Canada's name derives from the language Aloorouguip for Aboriginal and meaning of the village or community
It is the second largest country in the world in terms of area 9,970,610 square kilometers, and comes after the Russian Federation.
Toronto Toronto
Canada's largest cities in terms of area, population and trade, located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario famous. And a population of about three million, and the official language is English. Located in the south-east of the city, Canada's National Tower, which is considered a landmark of the signs of the city and also is one of the tallest towers in the world.
Is entitled
301 Front Street West
And vary the temperature in Toronto between the seasons of the year, so it's hot and humid in summer and cold in winter and maximum temperatures vary in summer from 20 to 35 percentage Drjo In winter, temperatures up to about 30 degrees Celsius below zero.
Toronto is one of the most Canadian cities in terms of trade, industry and communications. It should be noted that the majority of manufactured goods produced in Canada in or around Toronto.
Characterized by the diversity of Toronto segment of the population as there are many races and communities such as the Chinese community and some statistics indicate that there are more than 80 languages ​​spoken at Toronto, and a third of the city's residents speak other than English at home.
The city is characterized by the presence of a large number of mosques and Islamic centers, as well as the presence of a large number of Muslims.
For example, the Islamic Foundation Mosque

And address of the 441 Nugget Avenue,
Scarborough, Ontario, MIS 5E1
Tel: 416-321-0909
Also a mosque Toronto

And address of the 168 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON M5G 1C6 Canada
Tel416) - 596-0507
The University of Toronto and Toronto ancient older than 170 years
Places to visit in the city
Wonder Land (wonder land)
City Games, situated in the city Woodbridge (woodbridge) - about half an hour or less drive from Toronto.
Map access to the Wonder Land
Paramount Canada's Wonderland is located just minutes north of Toronto off Highway 400, just 10 minutes north of Highway 401. Exit Rutherford Rd. if heading north or south on Highway 400
Its Web site and the opening dates and tickets

Toronto Islands Toronto Island

- Ontario Place (ontario place) located in Toronto and the amusement of children, but not the size of Wonder Land
Zoo toronto zoo
361A Old Finch Avenue
Scarborough, Ontario
M1B 5K7
Phone: 416-392-5900

royal ontario museum

Toronto Eaton Centre iTunes Center
Of the largest parks in central Toronto market
Ayon Station Union Station
Information and important places in the city of Toronto
I'm the most important restaurants
Lebanese restaurant named
located at 2034 lawrence ave. E corner of warden
This number Tlfonh Igo and Arabic ..
-------------------------------------------------- -------
Restaurant Bbai
This fast-food and largely resembles Kentucky, but of course a cleaner, more important than this, that old ..
273 Yonge Street (Yonge & Dundas), Toronto, ON
Tel: (905) 863-1702
-------------------------------------------------- ------
In Missaga, address and telephone number
3095 Hurontario St., Unit 13, Mississauga, ON
Tel: (905) 275-4700
Pita Paradise Paradise
Still it in Missaga very close to the Aladdin
25 Dundas Street, W., Mississauga, ON
Tel: 905-848-2615
-------------------------------------------------- -
Iranian restaurant in Missaga
-------------------------------------------------- -----
Restaurant somthing to talk about
And address
78 Gerrard Street West
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------
For restaurants foreign marine ..
Reply to Abester
If I started to have their place in the characteristic degrade the Mail icon and gives you the nearest branch of the restaurant ..

Enter the site ..
Written on it in the box
Willamette Restrunat
Enter the zip code of the hotel or place of residence and gives you the nearest restaurant
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Mandarin Restaurant
Eat Chinese buffet that OpenOffice and children on Tuesday, Bacon Free
This is their
Select the city you keep the branches ..
Garik Restaurant Mister (Mr. Greece), which offers dishes of the Mediterranean in general ..
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------
The most important mosques and Islamic centers and their addresses

Al-Sarah Islamic Bookstore (and Souvenirs)
Albanian Muslim Society of Toronto
Bader Islamic Association of Toronto
United Can. Muslim Assoc. of Ontario

It contains Canada's lakes and inland waters than any other country in the world. And the weather in Canada tends to be cold because it is located most north but it tends to be moderate as we head south. It is located the most fertile territory Bmlasqp the Great Lakes such as Ontario and New Brunswick.
Language: "English" (official) and "French" (official) and local languages.
* The best country in the world:
The United Nations chose Canada as the best country in the world of the living for eight different years. And for seven consecutive years are 1992 - 1994 - 1995 - 1996 - 1997 - 1998 - 1999 - 2000 and that in the referendum's annual United Nations to all countries of the world, especially developed countries, including Switzerland and the United States, Sweden and Denmark and all countries Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand have been chosen and the United Nations of Canada, based on what they make of the following citizens:
The nature of the Earth:
Except Archipelago Arctic could divide the country into five regions: the bulk and the so-called "Canadian Shield", and is characterized by rocks of granite, the old and the cover sand clouds were undressing deeply by factors glaciers, consists East "Canada" from the mountains of "Appalachian Canadian" lakes "Ash T Lawrence "and" Laura Lake, "and this region is an extension of the Mountains," Appalachian "and the Atlantic coastal plains. Lakes and the "S-T-Lawrence" generally flat land, including the largest agricultural lands in eastern and central "Canada" The Interior Plains are an extension of the Great Plains of America, the Canadian Shield challenge from the West.
Part V includes the high mountain plains west of the Interior, "Mount Robson" is the highest peak in the Canadian mountains and there are other Eleven peaks reach a height of more than 11.500 feet. To the west of the mountains of Canada there is a region occupied by multiple strings are isolated and wide plateau. Deep river valleys and the extension of agricultural land is one of the most important monuments in the plateau region.
The aquatic environment:
Enjoy the "Canada" from several lakes and inland waters than any other country in the world, and embraces the Bay "Hudson" broad in its waters, the island of "Southampton", in addition to the Great Lakes on the US-Canadian border to the "Canada" about 31 Lake, and many large rivers are across the Canadian territory and which are in large bodies of water, for example, River "S T Oarns" stems from the Great Lakes and empties in the Gulf "S T Oarns"
The Rivers "Ottawa" and "Saqenye" ​​is the most important tributaries of the "S-T-Lawrence" River of hurt "S-T-John" in the Gulf of Fendi "," The River "Saskatchewan" flock in the Lake "Winnipeg" as well as the River "Nelson" as well as a lot of other rivers.
Part of the land the major Canadian and most of the archipelago of the North Pole in the Arctic and the rest are located parts of the country in the northern half of the temperate zone North, so the general conditions of weather ranging from extreme cold temperatures in the regions Arctic to mild temperatures in the southern latitudes. The Canadian climate is characterized by great diversity, in marine areas, the severity of cold temperatures and marine Ilotfan factors, and along the west coast of the summer and mild winter, high humidity and heavy in him with the "Alkordilera" rain and snow record amounts. Zone "Alkordilera" warm and dry and the winds prevail from the Western tempered winter conditions in the mountains and adjacent plains.
Geographical division of Canada:
The country is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories. The Ontario province in terms of the larger population.
Toronto is also the official capital of the province of Ontario, the main destination of migrants, where the destination for about half of the migrants because of the relatively mild climate and strategic location in the "Great Lakes" which helped her to build a giant industry in all technical areas. Type of government a confederation and a parliamentary democracy.
Provinces Provinces
1. Ontario Ontario
2. Quebec Quebec
3. New Newfoundland Vondland
4. Nova Scotia Nova Scotia
5. New Brunswick New Brunswick
6. Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island
7. Mntobia Manitoba
8. Saskatchewan Saskatchewan
9. British Columbia British Columbia
10. Alberta Alberta
Territories: Territories
1. Yukon Yukon
2. Nnavi Nunavut
3. Northwest Territories Northwest Territories


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