Islam in Ireland

Showed the official statistics in the Republic of Ireland that the Muslims who have become a religion, the third in the country, after Catholics and followers of the Church of Ireland, according to survey long the country's population during the past year and revealed the Central Bureau of Statistics in Ireland that the 32 539 residents on its territory condemn Islam as the percentage of male 59.53 % and female 40.46%, which means that a remarkable increase has been recorded compared with 2003 data as total number of Muslims jumped by 69.9 percent, according to a report published by the Italian news agency ANSA. According to Eurostat figures, based in Dublin, more than half of Muslims in the Republic descendants of Asian and African countries, while a campaign of Irish citizenship of whom approximately one third. and remain Catholics the largest religious gathering in the Irish Republic, amounting to three million and 681 thousand people, while solving the followers of the Church of Ireland Anglican in second place at 125 thousand people, and that out of total population amounting to four million and 239 thousand people. The British writer George Bernard Shaw wrote in 1936, says "If a particular religion to spread in England, but in Europe, during the next hundred years, it is Islam, we have considered always to the religion of Muhammad (peace be upon him) the highest Highness beautiful because of its vitality, it's the only religion in my view, that have the ability to integrate into this stage of the human to make them attractive for each era, we have studied the history of life Muhammad, that great man, in my opinion should be known as the savior of mankind, I think that if it was to assume responsibility for leadership in the world, then surely it will be able to solve problems and bring peace and happiness, I predicted that the the doctrine of Mohammed would be acceptable for Europe tomorrow, as it is acceptable to the Europe of today. "

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