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Tells the story of "Roots Roots" published in 1976 by the American writer Alex Haley - before they become serial famous bears its name - the story of slavery and servitude in the modern era, and talk about the barbarism of Europe, America, and Bashaathma in catching the Africans liberated and the trafficking of slaves in their markets to work on farms in human White animals.

Story review the scenes live the suffering of Africans good on the hands of the colonizer and the lackeys of colonialists from the raid thug white - with the help of the traitor Black - African villages tranquil, setting the fire and hunt the survivors and the victims being taken prisoner with all the cruelty and brutality to the ships to be transported like animals Ir Atlantic Ocean to the continent's old or new world.

Review the scenes story of the roots of the suffering of Africans live on the good hands of the colonizer and colonized as lackeys of the white thug raid African villages tranquil, and the hunt for survivors of the killings of animals are transported across the ocean to the old continent or the new world
In one of the scenes reflect the story of the suffering of the hero - The son of a tribal elder - Kunta Omar Conti in the basement of the ship sail into the ocean for months - die which percent Stone - until reaching the port of Annapolis in North America on 29 September 1767 "Awake Kunta to find himself sleeping on his back between two other men in the pit of darkness, it was all his body mass of pain and beatings he received over four days, heard the sound of muffled groans in all languages, and hearing checked if Besihp louder in Arabic, "God in heaven help me."

Although he can not sit on his knees do not even know where the direction of Qibla, it closed his eyes and lay down and prayed, asking God for forgiveness. The trip was difficult, he suffered the Detainees REGISTERED shackled by the pain of families, hunger and the stench of urine and Kieihm and feces, and body lice bites ... Each ring was filled with lice and fleas and rats, which were large-sized bite wounds festering.

It had never imagined Kunta County in that position that terrible day the victor on his executioners - even after leaving this world - it was closer than he had imagined ... While declaring Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation in 1862, culminating in the struggle of Malcolm X and achieved the dream of Martin Luther King, the adoption of the law of civil rights for blacks in 1957, and elect Barack Obama the first black U.S. president enters the White House in 2009, and break restrictions Liberal in the cellars of the State Security in North Africa in 2011.

Did not prevent the distance of the 250-year interval between the basement of the ship and the basement of the State Security to be the basement is a basement and humiliation is humiliation, and torture - and boost later by Alttoralalmi techniques electrocution - Left is torture, all while remaining the certainty and faith inherent in the hearts of the free and the oppressed answer their prayer, and the enforcement of their revolution - even after a while - is unchanged.

Injustice of human rights in his brother every time you do not prevent the outbreak of the Nile water never breath free from the bottom of these deep roots of African land converted rumbling good elixir of liberation and revolution.

And when he reaches the point where the Nile then break the tyranny of faith magicians of Pharaoh, the great river branches compelling Pharaohs - and marched on trained from young Almtafrnin - east and west, after Tkzbt bursts of freedom inherent in the depths of Egypt's favorite flavor.

To the east marched Salahuddin eye on Jerusalem, but after the completion of major task in the Levant, where it is stated Historians had a total of states of the Levant at that time the number of members of the League of Arab States today, and how was the brother Istnasr Crusaders to his brother, as is the case today! With the end of the task was more like a collection of open Conclave holds.

The historians that the first thing to do leader after his prostration are proud to editors and opening and grateful is the appeal that "to the owner of Zaytuna, the time to fulfill the promise!". The Zaytuna and the one who has joined the army of Tunisia ... As for their story - and was the reason to accept the commander of a young boy his army - was the commandment of the grandson of the grandfather on his deathbed to instill those Zaytuna in the courtyard of the maximum as soon as the salvation of the Crusaders.

And then marched to the Middle Saifuddin Qtz editor Jerusalem for the second time and by the Mongols at this time.

Prior to the sacred ritual towards the glorious victory of the Ramadan War, to stop the late Lt. Gen. Saad El Shazly, on the bank of the Nile in southern Egypt during the middle of his army training "refers to treatment of the Bar Lev Line ?"... The defensive line hippocampus along the Suez Canal Castle legendary underground supported by bridging the sandy high sticks to the advance of an army, a difficult one to bombs, artillery and air, and were less bill to break into the loss of the striking force of the army due to the loss of the element of surprise and exposure under fire, earth and air together.

Magic solution to "hit the water with dust settles everything" in the words of the simplest soldier in the army, to become water pumps huge on the Eastern Front in the Suez Canal after key victory Dick dam sandy terrible - and with him a legend invincible army - in moments.

Who knows, perhaps the very Shazli found that the soldier present at the surprises of the Popular Resistance Army Crusader coming from eight European countries to the Western Front in Mansoura in 1248 in a manner not without humor, the Egyptian, as the people of the city in the Nile and the fruits of melon cava helmets over their heads Menkdin on invaders cheated the fruits of paradise, and investigators victory cute and escorted to King Louis IX of France captive into the house I'm the judge Lukman.

Download the Jund al-Aas Ibn revolution of civilization to the people of Tunisia, who in turn passed it in the west was the culmination of the people of the Maghreb and the Levant, "Andalusia" Over the eight centuries - perhaps - the greatest civilization in history, and her womb and was born Renaissance Bank, which we see today
Download the centuries and accepted by the Jund al-Aas Ibn revolution of civilization to the people of Tunisia, who in turn passed it in the west was the culmination of the people of the Maghreb and the Levant, "Andalusia" Over the eight centuries - perhaps - the greatest civilization in history, and her womb and was born Renaissance Bank, which we see today.

It is true that flooding of the Nile - with the advent of lean years of drought, and until recently - is missing, it is true that if the people of the Nile and Gaza - in the meantime - has become not Balambark is not good.

It is true that the shift towards the East in the long years of drought that exceeded the non-siege brothers ... Egal in their blood ... And even supplementing the military machine of the enemy free energy to kill them, there is no difference between a brother and a brother, including ... Avi Palestine were among the tributaries or hum.

It is true that the processions of Knights of Freedom in the west turned to the same old slave ships with the diversity of the load in the era of globalization. Not only the goods on the black African rights in the Arab cheap black gold, but there were many colors and faces, although united language, Valmcefdon shackled close contact of each color, sex and nature.

After the Annapolis ship time Kunta Conti is the destination, Guantanamo has become - by air and by sea - after completion of the investigation in the cellars, and cronies of Solomon ibn Ali is a paradise. Even if a long investigation, Ezzat Nkhasp days, the goods will not dry Vsven simply ... To the peoples of the West looted money, promised to return the wealth of ... Shipments of wheat brokerage fee, and techniques for the suppression of perfume with the cemetery.

But despite all of the above, it remains the Nile is the Nile ... Okay, after the flooding subsides ... The people he is with people ... Istekin times then not only that soon erupts and rise up!

When moving a generation my baby Minor in the spring the third stage of chanting with the crowd on screens Jazeera that "people wanted to overthrow the regime", to the stage of the school with the story of the caliph Omar - Muscat inheritance - an order the young Coptic - who endured the trip to the city to view the dark - to follow to Egypt and his son in retribution, "it hit him but his father beat you with authority" before the shake-Khalid Omar for all mankind the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, "When did you enslave people were born free."

The train liberation - with the option of revolution where slammed the door of freedom - has already exceeded all other states bananas, cucumbers and melons across the fields of depleted uranium in Arabistan and Varistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and beyond, and along the Silk Road in the east, with the scene in the west with the stages of transition or construction after the revolution is no different.

The maps of countries and limitations of the next generation may not like the maps that we know it today, and who knows things may vary between units is decentralized - the pattern of the European Union - and the former states of the fusion was united Kingdom and the Republic of confusion at the children Clp Tess in the State of the Union of Kish.

Certainly When the moment of truth that will not have mercy on the children of parents Inkarip questions - does not end - on a par with:

• your rights and your humanity ... How was your generation and its predecessor accept with so much humiliation and degradation and the lack of sensitivity and lack of dignity, without a word Nbs? How do you Tstkinnon under the regulations - and practices - fueling sectarianism and fragmentation of national unity to get maximum exposure to the slaves and the role of worship?

• Mekdsatkm your land and ... How you can reach that level of alienation of land and the people of Palestine - and Iraq and others - over the generations, without doing what is expected of the resistance? And even worse, the Declaration of your enemy - from your capitals - war on its people and Mquaomiha, and siege - with regret - with your support!

• your progress and your civilization ... After that, countries like Japan and Korea sent delegations until the fifties to learn from Nhitkm, how Anhdrtm Ptlkm speed to become - over half a generation - and another behind the title of underdevelopment in everything?

There is no doubt that this generation's demands - as well as the recognition of a lot of errors - to provide a lot of answers, without simplifying the subject on the pretext of "black page in the history of every nation such as the killing of Cain and Abel are from the womb of one."

Required to discuss all what happened and is happening in the ways of social change, and the role that can be played by the components of civil society and members of the elites in bringing about real change
What is required is to discuss what happened and is happening in the ways of social change, and the role that can be played by the components of civil society and members of the elites in bringing about such change, supported by examples in order to become clear and understood by children in different age stages.

And on the basis that the minutes required for heating water - which signals non-recession of the bubbles small - is a precondition for seconds the critical duration of revolution water with bubbles to burst the big moment of boiling, you can stop at some important milestones associated with the industry event that may be most important during the year 2011:

- Even at the time of the fall and an atmosphere of repression and scaling ... Were not many in the community of the living forces of youth and reformers, and the makers of life, intellectuals, writers and role models and inspirational, and owners of projects and programs alive and creative?

- With the closure of the doors in the face of the other components of society, and in light of the retreat freedoms and the decline of the official religious establishment and bias to the row of tyranny, and despite all the fatwas of scholars and priests of the Sultan, not older believers - instinctively that nothing and no mode, no system can stand between man and God - in the path of change and revolution hand in hand, although the price is expected?

- Although the social reality in our country has not been completed fully Browning's popular revolution organization is immune to theft, not an escalation of the conflict of wills between the people on the one hand and the system - and back - on the other hand, community with an opportunity to gain a lot on both personal development and refinement of the will, so that they University of the revolution itself, which has distinguished its members morally and politically, organizationally and democratically?

- Is not it ironic that the world as long as duped and deceived by the theory of the legality of despotic regimes on the necks of the people described as "dangerous to the extreme of civilization and democracy", which is the same as shaking the world and promoted awareness and bring a peaceful and telecom revolution? Is not the world that forgets that Muhammad peace be upon him did not focus after the conquest of Mecca gallows or guillotine, but pardoned and Merhamet, is the same world that has begun to discover that the revolution we have the draft HH civilized adult is not based on blood or hatred or revenge or Inquisition? And that the heroes of the revolution and civilization true after the Prophets and the Apostles - in the know peace or war - they both went trained and guided Bhdehm such as age, Coptic, Pharaoh's magicians and Kunta Conti, Salah al-Din and El Shazly, and his Zaytuna and the soldier, and youth revolution anonymous and blogger and media?

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