Hisham Aljk

Swim in your name God

Except you and I fear not

I know I am me deal Solqah .. Solqah

I learned that in junior honorary Arobty

And forelock and address

We were in our schools, we repeat some of the Composer

We sing our example

Arab countries Ootany - my brothers and all the Arabs

We draw a tight Arab Bahamth

Has issued block the wind howl as

Mhaba in his mantle

We were pure children

We move our feelings

Nsarh and in the tales told by Btoulatna

And our country extends from the maximum to the maximum

Our wars, and that was for the Al-Aqsa Mosque

And the enemy of Zion

Satan has a tail

And the armies of our nation

It did as the Torrent

Sobhr when the largest

Bahrain is a beach and in Libya

Agni and the dates of Baghdad in Syria

And pass from Mauritania to Sudan

I travel through Mogadishu to Lebanon

I notice I hide in my heart and emotional

Arab countries Aotany my brothers and all the Arabs

As I grew older

I did not get a visa to the sea

Did not set sail

, And he stopped passport is stamped on the net

Did not express

As I grew older

Did not set sail did not express

I grew up

And this child did not grow up

Tqatlna childhood

Our principles and ideas learned on yours regardless of the rulers of our nation

Childhood torment

Principles and ideas learned on yours regardless of the rulers of our nation

Do you not to grow up in your schools

Learned Mnahjkm

Learned to yours that fox will eat sheep McCartney expected to sleep fools if they celebrated what

Six learned that the lute is being protected while unique Bhzmth Poor

Why the band foolish our control

Do you not have learned of yours to the Rope of Allah and the Unite

Why Thajabun sun flags

Arab Identity and Dechlm you share with you as we are cattle

The child will remain in my chest Iedikm

Divide us yours to decide upon all hands

I am not ashamed Arab

Green was born in Tunisia of Omani origin

And I am more than a "thousand Lamy Matzl pregnant

I am Arab in Baghdad sifting Li

In Sudan abnormalities

Old Egypt, Mauritania, Djibouti, Omani

Christian, Sunni, Shiite and Kurd, and Druze and Alawi

I do not save the names and leave the referees as

_itna On yours

All the people pigment

We are tired of all the people _itna pigment

Mlitm thought lie and Otezira and prolific

Otjmena God's hands and lead us away by FIFA

Deliberately forsaken our religion

So we came back Aws and Khazraj

Noli us our ignorance

And wait Ghaba troubleshooting

Whatever the rulers of our nation remains a child in my bosom Iedikm


And declare our united Arab

Sudan is not divided

Not occupied Golan

Nor Lebanon Refracted Dway wound solo

Will bring together the Wlwat Khalgina Arab cultivators in the Sudan

Vinept love in the Arab Maghreb wheat

Zeta Iasron people in Palestine, proud

Drinking of parents in Somalia never

Will come out of Abaitkm sponsored by God

To the public burning

Is the audience you do not

The rulers do not you

Atsamany Juhafalakm

Atsamany strongholds in your government offices

Rulers is neither you nor I'm afraid you one

Islam is not for you, keep your your business

And not become an apostate

And feared the people that this porter

And the camel that Srmt

You will not find it to us you will not find a boy

I'm staying and will remain illegal in El Hawa

Injustice to drink into containers

Calls for drink into ignorance

Fed up with watering and sommelier


We will stay despite trial!

This is the people connected

Hbailkm and weakened

Vhabl God barged

Scbr leaving the child

My colors and brush

It remains paints Arab

A tight Bahamth

It remains sound forearm

Arab countries Aotany

My brothers and all the Arabs

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