be better able to analyze and understand the behavior by any of them, and therefore more able to take the appropriate reaction.

Think some wives that her husband has changed his feelings towards her or vice versa, and the truth is that the main reason is that the man needs to act according to its nature as a man and women need to act according to its nature as a woman, and it is wrong to deny one over the other this right - as we deny our children to behave as children, or deny the elderly to behave as adults age, or deny the leaders to act as leaders - is often the case that fails one of us to continue in the representation of hypocrisy for a long period, is attributable to act on nature, and not understanding the other party thinks that change, he spoke problem .

Records confirm that the differences between men and women other than his appearance at the origin, and that can not be cured, but must be dealt with after each party to understand the properties of the other party, and his motives for his behavior to look Western and non-justified. He believes that his theories are true in general, and it applies in most cases nothing to do with this community and culture in education and religion, but refers only to the exceptions contained.

Funds mind of man, and woman's mind network

This is the main difference between them, the mind of man is composed of sealed boxes, and non-mixed. There trunk and fund house and fund family and the Labour Fund and Fund Fund and the children of friends and fund the cafe .. Etc. ..

If a man wants something, it goes to this fund and opens it and focuses it ... and when it is inside this box, it does not see anything outside it. When he has finished close it tightly and then proceeded to open another fund and so on.

This is what explains that man when he is in his work, it does not worry so much about what his wife is saying what happened to the children, and if it fit his car is less interested in what happens to his relatives, and when watching a football match is not much concerned that the food on the fire burning, or Telephone operator standing at the door several minutes waiting for permission to enter.

Woman's mind is something else: It is a set of points relating to cross-network all at the same time and always active. Each point connected to all other points such as a page full of links on the Internet.

 And therefore can be cooked a nurse and small talk on the phone and you see the series at one time. It is impossible for a man - usually - to do so.

They can also be transmitted from case to case quickly, accurately and without too much damage, and this seems clear in her speech as it talks about what it did with its neighbor and the Turkish series and she said her protectors and the level of children's academic and color and specifications of the dress Stertdi at a party tomorrow and the views in the last episode of Amr Khaled, and the number of eggs in the cake in a phone call one, or perhaps in one sentence smoothly as possible, without any mental fatigue, which is not able to do more training and professional men.

The network is the most dangerous micro-complexity always works, does not stop working even while you sleep, and dreams, we find women are more detailed than the dreams of men.

Interestingly, the funds is the man that has the fund name: "Fund nothingness", it can open this box and then disappears when the mentally even if it remains present his body and behavior. A man can open the TV and stay in front of him between the hours turn the channels in the stupidity, when in fact he makes nothing. Can do the same thing before the Internet. Can go to catch and then formulate the hook in the water for several hours, then go back and go, ask him what his wife Astdt, he says: nothing because he did not catch was made nothing.

University of Pennsylvania in a recent study proved this fact filmed the activity of the brain, it can be for a man to spend hours does not make almost nothing, while women have the image of the brain show activity and the movement is not interrupted.

The problem comes when he spoke of her husband, the wife retina box plots do not refute it, is to talk to the center of many other things to do, he does not understand this because - as a man - understand that if we want to talk, we have to go into a fund to speak it did not. And disaster strikes when it is time that modern man in a box in which nothingness. He then did not hear one word of what she said even if it is contained.

All too often, to apportion the wife she said to her husband, news or information, and divides is also the first time he heard such a thing, and both are sincere. Because it funds a network.

The fact that women can not enter the box with nothing man, it will become something once they enter .. This is first and, secondly, once they enter will begin to ask questions: What are you doing my darling, do you want help, Is this the best, what is this thing, how this happened ... and begs the men, and expels the women ... he knows that if it remains it will not remain silent, knowing they promised to remain silent, Vaftrtha prevented them from fulfilling it.

In cases of stress and stress, prefer men to enter the Fund nothingness, and women prefer to operate its network speaks on the subject with any one of the longest possible period. If women did not talk about what was causing her stress and tension can brain to explode, such as machine car running at full capacity even though the brakes held in check, and when women spoke of her husband concerning the reasons for Aspetha Do not ask the man advice, opinion, and makes a mistake if a man took the initiative submitted with every what was needed by women than men to "shut up and listen and listen and listen .... And only.

Men and women a simple box plots retina vehicle (I wrote a complex and jealousy). The box plots of specific needs of men and simple as possible, most probably, material, focused on the things that fills and empties again ...

The networking needs of women are difficult to identify which of a composite variable. May try to please her word once, in less than a decade to convince the precious once again .. In both cases, what complacency is not a word in the contract, but the situation has been in the drafting of the floor and the provision of the contract.

Nature and man is not ready for a lot of these complex transactions that are not based on logic, and women can not identify their requests clearly responds to the man directly, and so exhausting ... man, do not accept women.

As well as even in the intimacy, the man box plots wants to focus in what is at stake, while women retina ordained by the door, her ear with the telephone or voice of children, and her mind with the disagreement between her sister and her husband, Will Albotjaz keyed, and what will wear tomorrow in the meeting of parents (which will be attended by on behalf of her husband).

Man box plots does not maintain only the smallest details in its funds, and if I talked about something earlier is looking for him in the funds, if the talk was, for example, a trip in the holiday, it is often in the corner hidden from the Labour Fund, if it does not find there will not find it at all. . Most of the women's network that passes on its network, the memory retains a copy of it and be called because it easily on the surface and not in the boxes.

According to an analysis by Mr. Mark, the man is designed to introduce box plots, and women's network is designed to give. Therefore, when a woman asks for something from the man forget it, because it is not accustomed to give, but to take back and compete, it takes work, takes on the road, taking in the restaurant .. While women used to give, and without this instinct, I could care for her children ..

The woman asked if anything, the first response that comes to mind: why not do it yourself. I believe the wife that her husband did not meet the request because he wanted to embarrass them or wants to show superiority or wants to emphasize their need him or revenge in or neglected ... are you think that It's personal vehicle, which did not respond to her request because he forgot, he forgot because he is a simple but when she requested that the request was nothing inside a box or unable Wang received in the appropriate box wiping out demand, or that he entered in the Fund has not opened by a man from a long time.

Says one of the wives - and perhaps my wife - that he insists on Amaandti and provocative, I have asked my husband to help me and put laundry in the washing machine ... and it took me some time to set up the pot washing and putting him in the middle of the room to switch it to the washing machine ... but it did not. And vowed not to ask him this request, second, and had a more provocative or crosses over the vessel passes from his side without bothering to move or even remove him to move easily. The vessel remained so for a month, a Iendni not driven or convey what it ... until a friend visited us Vqsst upon him the story when the Beneficent, the topic "my husband said: any container and any washing. I took him out of his hand to the room where the ... looked at him in stupidity and said: "What is required of me? I said: that you take to your washing machine? He said: Did you asked me that? I said: Yes, requested, and even if I did not ask you to understand yourself ... this is strange that the man said in all sincerity: God, if I look at this vessel is now for the first time.

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