Confrontation with the ghost on the road to travel

Confrontation with the ghost on the road to travel

Experiences and realistic: the confrontation with the ghost on the road to travel
In early September of 1988, after the end of the leave period you spend in a national Iraq had to return to the United Arab Emirates I begin my work there, as usual, Vhzmt my baggage and got my car and started on a journey that begins from Baghdad and ends in Abu Dhabi, I used to always travel by car, where to take trip me how much of the night and Naharin Mara checkpoints at border crossings between the territories of UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and given the limited time left Baghdad continued Seri day and night without give myself a break, and when I arrived to the area of ​​"black Nthel" at the borders of the UAE with Qatar and stood for the rest for a period of one hour before the Seri completed towards the "goods", which lies a distance of 110 miles, the semi-mountainous region separating both from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and some of its land overlooking the Persian Gulf which is completely free of people or other life.

He was sitting beside me!
Decided to continue walking despite feeling a bit tired, knocking the 20 miles the first where I come across some of the passing cars, which encouraged me to follow-up but was soon disappointed when I got to the middle of the distance from the area of ​​goods specifically at 55 miles because I did not suggested any car on the road rude not round do not trip, I was driving alone and quietly, while the silence hangs over the place and time, which began in the fog surrounding the road receded vision adopted the only lights on the car Scouting amid darkness across the entire region. In such atmospheres, and during the leaderships of the car I felt that the body long entered the car as I heard the voice of the exit of air from the seat next to which I hear often when sitting one upon him, was that thing man playing Moaha whiteness, and then turned quickly to the side to see that thing come from the same place, which entered it without that I could see his face, proceeded after that to close the remaining windows, but after a while came back again and the same method, and a sense that Khagani the first time without that prevents the windows closed, I realized that there is a ghost what strange thing he did I feel any fear of what event as you see him corner of my eye and I see the structure of human overprinted in white from head to bottom, and when I tried to look at him stealthily and inadvertently (I turned my head more than half of circularity) went out the window faster than you expect, and when it came out I began to read verses from the Quran and Ataoz from the accursed Satan and I ask myself: Am I under the illusion that I see or is it a reality before my eyes, I got out a piece of plastic "written on it any chair and put it in front of me and I had a dagger seems shape it for decoration, but I actually use it for emergencies in case Sadviny any harm, he drove out dagger from its sheath and put it in front of me, did not spend minutes until he returned to me ghost for the third time in the same way and a sense of the first, and after sitting moments of upset me piece of plastic in which the verse of the Holy and the filling of the radio and stopped the run for more than once, then take the fall leaves and a pack of cigarettes and lighter, and others, extended the hands of left to the dagger and placed in front of me and I told him confidently: "Hear me, O God's creation I know, for sure if I hit you or hurt you or kill you Samut Game directly and this is what was narrated to me my family of many stories about like you, I know, O creature that I am only my family and my family and I work in foreign land to DEPENDENTS, so Rjotk the name of God Almighty and beloved Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets and the right of Ali Bin Abi Talib and his descendants the righteous to leave me and go out or help me to reach the goods to the security and safety and Praise God the best of rewards ", and what I finished my words even got up and went out, and here took in view of the long, where they exited my car from the path paved road but I was able to avoid that and promised to drive to the track without any harm and came out in front of me and I Onzeralih it emerges as a bloc white ghost loose without any features, and until this day I do not know how I got to the area of ​​goods Puffy within very short time as the minutes did not go until she saw the lights the region close to me.

Similar incidents
The time roughly corresponds to the third and a half after the middle of the night when she arrived at the border and stood in front of net output of customs and I am bringing leaves car and passport, and then knocked the net small Votal him two young men and after that Astelma my papers, asked me one of them is stamped papers: "Since when I left Iraq? "I said to him:" Today has gone the distance without a stop order to be able to register direct by the end of working hours for this day, "he said to me:" It is obvious you have fatigue and fatigue Your face is yellowish from insomnia, "I said to him:" I do not think that insomnia is the cause but because of what I saw on the way .. ", before completing my words he said to me the other person is stunned:" Just to be Talaalk reap the road, "and here I realized I was accompanied by the ghost or Jane real and I did not Otohmh due to fatigue as I imagined, at that moment I fainted on the immediately after Aaatarani fear and dread fell to the ground motionless, and may God give them A good those young people, convective into their room and awakened the Indian owner of the kiosk in order to bring me two cups of lemon and then had these young people the process of massage all joints of my body and after taking a break about two hours I told them details of what happened Vgoa me about the previous incidents, one dealing with a young Jordanian-hui in his car in the valley at the beginning of summer vacation and died, and another incident revolves around the driver Syrian Arab Republic to leave his truck, led by the middle of the street provided a rush of fear to be picked up by a car coming, I said to them: " not for your words, this would have remained in doubt about my situation, "and since that experience the terrible pass by no longer I travel by land in the same way, and I also heard that the area was deserted for hundreds of years that the Sheikh Zayed may God have mercy on him Ptobeidha to facilitate command travelers have encountered a company that carried out the This way a lot of incidents that I heard after my experience and not before, knowing that I belong to a religious family originally studied material, child psychologists and criminal psychology for 3 years, ie, I am familiar with some information and psychological makeup, but so far gives me the chills whenever said what happened to me.

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