Diana Years

Released a British journalist Tina Brown's new book entitled 'Diana years'.
Importance of the book is not only Bmoakpth of memory, or the fact that its author, who Akpoa of Diana's life closely, but because of the many details that told by Brown, strongly re-ask the question: Was Diana a saint or a woman slut?
Will remain and views are different, even contradictory in this regard. But it was a human being.
* Torment and tears
Often Prince Charles spend the weekend at Highgrove, where he met Bashiqth Camilla. Diana knows exactly what was happening around them. Know that Camilla behave in Highgrove, as if they were in her home, as she knew that the relationship with Prince Charles lacked everything that has been provided by the company of Camilla intimate.
Diana was the beauty of little arms facing that fact.
Diana's mental state deteriorated and the relationship with her husband is getting worse day after day.
Camilla Parker were not only affecting the lives of the spouses in Highgrove, it has been to Diana's secrets as well.
Barry was Mannaki, her bodyguard, always present at their side and had William and Harry loved his company, he did not hide his admiration of their mother.
But how to choose a bodyguard of a little princess sad and beautiful?
For that person to be strong and wise, and married and able to spare it falling into the problems.
Thebes says Colin, a former bodyguard for Princess Diana: 'You have to keep them from what could put lives at risk and that you know that there are limits to your relationship with them'.
But for a woman imprisoned in a cage of gold, the bodyguard of the candidate's first romantic relationship, it is the only man to defend the princess and believes in her way among the crowd to help him and his views strongly insightful.
Appointed Sergeant Barry Mannaki team in the protection of family and Wales in September 1983. In April 1985, received Mannaki task of guarding the Princess Diana of the chief investigator Graham Smith, who died in 1993 due to cancer.
Mannaki when he became keeper of Princess Diana in Profile year 1985 were the last of those too weak and trying to live within the prison of her marriage, but it was also not ready to give up their need for love.
Mannaki was handsome and his eyes were twinkling with motherly warmth and spontaneous.
, His relationship with Princess Diana after the accident occurred during the summer vacation, which was spend with the family at Balmoral. Diana, Charles had accompanied her husband to catch fish in the Gulf of northwest Scotland, and while she watched her husband while working offline suspended hook delivered by someone in the same eyelid, and received bodyguard Mannaki Princess is delivering to the house to get the necessary medical aid. Not her husband accompanied her to the house or send us their condolences by.
During the months that followed the incident, she became Diana's requests to travel in the royal train rather than plane because it had learned of her husband, the train is the best place for dating.
Mannaki accompanied by Princess Diana in 1985, flights to Italy, Australia and America, and the Princess is very dependent on a sense of tranquility, which was granted him by the public events. The Mannaki tells the housekeeper Wendy Berry said that the Princess was always saying 'it's not strong enough to follow so, and it was a collapse in his arms' 'I Aangaha and stopped crying, what can I do otherwise?'.
I think that he could request that the receipt of other tasks to save his career, but he did not do, and Colin Tremeng which is responsible for the protection of the Supreme Prince Charles has advised Mannaki 'that avoids to be very nice, but the latter does not work, his advice'.
The servants at Highgrove News Mannaki hand down and someone said that the latter 'very impressed with Princess' Mannaki but denied it completely.
Admitted to Princess Peter Sataln they were not happy, but there is Mannaki there for her: 'I Kfattap small longs to hear words of praise when it exists'.
Count Mannaki Princess doll in the form of an owl to absorb its portfolio of games, was the gift directory first police officer James Hawit that the relationship which linked Profile Princess Asha were not only a working relationship.
* Play with fire
Diana was like to enrage Mannaki before any public appearance to her:
'How do I look Barry O?'
- As beautiful as you know, and anyone can admire you.
'I liked it? Accompanied me to the car, please '.
It was hard to resist the charm Mannaki beauty princess.
But Colin Thebes and housekeeper Wendy Berry were excluded the idea of ​​a relationship Princess Asha personal and perceive this as a rumor launched by both envious of them, but Diana said in the movie Smiley Peter Sataln 1990 her feelings toward her bodyguard, did not confirm that they were a physical relationship.
The princess admitted she was dreaming of leaving everything to the departure away and live with him, 'was I should not play with fire but I have done'.
Diana was often say this, but be sure that the relationship was her first outside of wedlock.
This is confirmed by many people as a friend, Dr. James Diana and James Kolsorst Hawit that recalls in his memoirs personal that Diana told him she had been on Mannaki romantic relationship, I do not think Hawit had no motive to lie in this regard.
Those affected have been rumors on the state Mannaki psychological, was always afraid of that holding someone by the two together, it was Mannaki too afraid not for his life, but his work, and the fear in his shop, On the night of the wedding, Prince Andrew on July 23 from 1986 found someone on the The Princess and the Mannaki in the development of hardcore.
Is usually the expulsion of those who work in the Royal Pacific, but are transported to another place and then they are ignored altogether.
'I have been moved very quickly Mannaki' also confirms one of the team that works with Diana.
Mannaki been moved after the incident in the service of the royal family to task the protection of diplomats, and Mrurtsap months after he died, and stresses the Princess Diana always said that Barry Mannaki had been killed.
Mannaki died in May 22, 1987 in a motorcycle accident, and the transfer of Prince Charles, the news of his death to the princess who were on a trip to the city of Nice to attend the Cannes Film Festival.
Princess Diana was able to maintain the face mask Princess of the Orient with joy during the Cannes Film Festival while she was suffering from a tight and intense grief, which form a historic moment in the life of the Princess of Wales, known to the Protocol to the origins of life and the grief of the property.
Keeping secrets and lying are two things which have learned of Diana and began to donate them as it does Prince Charles in full.
* New lover
'I think about you all night and I thank God for sending you to'.
From Diana to the officer James Hawit, August 1989.
Was often James Hawit wonder if for him to meet Princess Diana at a ceremony attended in the autumn of 1986 a premeditated, Diana was twenty-six years old and was Hawit largest in just two days, he was a captain in the Royal Guard and suffered from showing off sick after the death of Princess, is worth mentioning, During their relationship, which lasted five years did not try to prevent one of Hawit interview Princess, Unlike Mannaki, Hawit received the blessing of Prince Charles as though the latter was allowed to be a lover of his wife.
Unlike Mannaki knew how Hawit comply with assets that game, he is descended from a family belonging to the finest middle-class families in which it operates its members in the military, and graduated from the prestigious boarding school does not differ much from Prince Charles and friendly and polite and handsome.
Circumvented Princess Diana and requested that gives Hawit lessons in horsemanship.
Hawit wrote in his book 'Love and War', which was published in 1999 'got the wrong one: we fell in love'.
But, in fact, numerous errors occurred because Hawit did not think, as recognized by Diana later, only the 'intimacy'.
Initially form Hawit a haven for the Princess of Wales flirt. Diana was in need of that relationship with her husband because her life lacked intimacy.
James describes Hawit Princess at the beginning of their relationship that she was 'very sensitive and was suffering from bulimia, a woman was suffering from exclusion' form Hawit turning point in her life, but their relationship were not pure coincidence, as was the relationship Bmannaki but it caused him personally.

 * Trap .. Equestrian Lessons
Hawit was attending a meeting when attending the celebrations of private military and the marriage of Prince Andrew, if its hints of Princess Diana wearing a long summer skirt and bare feet. Diana noted the admiration in the eyes and asked Hawit later and Hazel Siftha and not to invite the officer to Tuxedo, where she has Zgbtha for the restoration of her skill in riding, it was natural to provide them with services in this regard.
Equestrian lessons became a regular and frequent and the princess cut a long distance from London to Windsor Park to reach early and riding with him, and initiated the Princess to express her feelings when deciding to kiss him and said: 'I need you You give me strength. I can not bear the Game for me. I want to be with you. I started really love you '.
It was Princess manages that relationship and take charge of things the opposite of what was happening with her before her marriage. Relationship that was conducted according to the program at the Palais des Canseizon At Highgrove when Charles was absent.
Were not host the Princess Hawit is both natural and drew the attention of many, but Diana was trying to hide the importance of that by hosting the Friends of the others.
Hawit became a special guest hesitate to Princess down when Charles was absent, which made William and Harry, like him, too.
The Diana later tells Hawit that her husband was aware of their relationship Hawit said that it was like a 'tacit agreement between the Charles and Diana'.
'I was part of her life as Mrs. Parker was a part of the life of Prince Charles', but although it was not Hawit relaxes to its presence in Highgrove, where everyone was watching his every move.
Diana Hawit make very comfortable with him as she was acting as a girl from the countryside, for it had to go out for walks on foot and was beyond fear and learn horsemanship.
'She loved the countryside', says Hawit, which was Sisdm her husband, surprisingly, the impact of sexual life comfortable in, and considered Hawit his relationship with Diana saved her life, was for five years, is located to the side and cares about them, increasing the self-confidence and became Princess shy former Habiba to the firm.
In the summer of 1988 Hawit apologize to Princess has not been able to see, as he was taking part in the championship game of polo in Hampshire. Diana replied they would be there too, Diana announced it will attend the match and indeed this is what happened, there have been Princess Diana and threw themselves on the grass, where he was sitting Hawit with his mother and sisters.
But the strange thing in all this is that the press took a full five years to notice the relationship Hawit Diana.
Diana wrote Hawit when he was in France Year: 1989 'thinking of you throughout the night and thank God for sending you to, I can not wait until the day that we will be together forever'.

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