From behind the assassination of President Sadat

From behind the assassination of President Sadat?? 

Amr Shalaby 
Specialist and researcher in the history of Sadat 
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Was it a premeditated killing of Sadat by Hosni Mubarak? 

Is the killing of former President Anwar Sadat in a conspiracy? Question Isilp many, why not be the former President Hosni Mubarak was involved in this matter, why there is no internal or external parties, an official involved in the topic, do you publish everything on the assassination???? A lot of controversy going on now on this subject, especially after Sadat's assassination out of prison and the mystery which was about the continued detention after the expiration of 
I will try hard through these lines to introduce to answer those questions .. 

Was it a premeditated killing of Sadat by Hosni Mubarak? 
I am appalled by much Marit during the last period for the assassination of Sadat and try to paste the former President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak, and much earlier there were a lot of the accusations directed to the man so that someone built on the Internet call for an international inquiry to investigate the murder case like the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and the fact that the former president was not so much of the intelligence which can be attributed to him, did not see him throughout his 28-year decision and one he says his vision in some cases can amount to a measure of the killed in this skill, or a single resolution can be be the scope for creativity. 
Sat Hosni Mubarak with us for 28 years and gone beyond, and over the past twenty-eight, have evolved natural evolution, there was nothing in Egypt is a natural economic development, infrastructure, education, unemployment, Nilesat, the media, television channels, the MRT, it is assumed in the president not to do so, you assumed in the Governor to be grand theft, or dishonest, I have lived Egypt a natural evolution has not seen during the past years, any progress is remarkable, and this entrance for Hosni Mubarak preface by the reader that the man can not be a visionary window can lead him to think in the end and measure of the assassination. 

During my work as a researcher based on a project documenting the life of the late President Anwar Sadat at the Library of Alexandria, and before I work and my interest in the biography of the late President, the question is, who is Bali always asked where many people than they are relatives of the late President, and I tried very hard to share a lot of what he wrote about an incident assassination, was a premeditated assassination ?????????????. 

The truth is that I've found and according to the data that I will later say beyond a reasonable doubt that the man died, the judiciary and deal and neither the hands of third-party link his death and that the man destined to God to die on the day of victory, which we celebrate each year on the sixth of October to remember the great victory, Anwar Sadat , and he was killed on the basis of a religious concept, wrong nothing to do with any internal or formal murder but of the assassin, and that he may have agreed to the whims of some of the parties to the internal or external, but they definitely had nothing to do directly or indirectly by the incident, and let us Nqra incident reading logical through a set of data ... 

The first point 
Who had killed Anwar Sadat? 4 people from the reality of records of the investigation are 
Abdel-Hamid Abdel-Salam Abdel-Aal: 
Atta Tayel Hamida departure: 
Hussein Abbas Mohammed: 
Khaled Ahmed Shawki Islambouli: 
I will introduce to you now part of the statements from the accused in the records of the investigation, and by myself, quoting from the book Sadat truth and myth to Moses, Sabri, who published almost complete. 
Please read it carefully 

Abdel-Hamid Abdel-Salam Abdel-Aal 
28 years an officer, a former air defense, employed entrepreneurs said that he sees what's going on in society is evil, so I thought in the killing of President Sadat to be a lesson for those after him and so true to the verse, "Whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, such are disbelievers." The state of the evils and Wines and Lord. And diminish the value of a mockery of Muslims and Muslim scholars dedicated to religion and a mockery of beards and headscarves, imposed by God on the Muslim women and changing the laws and the laws of God put it, the pressure on Muslims in their mosques and arresting scholars. Did not codify Islamic law as promised 
When he was working in the armed forces, keeping aside from the Koran and found that the Army is working in the government of infidels. 

Atta Tayel Hamida departure 
Q: Do you intend to kill the president? 
A: Yes. And for the reasons mentioned above 
Q: Did you intend to kill others? 
A: Prophet Ismail tortured Muslims 
Q: And what you hope for the killing of the president? 
A: The possibility of a Muslim ruler after him. 
Q: Is it enough to kill the president set up by an Islamic regime as hopes for is that there is still other work is required for this? 
A: you do to implement the command of Allah. And God alone Almtkvl by the Islamic State. 
Q: Was that the assassination Mqsdkm introduction to a series of events ends ... to change the regime? 
A: Yes. First Bodltna legitimate ruler should be killed because he was Abienbar the head of Kufr and corruption of religious rule, we may kill him after the governor comes to judge by what Allah has sent down and evaluate the law of God does not judge but may be preaching to him in this ruling that longs for God and His Messenger. 
Q: But the president Muhammad Anwar al-Sadat, may God have mercy on him is the one who enter in the Constitution for the first time in the history of the country that Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation and was praying and fasting and reading the Koran, what made you Tioson of the implementation of the intention of it when I enter this text in the constitution? 
A: I do not care about the text on paper. But what concerns us is the implementation. All we see is even the rest of the Islamic Sharia is the law of personal status and annulled by the development of a new law .. There was text in the constitution that Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation and we know every day that the book of God presented to the people for approval or not. Unfortunately did not agree with it under the display name of Sharia codification. 

Hussein Abbas Mohammed: 
Q: How Asthllt yourself to kill the president. I thought you are rewarded by Almighty Allah without knowledge, nor religion, nor the jurisprudence of the Shariah evidence? 
C: This command does not require much knowledge. But what I know is that this was not the unjust judge us the book of God first. Then he was mocking some of the revelations of Allah Almighty, like he said about the veil that the legitimate consequences. And he was fighting the Muslims in every place his soldiers, I mean the Central Security, so they had entered some of the mosques and arrested its occupants, and beat the bomb smoke, and fought our scientists and issued orders to arrest them because they say he said right on the pretext that he wanted to end the sectarian strife, and arrested many of his men a lot Muslims, until they were paid to women from the streets. He has come out of the religion of God altogether, a word uttered no religion in politics and policy in religion. 
Q: How are certain that the reasons adduced by permit to kill him, God's mercy be upon him, legally, not being a case in the jurisprudence of you think? 
A: The one who leaves the apostate to his religion, kill legally 
Q: What is it that made you a Muslim knows that he will stand in front of Maulana account the position of the Almighty on the account to the intent to kill the head of state? 
C: in retaliation for the religious. And cursing the scientists on the small screen and said they were dogs He said that the Mahlawi goalkeeper in the prison uniform dog, "said Sheikh Hafiz Salama Btaa Suez not talking a lot about him because he's crazy, distorted the image of a Muslim with a beard, and he is misleading a large, said a lot of talk. 
Q: Why? 
A: He said of those scholars who are in prison are young people who mislead their seducer, while is the one who misleads the ordinary people, and we do not take our religion from it, but take away from this world, who imprisoned him and said such and such. 
Q: Scientists who have been upset by the anger was imprisoned and degree of commitment to kill the president? 
A: Sheikh Mahlawi and Sheikh Hafiz Salama and Sheikh Yusuf al-Badri, Omar Tlemcani and Sheikh Abdul Hamid Kishk and Sheikh Adam Saleh and Sheikh Abdullah heavenly. 
Q: With Azmtm was commanded by the assassination of the President of the Republic? 
A: He is our brother, which facilitated the way for us .. he who planned and orchestrated 

Khaled Ahmed Shawki Islambouli 
(24 years) .. lieutenant working ... the armed forces 
Was not originally charged with participating in the parade. But the absence of another officer, was tasked by a leading pioneer battalion Makram Abdel Aal jointly on 23.9.1981 before any offer of 13 days and attended the first rehearsal. He has participated in a military parade in the past two years. 
Q: How did the idea of ​​exploiting the conditions designated in the show for the assassination of the president? 
A: We started to talk about affairs of the Muslims (with Mohamed Abdel-Salam) and I was my temper was influenced by what is happening in the country, but I told him that I shared in the presentation, but do any need we get rid of the unjust ruler, he went with the idea and expressed his willingness for any help I needed from individuals and ammunition
Q: And who invited you to present this idea to Mohamed Abdel-Salam in particular? 
A: A Fakie .. Have knowledge of religious matters .. Our Lord, open it and Abienbar world .. I rest him. 
Q: How do you know that the world? 
C Gelsaty with him ... And counseling in matters of religion he is preaching on Friday and deliver lessons in a small mosque next to his house my family .. The name of the mosque of Omar bin Abdul Aziz ibn al-Khattab or Umar. 
Q: Is it refers you to read certain books? 
A: Yes .. Ibn Taymiyya wrote a fatwas and jihad for Muslims .. The Book of Jihad for the sake of Allah and Abu al-A'la Awtaar Hukani. 
Q: Did you talk with you about the Tatars and Janikiz Khan? 
A: Yes .. He told me that these people - no Tatars - Islam and they have demonstrated by virtue of the law of the country called Eliassq, and some takers Sharia and left the others and they speak brief prayer, but they spoiled in the country. 
Q: Why talk about the Tatars in particular? 
A: as an example of what is happening in our country in terms of governance without the book of God. 
Q: How many times you examine the subject of Mohammed Abdel Salam Tatars? 
A: once or twice, almost three or four months or this year. 
Q: Did you advise you to read any particular book on what he did the Tatars? 
A: Yes. He read the book to a total of fatwas by Ibn Taymiyya. 
Q: What did he like Ibn Taymiyya in these Tatars? 
A: He said they even spoke of fighting Shahaadatayn 
Q: What did you read also in the theme of the jihad? 
A: I read on the fight against Abu Bakr for those who withheld zakat despite Ntefhm brief prayer and frequent night they even said that they were Rkptihm Karkaba camel's back. 
Q: What is the ruling legitimate extracted from the above? 
A: We Must Fight ruler who does not judge the book of God. 
Q: do you mean he is old blood in Islam. 
A: Yes .. Even muttered. The Musaylimah pray like a liar, who was praying and fasting, but flaunt about Islam by saying that he Messenger of Allah .. And the legitimate rule that all of the Itberg door-to-be to return it and God the Almighty says: "It does not judge by what Allah hath revealed, they do wrong" .. As He says, "and follow the religion other than Islam will not accept it." 
Q: What is the law of Eliassq to which I referred? 
A: is the law of the human condition, introduced by some law of God from different aspects. 
Q: What is the face of protest this law named Bagliasag? 
A: Positivism our laws are similar to this law, all of the human condition and we are trying to disable the Sharia, and we pretend Nguennha. 
Q: Why do you go to the Mosque of Omar bin Abdul Aziz, who talked about? 
A: mosques, many mosques, but a few brothers and I do not pray in mosques, but the brothers. 
Q: What do you mean mosques brothers? 
A: I mean the brothers who are committed to Islam wholeheartedly. 
Q: How do you know? 
A: firing beard and wearing a shirt and Simahm in their faces from the traces of prostration. 
Q: When and guided to the current beliefs? 
A: Since the year and a half. 
Q: Before that, 
A: I was young, normal 
Q: What are the circumstances that changed the route of intellectual? 
A: I listen to the brothers at a mosque in Nag Hammadi, and the Lord Almighty is pleased the way for me. 
Q: You suspect that you planned and orchestrated the assassination of the President and contributed to the implementation of your chart? .. 
A: I recognized everything .. and God willing, was not what he wants it does not. 
Q: What do you mean? 
C: deter any governor does not comply with the book of God? 
Q: And what you hope for the killing of the president? 
A: Each one comes with several deter takes through it. 
Q: Some of the scholars who Toukarham? 
C: Mr. Omar Tlemcani and Sheikh Hafiz Salama, who preaches at a mosque in the Abbasid and Crying Suez, which has been said it's crazy ... and grow old booth 
Q: Have you ever Atdawk management of military intelligence? 
A: Yes 
Q: When and why? 
A: It is almost a year. Astaiy The reason is the religious knowledge of my activities. 
Q: What did they say to you? 
A: alerted to stay away from certain mosques and on certain people and the dimension of commitment. 
Q: Who are the people who Nnbho you to stay away from them? 
A: Abdul Heaven, one of the Takfir wal Hijra. 
Q: What is the mosques that Amarok to stay away? 
A: mosques frequented by Abdullah Heavenly such as Ansar al-Islam mosque in Heliopolis. 
Q: What is forensic evidence that you agree on regarding as permissible by the blood of Islam? 
A: time imams of blasphemy 
Q: Did not search with it on previous occasions? 
A: Before we speak in the matter of the arbitration law of God on the earth. 
Q: in any way? 
A: .. fighting disbelief leaders and met with Mohammed Abdul Salam me on this style 
Q: He .. 
A: We were working up the provisions of the Tatars and the fighting in the doors .. And that of the term of years or seven a month. 
Q: Why is your face and Mohamed Abdel-Salam to read the history of the Tatars and the advisory opinion of Ibn Taymiyya in their subject very .. any other walk of Counsel. 
A: We were talking in the laws governing the country and we see what is similar to the present age is the age of the Tartars. 
Q: What is the advisory opinion of Ibn Taymiyya in them? 
A: I must fight them .. 
Q: It is in Egypt such as the Tatars? 
A: The rulers .. 
Q: any way .. 
A: The ruling by other than the Book of Allah. 
Q: Tatars had their massacres and atrocities such as the burning of cities and killing innocent women and children and dumping of Islamic references in the Tigris River until blackened from the river of ink, which codified these references do in our time of doing so? 
A: enough not to judge the book of God. 
Q: But the president may God have mercy on him is introduced to the Constitution for the first time in the history of the country, said the Islamic Aharigh is the main source of legislation and leave the NPC and the duty to implement this constitutional provision, how Ncbha Balttar So whether you or Mohamed Abdel-Salam, or Girkme? 
A: This appears to speak by the Muslim ruler he wants to apply Sharia law and laughs with the people. 

The subject of needles, which raised great controversy: 
Q: When is any way to disarm it Bulgk Apr automatic rifles? 
A: Over a leading Jeep vehicle to alert the camp all night to supply and leading us to implement the left said. 
Q: Did you make sure the leading left of implementation? 
A: I just asked and he said, and I gather the needles I have compiled 
Q: Did not then make sure this implementation? 
A: No 
Q: What was your position in the event of Ed to inspect the needles and ammunition as required to be in such a long period. 
A: I did not factor ordinal because I Talat three bids before this, but there was no checkpoint. 

The second point 
Then turn to the witnesses say the Islamic Group who were present for most of the details of the assassination: the political program of the island ring the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 2005 
Kamal Habib - one of the founders of Islamic Jihad: He cites the reasons that led to the assassination of Sadat  
- Reservation on the behavior of the basic Islamic Sadat regime that means standards of Islamic law .. Standards of Islam is not an Islamic one, but vice versa is a corrupt regime 
- Apostasy from the relative freedom that was given at the time of Sadat, who in the first period is the period of 1976 began the laws are the laws of who we are we call the laws of the notorious 
- The behavior of family Sadat, Sadat and Mrath and his family and host some means enrollment of Western values ​​affiliated with this corner too? As a mark of a provocation for some sectors of the Islamic 
Hamdi Abdel-Rahman - a member of the Shura Council of the Islamic group: It is that time, I mean, I was talking about that time meant was of course the prevailing talk that is not Bigm Sharia and therefore what I Bigm sharia de convicted of blasphemy and therefore must get out of this regime the infidel and must wear it, we we are, too? at this stage means we want the entire stock of an Islamic system of Islamic law prevents Bitbak every aspect of who is against religion, of course, that was Sadat Makansh Ehigdr mean he does or Makansh approved. 
Montaser Al-Zayat's lawyer JI: he met the Shah of Iran in Egypt and hosted by him and went out demonstrations in the Islamic groups in most of the universities by the leaders of Islamic groups, also the role that gives him Sadat Lady forbidden in the formulation of political life in Egypt, especially let me speak in particular to amend the Personal Status Law
Abul-Ela Madi - a former leader of the Islamic Community: The idea of ​​the enemy near or distant de idea was governor he had perceived any other issue outside de far enemy, we are the first to start to rid the country of the enemy near a ruling unjust or unfair or infidel, whatever the label, or employment and thus begin to think about other issues. 

The third point was there the fingers of external or internal, non-Islamic group 

Was there external and fingers behind the assassination ????? 
Hamdi Abdel-Rahman - a member of the Shura Council of the Islamic group: I am not present of course the subject of a thousand of J. .. I mean, I can assure that it does not Nobody plot without the help from any quarter, whether at home or abroad .. Nobody I mean, what the example of the complicity of the army or intelligence or limit in power because it Nobody collusion or even not from foreign agencies. 

The fourth point Career Field Marshal Abu Ghazala 
Dialogue with Field Marshal Abu Ghazala from the day of the assassination, Al-Ahram October 6, 1982 
Response to a question about the Field Marshal's intention killers kill the president only or all those in the platform 
Marshal said that he aiming for the President alone, cast him a hand grenade? Then they were not one bomb, and four bombs, but each one of the four participants in the process was a bomb by the tissue. If all the bombs exploded as it was destined for the stage blew all certainly 
Said Marshal complement the first bomb was delivered Khalid al-Khalid and his building his body and his muscles so strong that it rose up and blew up as it did not impact the high one, because when shrapnel fell from exploding into high and went to sit in the platform were the killer may have lost its impact ... The strength of Khalid fortunately is that rescued the podium by the explosion of his bomb inside it, unlike Khalid al-who was building his body strong Hussein Tayel, Hussein was his body weak and when he threw his bomb, they fell because of weakness in front of the platform and hit the Bhadzha and this barrier has saved those who were behind from the impact and bombs were the other two did not explode and two bomb hit the general Lt. Gen. Abdul Lord of the Prophet chief of staff was carried out 8 stitches to him in hand, and the effects of the still visible, and there was a bomb Mthbot the merits of the ruling by a military court finding them on the same chair he was sitting Marshal it, but fortunately was defusing the bomb kept separate to Because only half of which was delivered by the speed to the extent that it could not attract each wick. 

The fifth point is shot in the back of the President. 

According to the report of the forensic doctor, and transfiguring the President in the Museum of President Sadat, the BA there is not any talk or the effects of gunfire from the rear and the report published on the internet and many books and a suit and all the effects found by matching to the report of the forensic doctor has discouraged me to see the suit during the processing of the Museum of Sadat BA 
What about the sixth point Hosni Mubarak. 
Hosni Mubarak was seated next to Anwar Sadat, and therefore it was fair and was also killed, which guarantees that he would not hit by a bullet in his head, even dragged the bomb, which talked about the Field Marshal Abu Ghazala dies of everyone. 
I heard from former President Hosni Mubarak during a recent famous with the media Emad Eddin Adib, that one of his sons was present at the podium on the assassination have you searched and found indeed that Gamal Mubarak, was present for the military parade is attached pictures show his presence Is it logical to take Hosni Mubarak with the apples of their eyes During the assassination, was it not better to keep it at home for fear of being killed. 
What if I did not succeed the assassination, and Hosni Mubarak is planned, that the planning of the assassination shows dramatically that it naively designed very large and it can only succeed by 90% and even returned one of them said if the process again because certainly succeeded. 

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