European woman

The first British
She wrote her wish a hundred years ago!
The famous writer came Rod - in an article published in 1901 - that operate daughters at home servers, or servers, lighter is better and the scourge of operation in the laboratory where girls become contaminated rarely go to the elegance of their lives forever.
But I wish our Muslim country, where modesty, chastity and purity ... Yes, it is a shame on the country that the British make their daughters an example of the vices of frequent contact with the men, what we are not behind what makes the girls work, including control of natural agrees to play at home, and the men left the safety of the men of honor .

And the second German
She said: "I want to stay in my house, but as long as the wonder of the modern German economy did not include all classes of the people, something like that (back home) is impossible, alas!
Week that quoted a German magazine.
And the third Italian
She said, addressing Dr Mustafa Sibai - may God have mercy on him: -
I envied Muslim women, and I hope that if you were born in your country.
And the fourth French
The doctor told me Bomnitha Muslim living in France, has told me so in the month of Ramadan last year 1421
I asked him where his colleague at work - the French doctor Christian woman - I asked him about his wife put the veiled Muslim!
And how to spend the day in the house?
What is its daily?
He replied: When Tstiqd are arranged in the morning it takes children to school, then sleep until the ninth or tenth, then get up to complete what needs to arrange the house and clean, and then dealing with the affairs of the house the kitchen and Ttaghiztaam.
I asked him: It will be spent, it does not work?!
The doctor said: I am.
She said: "It buys them their needs?
Said: "I buy them all you want.
I asked with surprise and amazement:
Buy for your wife everything?
Yes said:
She said: even gold?!!! (Ie, to buy for your wife)
He said: Yes.
She said: "The Queen of your wife!!
And I swear to God that the doctor had offered him to divorce her husband!! And leave him, on condition that he married her, and leave the medical profession!! And sit at home and sit Muslim women!
And not only that, but to agree to be the second wife of a Muslim man on condition that recognizes in the house.

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