A letter to My Mama

I miss my mother so dear .. Your child no longer small child ... I am wandering to prove my own self ... I'm having my destiny ... alone ... Make a miracle. My mother's blood flowing in your memory palpitations Help and soul is still pure .... Thezw in all parts of our house ...?? My mother ... I Forgot something .... Your memory and your child wandering looking for you ... Gsoq with the morning sun I stand on that window wait for your return ... the long wait for her ... and conversing with my tears ... wait for me ... my mother ... Where you are ...??? 

Indignant blow to sleep in me ... not kept Npras beats in the world of patience .... I long for that hug ... Dafi. To those soft pillow .... To that give or take ... when narrowing my life and closed all the doors in front of me remember the moments of your smile ... is that throw water basking in the cheeks Vtnash glimmer of hope Villa ... after he had quoted and removed since my trip for the first time you go is that Todeini ... left me without that gird your recent me ... 

Rang bells to go I did not know that there is a lump in the throat Stlazemni over my life .... To those who taught me love letters and words to those who paved the Derby hopeful and roses .. Vrack was struck by a fork of painful death, not really ... no words to write sentiments said .. Not understood by looks .... But you Azelti Yalqribe Conti and remote. 

My mother to the memories that I have been through ... you Khimh burns itself to light the most beautiful thing in my life ... the days that I lived with you is a touch of touches life witch became memories Brahilk to the unseen world ... .. I do not know where you are to me proud Besberna and strength of this life will not only say one word and voice is .. That holds much in childhood is inevitably stronger than life itself but sorrow Ieodney Omara to prove to us that we are weak about our passion to secure not days and not years makes me forget my mother and Dtnni and raised me shed here tears a river for me .... the mother rather than words, and characters and nothing Eufeha right ... so This writing does not Toviha something of what they deserve .. My mother.

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