Islamic priesthood

Nothing in Islam priesthood, but some like to rest his mind Viroj of this idea (throw it in the neck of the world and briefed Salem), and insists that converts some of the scholars keys exclusively to people's minds and hearts ... even though the vast majority of these scientists are unable to manage would themselves Like their homes.
Priesthood of two types:
First: the existence of a narrow elite monopoly on understanding, interpreting and presenting religion (Murad Abad God) for the ordinary and confine it to themselves,
And II: Obligation to display all the daily behavioral actions of individuals at this elite to take the approval or not.
... ... ... ... ....
In many dialogues on current affairs, I found an overwhelming majority of young people are reluctant to discuss or think or pronounce "personal" in public affairs: before you return and ask Sheikh person, or sequence on YouTube why Sheikh Declaration on this matter ... and then filled with Forums tens or even hundreds of Alnicol from each of the previously named the title of "Sheikh" in the east and west of the earth ... to go the way of any rational thought or Bob or sane or know outside this narrow circle of "scholars" ... Sheikh on the grounds that so and so has issued a fatwa .... The issue is finished and therefore there is no scope to search. With the Senators last opined that contrary opinion, but opinion has been ignored on the pretext that it was not "sincere scholars" ... and this is what I mean by the Islamic priesthood rejected.
I have an old hobby of follow-up advisory programs on different channels ... In many cases the questions are far from specialty Sheikh communicated to him the question. But in all cases, answers, and even in detail and explanations of what Allah has sent down by the Sultan, which depends on the skill of language, and its rhetoric than on real science or specialized study.
I have seen old men answer to the questions of the type: My son is five years old, which is a lot of movement and breaking office equipment and assault by beating on his older brother, what do I do with him? Asked: My son got a large sum in high school and he wants to enter the Faculty of Law, although it can enter the Faculty of Medicine, What do you advise us? And a question: I found my husband on the phone messages from your girls with the words and jokes spinning out, what do I do with him? And a question: my daughter a sixteen-year-old grandmother and see the smoke and sex magazines, what do I do?
In the community many of the problems ... must be faced and her search for solutions ... and moral education part of these solutions. But to look for these solutions only when the elders, and refrain from going to the specialist scientists, it looks like I have to go to quacks to treat pain does not go to the doctors ... and this is what I mean by the Islamic priesthood rejected.
Even odder, it can be different from two people on the issue of intellectual such as: Is it appropriate to Egypt capitalist system or a socialist system? Or Revolution January 25 Award or haraam? Is now the legitimate or constitutional legitimacy or the legitimacy of a revolutionary? Or was it better that Mubarak step down, or is the presidential term? Or is what is happening in Egypt, a U.S. plot or a popular revolution? Or even whether ElBaradei, an Iranian agent or American agent? Or Ahmed Shafik suitable as prime ministers or must change the transitional government? But I know that some young people go to some of the elders of the fatwa have any candidate they should elect him?!!
Then does not end the dispute by agreement that Itkabla afternoon when Sheikh "person" in a mosque "as well as" ... to rule them final ruling by the unequivocal Ertzian not Inaakecanh then never. We do not object to me aware of this world and the bounty, but I object to that person being a monopoly of the science, understanding and wisdom. Such a model to the frequent and ridiculous I mean the Islamic rejected for the priesthood.
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..
The priesthood of the Islamic offered models from catastrophe took to widen when it disappeared symbols of the true nation in the different disciplines did not find people have a role model only in the religious scholars, having monopolized the power of political action, and went into all the owners of the credit of the owners of the wisdom and knowledge and virtue (the people of the solution and contract) fearing the wrath of the Sultan.
The total breadth of the influence of these scholars (who got them the title of "the sincere scholars") to the extent that they become a reference for their followers in the most delicate affairs of their lives (just as is the case when authorities Shiite and Sufi) ... became a say in marriage and divorce, and the type of work, place of residence, source of income ... etc. .. Not be a matter of taking the opinion and advice and enlightenment, but as a matter of governance firm and the advisory opinion binding ... He became the role of scientists of the call and guidance to become some of them: a guardian, and a judge, a doctor, a businessman, and governor of his command in the affairs of his followers and disciples.
It is now time to confront and fight this phenomenon everywhere and at all levels ... as they have very serious implications, including:
1 - It provides the critical sense of youth. And United do not commemorates do not come forward only if there is this sense of the cash he tries every individual diligent personally ... I do not sell his mind and deliver free to any one, even if I know the people of the earth ... it's OK to use the views of scientists in issues of legitimacy ... but the bass all the bass of two things: abolition of the mind and thinking for the benefit of the views of some "scientists" and, most seriously to involve scientists in the issues that they have nothing to do with.
2 - It exposes the ignorance of some of the Senate and the expectation of extremely embarrassing. Do not miss the one that the ways in which it receives the scientists are now sciences does not qualify them to be conversant or familiar with everything ... and the ruling on a thing about the conception ... I have read the "fatwas" wonderful scientists deprived "of Arab nationalism," and prohibits "existential," and study "Science political rights. ", and the use of the Internet and Facebook, and believes that the demonstrations heresy, and raise the banners out to the Governor, and that" the devolution of power "against Islam ... and I do not forewarned of any scientist in this Altakrs and say, without knowledge in matters of not knowing her for more than their names ...
Not revealing a secret not wanting to offend one when I say that the overwhelming majority of those who never registered the title of "Sheikh" We do not have the slightest elements of diligence, and they respond with the utmost lightness and underestimated the questions if I went to Umar ibn al-Khattab to collect them the people of Badr to Ibgesoha ... and then they are thereafter answer great concern to the wounded or made a mistake.
3 - they fall for the Senate to turn them into stars. When he finds the Senate themselves in this subject, which makes them sanctuary and the subject of science and absolute wisdom and absolute right of absolute ... tempt this some Senate then they fall into temptation and suffer egos and think they are above criticism and accountability ... but maybe I have hereunto set some weak souls of them that turn into mouthpieces and tools in the hands of Some politicians, businessmen, stakeholders on the basis of their status and to the full powers granted to them, and in this great disservice to the development of religious scholars of the masses, but the abuse of religion to the value of his followers.
4 - it is offensive to the concept of religion itself. This is the worst of it ... have alerted us Revolution January 25 to that the inability of a large number of scientists to interact positively with the event, and to provide explanations and clarifications religious him, that the people in order to achieve the values ​​of basic human ideals of freedom, justice and dignity can be more than understanding narrow to some scholars ... and when unable to scientists to confirm the fact that the "religion of the people" ... goes on the people way out of debt ... if it is found that religion - according to the understanding and view some of the scholars - is unable to achieve their aspirations in life they deserve. I think that the place of religion and scientists have been affected much of a wide range of young people after the revolution because of their reluctance to support and stand with the people in it.
... ... ... ... ... ... ..
We respect the scientists who have a balance of credibility with the masses, who have made an honest effort and concrete to bridge the gap between forensic science and the contemporary reality of complexity. And those who did not stand with their knowledge when we say old, who have succeeded in creating a new religious language is able to absorb the past and understand the present ...
We believe that there is an urgent need to review deep a lot of scientists who want to retain their prestige of the people, not by devoting the idea of ​​the priesthood, but by focusing on the jurisprudence of the purposes and malate, and by opening the way to the door of ijtihad and political renewal idiosyncratic, and constructive participation in the re- community building, and rapid transition of the box "guarding the religion," which he excels a lot of scientists to a square "the policy of the world religion" that needs to be a real effort and full openness to different cultures and contemporary human experience.
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