Sheikh Dr. Wadih Ahmad from the church to the mosque


 By Dr. Wadih Ahmad (formerly Deacon)
* In the name of God the Merciful .. Thank God for the blessing of Islam is not a great blessing far greater blessing
 Because it is no longer on the ground of the worship God alone, but the Muslims.
Q: I've been through a long trip almost 40 years that God guided me and I will describe to you the stages
 This journey of my life stage by stage: -
Childhood: - (planting fruits black)
* My father was a preacher in Alexandria in the Society of Friends of the Bible and the profession
 Ushering in the surrounding villages and poor areas to try to attract poor Muslims
* He insisted he refused to join the Deacons since I was six years and enrolled in
 Sunday school lessons and there are planting the seeds of hatred in the minds of black
Children, including: -
1 - Muslims, Christians of Egypt raped and tortured Christians.
2 - the most Muslim of disbelief, Buddhist and Abed cow.
3 - the Koran is not a book of God, but invented by Muhammad.
4 - Muslims are persecuting Christians in order to leave Egypt and emigrate ... .. And other
 From seeds sown hatred against black Muslims in the hearts of children.
* In this period my father was embarrassing to talk to us a secret from the deviation of Churches and Christian
 That deny the real pictures and statues and prostrate to the Patriarch and the recognition of the priests.
  Young adulthood (maturity of the fruits of hatred Black)
Became a professor at the Sunday school and a teacher of the deacons, and I was 18 years old and was
Ali to come to church and preaching lessons periodic visit to the monasteries (especially in summer)
 Where specialists are called in to attack Islam and the vitriol of the Koran and Mohammed
 (Peace be upon him).
* What is said in these meetings:
1 - the Koran is full of contradictions (and then mention the half verse) like (come not near unto prayer ...)
2 - Koran is full of words of sexual and interpret the word (marriage) as adultery or sodomy.
3 - They say that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has taken the teachings of Christianity
 (Lake) monk Horha and then invented the religion of Islam, then kill lake so as not to exposure as
 Command ... ... .. It is this mockery of the Holy Quran and Muhammad (peace be upon him)
 Lots and lots ...
Puzzling questions:
Young people in this period and I ask them questions that were priests Thirna:
Christian man asks:
Q: What do you think of Muhammad (peace be upon him)?
Presbyter answer it: is man a genius, Zaki.
Q: There are a lot of geniuses (such as Plato, Socrates, Hammurabi ... ..), but did not find them
 Followers and the religion spread so quickly to this day? Why?
A: I confused the priest, in answer
Another young man asks:
Q: What do you think of the Koran?
A: The book contains stories of the prophets and exhorts the people on the virtues, but it is full of
Q: Why are you afraid to read it and disbelieve of touch or read?
A: I insist that the priest read from the infidel without explaining why!!
Asks another:
Q: If Muhammad (peace be upon him) a liar, why God let him publish his call
23 years old? But still his religion spread to far? With it is written in the Book of Moses
 (Book of Jeremiah) God promised the annihilation of all human claims to prophethood is and his family during the year?
A: The answer priest (perhaps God wants Christians to test it).
Unisex positions:
1 - issued in 1971 Patriarch (Shenouda) decision to deny Alrhb Raphael
 (Monk Mina Monastery) of the prayer he did not mention his name in prayer has tried to persuade him to
 Monk (Samuaiil) prayer, he prayed to God and not to the Patriarch, but he was afraid to deprive
 Patriarch of paradise too!!
And ask the monk Samuaiil Do you dare to deny Al-Azhar Sheikh Muslim prayers? Impossible
 2 - what puzzles me most is the knowledge stamped every Christian denomination to the other I asked Father
 (Mitas Raphael) father confirmed this confession and that this atonement in force in the earth and the sky.
I asked him wondering: what this means we are infidels to atone for the Pope of Rome to us?
Replied: "Unfortunately yes
I asked him: and the rest of the communities of Kfar Patriarch of Alexandria due to atone for them?
Replied: "Unfortunately yes
I asked him: What is our position if the Day of Resurrection?
Answered: God have mercy on us!!!
Beginning of a trend towards Islam
* When I entered the church and found a picture of Christ and the statue above the structure I asked myself
 How can this be weak, which humiliated and mocked him, tortured Lord and God??
* Supposed to worship the Lord of this poor fugitive from the oppression of the Jews. I wondered when
I learned that the Torah may the curse of the cross and crucified him and he is unclean and defiles the land
 Which hardens it!! (Deuteronomy 21:22 - 23).
* In 1981: I was much controversy with being a Muslim (Ahmed Mohammed Hijazi Demerdash) and one day spoke to me for justice in Islam (in inheritance, divorce, retribution ... ...) and then asked me if I
 You have like that? I answered no .. No
* And I began to ask myself how come one man in all this legislation the Court and the full
 Worship and transactions without differences? And how it failed to billions of Jews and Christians
 To prove that an inventor?
* From 1982 till 1990: I was a doctor in a hospital (issued Komelshkafah)
 Dr. Mohammed Al-Shatby lasting talk with colleagues about conversations Mohammed
 (Peace be upon him) and I was in the beginning, I feel the fire of jealousy, but after
 The time I liked to hear these conversations (many speak a few words and meanings beautiful context)
 And I felt then that this man is a great prophet
 Is my father was a Muslim
* Of the hidden factors that affected the Hedayati is a shock that I discovered
 My father and in which:
1 - abandoned churches, preaching and missionary societies altogether.
2 - had been refusing to kiss the hands of priests (and this is great when Christians)
3 - did not believe in the flesh and blood (bread and wine) does not believe in any god to embody.
4 - instead of coming on Friday morning to pray and then sleep became a bath and go down at noon?!
5 - impersonating excuses to get off the afternoon and return late at dinner time.
6 - now refuses to go to the barber girls.
7 - became the new words say it (I seek refuge with Allah from Satan) (No power and no strength except in Allah) ...
8 - After the death of my father 1988 and found the Gospel its own small pieces of paper
 Shows the errors found and corrected Gospels.
9 - and found on the Gospel of serious (and my father's father) the edition of 1930 and a full explanation for
 Changes that urge Christians to convert it from a word (Teacher) and (Sir) to
 (O Lord)! Iwamwa to continental to worship Christ was since his birth.
The road to the mosque
* Near my office and there is a mosque (Islam Huda) approached him and took a look inside
 I found it does not look like the church at all (no seats - no graphics - not a huge chandeliers -
 Carpets are not a luxury - no tools and the rhythm of music - no vocals no applause), and found that the worship
 In these mosques are bowing and prostrating to Allah only, there is no difference between rich and poor stand all
 In orderly lines and compared between that and the opposite happens in the churches was the comparison
 Always in favor of the mosques.
Rehab in the Quran
* And you want to read the Koran and I bought a copy of the Koran and I remembered that my friend said that Demerdash
Quran (do not touch except the purified) and washed, I did not find non-cold water, then it read
 The Koran and I was afraid that I find the differences (after lost my confidence in the Torah and the Gospel)
 And read the Koran in as many days, but I did not find what they teach us in the Church of the Qur'an.
* This is even odder that speak to Muhammad peace be upon him tells him that he would die?!!
Who dares to speak so only God??!! And I asked God to guide me and guides me.
One day, overcome by sleep next to me and placed the Koran near dawn, I saw a light in the wall
 Room and the back of a man and his face lit approached me and pointed to the Koran and extended my hand
 To greet him but he disappeared and took place in my heart that this man is the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon
 And peace that the Koran refers to is the path of light and guidance.
Finally - converted to Islam and my face to God
* I asked one of the lawyers that I showed it to the Directorate of Security - Department of Religious Affairs
 - Did not sleep that night and I had the devil too much (how to leave the religion of your fathers that easy)?
* And came out at six in the morning and entered the Church (George, Anthony)
The prayer list, and the hall filled with pictures and statues of Jesus and Mary
 And the disciples and others to the previous patriarch (Cyril) Vklmthm:
(If you are on the right and you do miracles as they did they teach us anything ...
 Any sign or signal to know I was walking in the wrong way) and of course no answer.
* I cried a lot and Ali Omar lost big in the worship of the images and statues. And after crying
I felt pure from paganism and I'm walking in the right way through the worship
 God really is.
* I went to the Directorate and a long and arduous journey began with a routine with the suffering with
 Bureaucracy and assumptions of people and after ten months of the declaration of an Islamic month
 Real Estate in August 1992.
O Allah, cause me to live on Islam and the faith Tuffine
Oh God, save my offspring after me submissive, Abdeen, fear sin and obedience Itqrbun
And a prayer to thank Allah, Lord of the Worlds
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