Survival of 12 million American cancer

Good news .. Survival of 12 million American cancer 
Became known as cancer disease "season", because it has become one of the most common diseases in various parts of the world, many factors that lead to injury to him, but fortunately, the U.S. government announced that early diagnosis, in addition to more effective treatments and growth in the rate of longevity, factors allow for 12 million Americans survive cancer.

Are breast cancer survivors the largest percentage Of the total survivors
The American's 11.7 million people who were once in their lifetime disease cancer, are more than four times a day, compared with the Americans in the same position during 1971 who were three million, according to the reported U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, "CDC."
He noted Thomas Frieden director of the Center, "AC-DC" that "it is good news to survive this number of patients and enjoy a healthy life and long." For him, "Cancer prevention and detection are essential for the healing of physical disease."
Americans and the survivors of the seven million who were still alive in 2007, were outpacing the age of sixty. The survivors of breast cancer, the largest percentage of the total, with 22% survivors, whom others follow the survivors of prostate cancer with 19%.

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