Turkey re-identity

The proportion of women who wear the Islamic headscarf on the way in Turkey increased remarkably during the last four years, this exposed the latest polls on the headscarf in Turkey, which confirmed a significant increase in the proportion of women who wear the hijab. The poll, conducted in 41 province of Turkey, "one of the 81 provinces" and a sample of $ 5 thousand and 289 lady, released yesterday, "The percentage of women who wear the veil in the Islamic manner jumped from 5.3% in 2003 to 3.16% currently. and that the numbers Rose from 500 thousand in 2003 to two million women now. "For the women who wore the traditional headdress, this indicates that the survey link between the increase in the number of veiled women and headscarves and the existence of the Justice and Development Party in power that the percentage of these women and reached 4.69% after it was 2.64% in 2003. And the number of these women rose from 13 million in 2003 to 14 million currently

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