Qualities of life partner

1 - women from:

Are women who belong to the reality of this man and share his life and be with him in every moment and feel all the details of his joys and sorrows, thoughts and plans.

Woman, her partner does not feel as a spectator watching the events, but is living in the heart of the event, and every minute that passes by.

These women, who feel that they belong to man his own, do not forget it is linked to his life.

2 - woman patient:
Man does not forget the woman patient and put you shared events and pressures, but a life jacket and a warm hug, which resorted to in a crisis
Woman waived his concerns and learn well when it should be present or what should I say, love tenderly and patient and deal with it wisely.
This woman can not forget the man whatsoever.

3 - A woman Almtdhuqp life and to participate with him:

A man loves a taste of fun to share life with his wife, and feel satisfied when life with him in moments of many different, even in the minutest details and the smallest things.

This woman is hard to forget the man They will make every moment between them remains a beautiful memory forever.

4 - smart women:

Intelligent women that knows how to deal with her partner and understand that every man, nature and mind of its Learning when to talk to and when requests something from him, and when shut up and listen and not only this but also learn how to make her husband appears and highlights and moving forward because it supports the confidence in himself and enhance his permanent .

This woman does not forget men are success-based partner and feel that he was considering a deeper and clearer when it is with them.

5 - Women female: women make the female partner of her man. The more femininity Bergolth man felt more and more are female look of her or her clothes
Feminine internal real men do not feel he sees it.

This woman loves her man and loves the paper and be able to forget about it.

6 - Women of substance:

Man does not forget the woman enjoying the beauty and warmth of a stable internal and personal reconciled with itself and prefer calm and stability not get lost amid the hustle and be co-op and mind amid beautiful flower and the thorns and the pressures of life.

The woman draws a man gives this beauty that others can not see - special attention because they are unique and characteristic.

7 - Women's spontaneity:

That a man loves a woman who behave and think spontaneously. There is no cost or pretended in her words and actions feels that his life with an open book
Ibadelha the frankness and clarity to be on as much as the purity and innocence that man prefers to be his partner is innocent and spontaneous rather than beautiful.

8 - Women's compassionate:
Women compassionate is a woman with an outpouring and the feelings of delicate can drown a man in a sea of ​​love and compassion towards feel them as if they are not the wife and beloved, but is the mother sometimes, as he is in fact a big baby, but with the difference that the requirements of this child far outweigh the requirements of a small child is waiting from his partner that completely overwhelmed with tenderness and affection permanent.

9 - women and the selfless sacrifice:

These women have an impact not forget the man he feels its existence and that it is always present to provide him with all that has everything you can.

Make sacrifices and give up without an account. Man nature that always wants to be the holder of the right to get all of what can be obtained from an interview without conditions and without mutual interests and he hates women who register by the sacrifices and dedication of the besieged from time to time.

10 - strong women weak: a man loves a woman should know when to be strong and when it should weaken the preferred partner and supplier to draw their strength and hardness
But he does not like strong in all circumstances even feel his own power. Always weak, not loving so do not feel Bmitha.


Fortunate is the man who possesses all those qualities of his wife ten

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