Did you ever think in if you have any skills, innovative or not? Do you think one day that you take any initiative Something in your life? If you encounter a problem trying to find a solution or more than you lose control and you feel lost?! If I wanted to know whether you're an innovative person or facing a problem in the renewal and innovation .. Answer the following questions: To calculate your score: - Give yourself one degree when you choose to answer (a), and two degrees when you choose to answer (b), and three grades of Your choice of answer (c). 1 - Do you interact positively with what is happening around you changes?! A - No B - sometimes C - Yes 2 - Could you describe yourself bee permanent mobility, research and movement?! A - No B - sometimes C - Yes 3 - Do you like reading and found too much?! A - No B - sometimes C - Yes 4 - Do you get the intellectual inertia when faced with a crisis or a problem and can not act?! A - Yes B - sometimes C - do not 5 - Do you have non-traditional uses for the things around you?! A - No B - sometimes C - Yes 6 - Do you hate to walk behind the others and imitating them and transport them?! A - No B - sometimes C - Yes 7 - Are calls you from around the flexibility and openness?! A - No B - sometimes C - Yes 8 - Do you think in the renewal of yourself down?! A - No B - sometimes C - Yes 9 - Do you always around you and calls you from the obedience and commitment to what is customary and familiar?! A - Yes B - sometimes C - do not 10 - Do you agree with this statement: the love of adventure and bring the experience more problems than benefits?! A - Yes B - sometimes C - do not Analysis: If you get a score of between 10 to 15: You people do not have the ability innovative at all, nor even seek for innovation; you feel happy because you are in, And feel that just thinking in innovation effort is a plus for your energy, and it will bring you problems that are not before you get out, as You may like to commit to the development by not trying to renewals, you're a negative person; so try to develop from Yourself to interact positively with all the surrounding circumstances and persons. If you get a total score, ranging from 16 to 22: You are the beginnings of innovation, trying to give and devise to the extent available and the circumstances surrounding, and often this Thabtk Circumstances, and make you kneel again to lie quiet in the corner of your life; to our advice that you should not make any of the factors Foreign affect you, and more broadly for further innovation. If you get a total score, ranging from 23 to 30: You are innovative and personal brilliance to the fullest degree, always seeking for the development and renewal in every detail of your life, your hobby Favorites is out for all the rules and the guidelines set by the thread of many, leading you to be proud of what made your hands.



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