What do you want man .. what a woman want

To men, how to keep women??

1 - tell her you love her every day
Each of us needs to be assurance, and needs to feel that a man loved, tell your wife you love her every day does not require to say that have the word love, there are many ways you can reach her love through or Tchaaraa you love this game, for the moment not be unexpected or even to hold her hand through Mishecma on the road.

2 - understanding and forgiveness:
Will go through days where your wife committed mistakes and must, be forced by circumstances or in some cases to not be in the neighborhood if needed. No one can reach the stage of perfection, so your wife need and deserve to be trying to understand their position and prepare for that is a forgivable mistake, and remember that has nothing to do could survive without the existence of the principle of forgiveness ..

3 - Conversation ..
Never Let your conversation with your wife to be confined to talk about your children or work or on the weather .. Create spaces for dialogue because the other limitation is in those areas dull and deadly to the relationship ..

4 - have been allocated time
To spend time with your family, does not mean that this thing happens when Matoffer time, but you have to allocate time for your wife, to have this time a priority in your daily schedule.

5 - Say "Yes" more than say "no"
Get used to the negative with your spouse, with paid time away from you, think twice before saying "No" and the result will amaze you that your answers are affirmative on the course of your married life

6 - Be a good listener to her:
Very frustrating for a woman to lead her life partner to their problems and concerns and then discovered he did not hear very well what she said! Your wife does not want you to hear only your ears but your heart and Uaik too!

7 - kindness and good manners:
Would you say often, "Excuse me .. if you please" or "Thank you"?
Unfortunately, married couples sometimes forget the kindness and courtesy between each other, small details like that, you reveal the success of the marital relationship

8 - to share responsibility for the home and children:
Of the main reasons that give rise to marital disputes is the issue of a permanent and caring for children, DO NOT let your wife is always asking you to implement your responsibilities towards children, do your homework and busy market, which is one of the responsibilities

9 - day off for your wife and your children:
Your wife need to take a day off more than once during the month, this day when you are separated and the children and home, are in need of such a disruption to renew itself, already is healthy for her body and her psychologically do not mind.

10 - Take the pledge to yourself to look after your mental and physical
It is well known for many of the men they do not care for their health as required, and this is not good for your wife, your wife and remember it's not your mother, you must bear the responsibility for your health as you want.

 To Women - How to keep a man??

1 - to believe in its potential:
Most men believe in the need to be a source of protection and support for those who love them, so be sure to to convey to your husband you believe that you are completely and by the talent and abilities.

2 - understanding:
One of the most important ways that could, to convey through you to your husband Tvhminh completely Taatvhmin point of view is that the specialized and time for dialogue with him, 20 minutes a day would be enough ..

3 - Kadri and his achievements Ahtrma:
Most of the men Imitnon Women who Itrin achievements, should catch many achievements that Tmidhi husband from time to time, but remember not to do it in an exaggerated manner that too much may reflect the required credit and become the least bit awkward and ugly.

4 - Acceptance:
Annoyed a lot of men from their wives significantly when trying to change his personality, should I understand that the only person who could change his personality is yourself!

5 - Atkthrey speak it:
When your husband's tired or busy and do what you want to talk to him in the postponement is not possible, try as much as possible and that Takhtbar Ttrahi heart of the matter directly, that he wanted more detail on the subject will ask further explanation and interpretation.

6 - I will give him more of emotions:
Hold the hands of your husband in public places ... Leave a romantic message in voice mail, doctrinaire massage for the shoulder and back, men love romance too!!

7 - respect ..
Azari respect for your husband, try that Attgay negative comments about his ideas or opinions at all, and try to care, as established by the plans and proposals, and make sure that what he says, even if Athakri signals frustrated expressions of your face.

8 - timeout:
Everyone needs time alone with it himself, at the time to recharge his energy and reassemble the same, your husband when he returns from his work give him some time to free it by himself, try not to Tjdoli his vacations days weekly

9 - confidence:
Trust is the fulcrum of the column a successful relationship, if you have doubts about a life partner and you will find it hard to trust you to resort to consult a competent person and Atholi to spy on your spouse.

10 - Being a fellow age:
Your husband is not your lover, but also is a friend of age, and to maintain such friendship requires that do any good ways to Tsenai fun times with him and Tsenai fun things, too.

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