Just ... .. Be yourself

Just ... .. Be yourself
Often take decisions in our lives and also Nnthal ideas may be mostly not for us
Often mimics many of us it is those around him
Some take his example of a parent or a relative referred to them Mendez
Some of them take his example from the known personalities and there are some Almhoyes and adolescents taking of a personal representative or singer or even a character in a film as role models for them
We are young, we often hear phrases like to see how so and recalls Look lessons or so and how is the bar with his parents, or you wish to in the literature and ethics so and so or so and so of course
Are all phrases pronunciation of almost every family without awareness and their goal is always to live up their son or daughter on both the level of moral or professional or educational Napoleon represented a particular famous person from around ....
But when we think a little, we find that such guidance or phrases on the simplicity and the safety of one who says Nie and his desire to improve the quality of the person against him advice, we find that reality is the opposite of such a behavior completely
You can imagine yourself have taken your neighbor Qldth in his righteousness to his parents and reduce your neighbor in his education and become a doctor or an engineer like him at the same time you are copying from your Father in magnanimity and chivalry however, did not forget to take your mother good and compassion with firmness????
Question here is where I am???

If I imitate and complied with the role of another person in all my life and ADABI, moral, scientific and even wear my clothes where my character which I have been Jpellni by God and that I had to Anmeha since childhood and I had to my family and my parents that Ilamaa of this personal with some of the calendar too, but it is the only calendar and guidance for the benefit of and not even be a replica of the personal or several other personalities???
Often occurs in parents into the trap of a superiority complex and excellence No doubt it that parents always what they see in their son that there may not in fact it is certain that they want him all good and good, but it may be the way destructive to the Son, and come bacterium results contrary to the wishes of parents
The only truth in this universe that God Almighty has made the creation of man and one of the precious and precious miracles that religion has urged us to look at ourselves and remember and reflect
Holy God did not create the twins the same fingerprint, how can we imagine that he could match or two might be the last character of a person at all, and what originally???
Why do not recognize that each and every one of us is what distinguishes it from others and that he must be proud of this distinguished and must respect and appreciate others characterize it
Wishing you to stop panting behind everything
We Nlht the money until he became some of his slaves
We Nlht behind the fame and excellence in work and this is required, but in moderation
As well as even on a personal level Nlht behind the love of others and the perfect back up to be the focus of appreciation and admiration of others and be good when they believe, and also that we remain always in the beautiful image
All this hyperventilating but eventually lead to turn to monsters without meaning and features
Will not reap in the end only the self and identity
I think it's golden advice here to be ourselves
Just as God created us, but also made some amendments to any error may discover in the character and any plans that we can not change it recognize it as long as he shamelessly defect does not harm others or upset them
It is for example the creation of weak intelligence, it does not defect is not a crime or even the guilt he has to apologize all the time and hide
Versa Vlieterv this defect and look within himself, it is certain that the Almighty God's mercy may well Obdlth elsewhere in the character of how weak intelligence, but with great sensitivity and a painter or an artist or player Maher
How many of stammered speech and shy can not hold any dialogue comfortably, but we find a writer or even a great inventor
Hallelujah did not create a human being with no talent and no reason for the only livelihood we have to acknowledge that we are human beings, we are not angels Abdaa Just as God gave us the Almighty, the right to do as much good is his might and majesty that we may also make mistakes and the good of those who repent Khatain
Yes, you may suffer from the defect, but this is not an offense or great, nor even the guilt must hide
Flanadelh as much as possible weak absorption can take more time in the recall until it reaches the level of quick intelligence
And the artist bumbling attempts to face the people and not ashamed of his stutter, it does not disadvantage and crime
When we recall some of the characters, we find that Napoleon was a terrible commander in gait lame!!!
Van Gogh was a famous artist on the degree of mental impairment in a moment of madness, my time to cut off his ear to give to his sweetheart???
Einstein was a genius of time and semi-shy unwitnessed in the way he has been little focus on speaking and listening has been known to listen and speak at one time????
Let us acknowledge that we humans and our shortcomings
To stop others to push us even Ntqld and imitating others claim that we will be just Abdaa'd be better off if we left them to Mohptna may not be innate, but can we can improve our level of
If only we stop to consider and compare it with others here arise envy and hatred and Alkrhia In the end, we do not we become the others or even the back as we are, as we know ourselves
What the toughest to get lost by the same rights and lose the sense of self and lost him his character in the absence of real time
If only we can maintain our character and we Nlht behind the best
It is better when I want to be the best, not when I want to be the best on a par with other

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