Identified the most dangerous killers of sexual desire

Affects the poor libido provisional both sides of men and women, Weakness provisional is normal can be the result of conditions may Ataktr the mind of the person concerned, who may return it (or reimbursed) to the reasons that are not realistic and the fact of the matter is that sexual desire diminished, may be the result is a subtle subject reform easily.
Desire alone is not enough:

Sexual desire alone is not sufficient for success
Sexual health experts have confirmed that the desire alone is not enough in the success of the citizenship process, but we have the availability of the peace of mind and happiness and tranquility, and not to worry, for the success of the marital relationship .. Many of the causes of impotence that affect humans related to emotions and feelings, not enough freedom of Organic causes the process to succeed.
Shall be considered as sexual desire first of the factors that affect either negatively or positively to the sexual intercourse between men and women, where the consequences of sexual desire several other stages .. Any defect or disorder in that desire may prevent the sexual encounter in general and the disorder is the absence or lack of sexual interest and desire for sex with women or men, which is frequently.
Killers desire:One of the main killers of sexual desire congestion of the agenda and your sports and drugs you are taking and the TV in the bedroom:
Congestion of the agenda:When the sink in the human daily preoccupations, and feel the failure to complete or under development, it reflects negatively on his sex life, which could revert to the priority subsequent to the example of a precedent. It is also of concern, and the stress that may accompany him, causing a flow thickly in stress hormones, which impair a person's ability to eroticism.
This same reason also eliminates the causes of relaxation and renewal, bringing sex, when practiced, a (job) is not real passion, and just another job to be done to solve the problem, a provision of your time every day, a few minutes you try to recover your convenience mental and physical , be free to your soothing the short period of rest is all what you need it in order to limit the flow of hormones, stress, and regain a sense of the centrality of yourself as well, you should feed yourself well fed, because the body if fed, he was able to confront the causes of emotional stress and better performance in bed.

Exercise of the desire to improveNationality!!
This also is the first problem for newly married couples and non-sex marriages because the project is based on sexual consent, it should be a major focus sex for marriage. But 60% of newly married couples were tired and exhausted to think about sex. The proposed solution: tried to go together on a trip to somewhere quiet and romantic and maintained the love and affection, by kissing in the morning and evening before going to sleep. If Cartma that there is a real problem, Vthdtha frankly about the subject, there may be a misunderstanding.
Your sports:

Is the sport itself does not impair sexual desire, but the thing that weakens it is to devote the same person in his sport to the extent the sponsor to kill this desire, and if you are lavished in the sport to the extent that you burn calories, more than eat, it loses body fuel for your life, and it also leads to strain your pituitary gland responsible for regulating the various physical and your vacant positions, including sexual function and resolve the problem: Ataatdhira to this argument in order to stop the use of household devices sports (and non-domestic).
The reality is that the practice of sport (about 30-60 minutes several times a week), lead to improved sexual desire, and by improving the image of yourself, and submit them to the general level of energy. In the course of the person, the body of the sport called brain chemicals called (Inderfinat), and these will improve the mood of the person and his desire to strengthen citizenship.
Drugs you are taking:

TV of the most dangerous factors deadlyFor sexual desire!!
Drugs are anti-depressants are the killers of more sexual desire, because these drugs lead to a reduction in the level Albat nervous system (dopamine), which Bath has to do with sexual desire. There are also other medications may also be the cause of this diminished desire, including medicines treating high blood pressure pill.The solution occur (or talk) with your doctor about this, it works (or work) to reduce drug dosage or change medication to reduce side effects.
TV in the bedroom:Is one of the most dangerous factors for fatal sexual desire beside busy agenda, sports and drug treatment for depression is having a TV in the bedroom.
One study says the Italian, the couple, who put up a television in their bedroom, there is less exercise for sex, compared with those of the Aydaanh, because watching TV lead to the reduction of the desire to prepare for sex work, and even Altfkr it already! Also, the person (man or woman). After a hard day's work, you may find in the TV programs, the way (to escape) from the extra effort in the marital bed.
The solution: Remove the TV from the bedroom, or she turns off at least. If you are a fan of football, Attiq dimension for their programs. Make sure to avoid watching TV programs of the deadly emotional affinity between the spouses. And perhaps to realize that violence programs are more program killed the libido.

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