Detection poetry anthology Rebel Guevara

Has been detected recently for the contents of the booklet is folded green parties which were carried by the Argentine revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara, was assassinated while the CIA in a remote village in Bolivia forty years ago.
Does not include the contents of the brochure Guevara, the writings of political or military plans this time, but a group of poems that were favored, by his own hand.
Guevara was - as was the newspaper "Literary News" weekly - had been chosen this month by a vote as the greatest political figure and historical Argentine before the fortieth anniversary of his death, which falls on the ninth of October, in time, which has launched a publishing house in Mexico book contains Mokhtarath poetry.
Says Mexican writer who wrote a biography of the activist Argentine Paco Ignacio, who also wrote the introduction to Selected: Upon the occurrence of Che Guevara in families, inspected the army bag found on Krastin: The first contains the blades connect to the Cuban capital Havana and the other was a booklet with cover green.
According to what he said fellow struggler, the Guevara had bought the cheap notebook while in Tanzania in 1963, and was reckoned a tree most often for rest and write in it. The Planeta publishing house refused to say how to access the booklet, but said that it took two years to investigate the authenticity of the booklet before the publication of their contents.
As Ignacio says the brochure includes a selection in a very intimate poems laden with political
And poems that deal with emotions and feelings. It adds other dimensions to the myth of Guevara.
Of between nine and sixty-poem, a number of poems in these anthologies, there are poems of Chilean poet Neruda, one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century Spanish, Cuban and Nicholas Khuylin and Peronist Cesar Vaikho, which is one of the greatest poets creators last century.
Alqdhaid of the most famous Arabic spoken in Guevara's seen of a poem by poet Ahmed Fouad Negm, including:
Matt Guevara
Matt Guevara
Latest news in radios
In Alknaess
And mosques
In the Apostle
And streets
P p bars, cafes
Matt Guevara
Atmd rope and chat
And comments
Matt fighter example
Yamit loss for men
Jada died over the faces of his cannon forest
Body struggle Bmsrah
The Skat
No drummers Evrqawa
No ads
What do you think as long as Azkm
O Grghanin in food
And clothing
O Davianin
And fond of radiators
O O Mahvltin Mlmain
O Ptua struggle last time
The buoys
What do you think as long as Azkm
Matt Guevara

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