Failure is not an option

... Failure is not an option ...

We often hear words such as failed to achieve as well or have failed in the examinations or failed in a subject .... Such statements indicate that the inability to achieve the objective to be
And forget here that the target of my time and lasts
In other words, that he pass the exam or test that is dependent on time and therefore if the man failed for any reason whatsoever in passing does not mean that this exam has expired or tests no longer exist ... .. it fails once can make a thousand times
Failure is not an option on the table of negotiations, understanding of successful planning for success only, and even planning for success have access to the greatest extent of it and not just access to him
As always said "Success is not difficult, but is difficult to maintain it"
Many people can pass tests and exams, and several positions in life, however, not find them in the first row and so because they Ictvouk the minimum level of success and think they are, arriving for the end of the day, although they in fact only Bdwah
     Success in life is just like a train Nstqlh with the beginnings of our lives or fall when it comes to the pot and we meet on the way from birth to death of several plants, some difficult and some easy ... some bitter and some sweet, but the train must continue to walk in traffic
     Life is beautiful fast express Kkqtar by the trajectory of our lives, but one of us who lose the ability to control the dropper and some of us have total control over it till the end
     Successful only trains are leading their lives and believe that failure is poor, which will only Baltstih on the roof of the train, claiming that poverty and lack of resources and that the only role in life to be a mere spectator may be killed in a dangerous curve to train successful??

None claims to failure ... ... ... ..
Is a very important rule must be known to all thing in created by Faith
If we put in our belief that we are going to work or for testing, and we may fail in our mission or have we achieve I do not think we can surpass that which we have accepted from the outset that the failure to solve a place in our lives
But if we took all of our issues as a success is the only acceptable solution I think that chances of failure here would be minimal and even if it happened, we know full well that life is not over yet and we can re-experience many times and then would be contrary to the success of the flavor of achievement ....
Much exists and the will of God exists but why should we put in our minds that God Almighty has created us so that we fail in life, or even feel bitter??
     The possibility of God Almighty to create us all successful and happy and in perfect health and well-being and Mnamin can also create us angels without sins or defects
But he Almighty Rahman and Rahim has created Baiobina The Advantages and we created and characterized us blessings mind if we left the rights to his nature Paternoster going to have him come alone to the existence of God and the presence of the Lord of this universe ... but he us of weakness we find ourselves forget this sometimes, and blame everything but ourselves
     Did not create us God for agonizing or Iviguena colors of cruelty and torment the Almighty is the biggest and the best of this Earning .... But he created us and enabled us to this world, but it may come some of the character and they attach and Isthon harm others or even Ierkoln march successful .. Here is a must overcome these and move away from them as much as possible only because we know that God Almighty also given to the honey bee, wherein is healing for people in making poison Abernha
   If empty life problems what life was and that was the best Nrtmi all in heaven and what I need God to create us with reason ... but to make our minds to distinguish bad from the good and guided by our hearts and our spirit for good and we approach it and move away from the malignant
    That the failure station may we all face in our lives be welcome it is just a small station, we can no matter what hardship we go With ... .. either moving train stations in his life of failure and move no one to blame but himself for certain that his train is going wrong in the way he does not know
And it only changed the path of the train even guided the right way ... ...
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