Let us know .... And our Arab

Let us know .... And our Arab
All wonder what our identity is the media ... what is our media?! Do we study our society .. Values, customs and traditions .. Formulate our policies before the media?, Or do we ride rough and are moving in the direction you want us to walk him? There is no doubt that what we see in fact makes us wonder about what the forces that the tool uses information ..? Cover of some to adopt a liberal theory, believing it helps them to achieve democracy in the way of media The adoption of this theory and other theories pulled a lot about the reality real and who is supposed to arise from theories of information, as well as our media .. Despite our knowledge of the capacity big-owned media to influence and change, but we're still in the process of dependency, if we take the theories literally without even taking into account the the privacy of the reader or viewer or listener, how is the case for the specificity of the whole community ... Still wrote the media examine column VIII as the most prominent columnist in the newspaper, so you must customize what is important, column VIII of this for the West means the first column, which begin to read from being read from left to right, while the Arab reader starts from right to left is supposed to be the first column is the most important for us .. The examples in this area are many and too numerous to mention ... - What is the supposed site of the media in society? Site media in the society which determines the identity, it is known that the society consists of institutions, media, economic, social, religious and political. And scholars of communication and media are preparing a meeting of the most important institutions in modern society and its importance stems from being a Alataralkashif of society and gives people a unified image for all life. And it is supposed to be media institutions belonging to the society's values ​​and identity, in any society if the Islamic and Arabic media company does not carry the identity of the community cause confusion because it is part of it. In the media there are four philosophical theories of the President: the authoritarian, liberal, social responsibility theory, the theory of Islamic media. All of these theories are built on this idea, "the media part of the institutions of society" and the President agreed Muslim social scientists and the media and here lies the flaw in our Arab media, which is not a lot of media institutions is part of the society in which we live ... - In processes of social change and processes change the identity of the lead change? There are many theories indicate that the media is driving change in society, and that what is happening now is that which leads toward the Arab community away from the Islamic identity is the media. In our society, who leads the change: the media organizations in conjunction with economic institutions. - Where is the imbalance in our media? Imbalance in two ways; the first posts in the media as information and functions must be performed: "function of the media to monitor the surrounding environment and to prevent any other culture to infiltrate the community, and work on community cohesion and community members on the other hand, attention to the transfer of social heritage in the community, and let us know what is happening in exactly the opposite. The second aspect is the culture of media company. That the imbalance is not only at the level of the Arab media, but there are changes in information at the level of the whole world, noting that the entry of capital to the media prevail side surface of an entertainment without paying attention to the needs of society and identity. Numbers must stand then: Numbers we have to take them into account because they reflect to us the reality of change and influence in which we live is influenced by our children. And that the effect Altelovesezne of the most powerful and influential media .. From these figures: There is a channel in the world 13 000 0.7500 encrypted channel, and 5500 Free 0.400 channel by Arab new channel every 40 days. 150 million viewers to open channels of 0.42 million for the encrypted channel. Some studies have shown that the youth who watch these channels tuning to achieve saturation of knowledge and for entertainment because of their sense of loneliness and emptiness, and also to forget the problems. In terms of numbers and can discern the risk faced by our society to pursue such channels of nudity and scenes of dancing and scenes of indecent .. Hence we can wonder about the upbringing and personality of children and adolescents who are being exposed to such channels, Such scenes watched by our children affect them because they start by accepting and then satisfaction with what they see and then indifference is moving to the stage of the application and tradition, and then serve as the basis for them. It is necessary to be alert to the danger of both TV and the Internet to make a fundamental change among young people due to the use of racial feminine beauty, handsome masculine discourse in new media, ie, there are exciting for both sexes equally. The declaration, which feeds on sexual arousal, as 90% of the products promoted through women's erotic and not turn a woman or a girl .... And that many of the ads focus on the negative values ​​Kalasthlak high side, such as promoting healthy food snacks and soft drinks are harmful to health, and promote the ownership and to keep abreast of fashion and modernity, not the actual need. This indicates that the processes of change that sees the West occur in our community, as unfortunately we do not take her not to .... The paradox and the reality experienced by the media, we're helpless to stop the programs and serials, harm to our society and our values! .. .. We are all fathers and mothers and Reload ... Are required to take action and presence and not be passive recipients, but to contribute, each according to his role and abilities to guide the process of public information through various means or work codes, and that we as individuals can make a difference, where we need to find and build the role of the public active and in need of projects against the media negative .... The importance of feeding the Awareness of our children to the development of self-censorship, they have, and giving them the importance of their role as recipients in constructive criticism by recording their observations about shortcomings they see in programs that watch it and talk to them about these negatives, because they are the generation of the target and we have to keep our values ​​and religion in the face of this conflicting currents of media with the values ​​of the Arab community ....
So we put our children's children of the future .. .. On the right track

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