About the myth of "exceptional" Arab

For decades throughout the authoritarian Arab regimes sought and ideologues of the horns to justify the oppression and tyranny, to convince us as inferior and "exceptional" Arab citizen (ie we) are not qualified - they claim - to live a free and generous in a democratic system that respects humanity and rights.

These "exceptional" has always been alleged Emerge in any dialogue with the Western media an Arab leader to address the issue of democracy and freedoms in the Arab world.

How much of the Arab leader to fill the mouth and uttered without sweating and sweating face or shame, that the Arab peoples are not ready nor is it eligible to be after living in the shadow of the freedoms and dignity!
How many Arab leader said it filled the mouth, without sweating and his face sweating or shame, that the Arab peoples are not ready nor qualified yet to live in the shadow of the freedoms and dignity, and that the trend towards a system of democratic governance takes a citizen's rights and dignity in mind, the question of scalability should not be take place suddenly.

Several years ago conducted a famous American television report late Peter Jenigs interview with one of the Arab leaders with Western education, and those who are perceived in the West as "moderates" and "allies."

In the interview could not Jenigs to conceal his anger when he spoke of the leader of "progressive democracy", and the need to create a "democratic culture" First, coupled with changes in the structures of civil society, before applying any transition to democracy in his country.

This approach has been a roller bar, with the leaders of the Arab regimes, and their fortresses crumble even before the recent winds of change. It is intimidation of communities are not ready for such a shift, to a warning from Islamist bogeyman last name, as did a system Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak, here is Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, borrows the same broken record.

"Not ready" communities of Arab expression of racial Hubristic first-class, and also carries with it a flagrant contradiction. If Arab societies "not ready" or "qualified" as they claim, what is the mechanism by which they send from the judge and Itsdwa people and be "qualified" to rule?!

If it was due to some universities graduate of the West, many of their subjects are also graduates of Western universities. If it came to possess the skills or experience, many of their own people exceed them intelligence, skills and experience in various fields, including political, military and economic.

So, the only explanation is that some of those Arab leaders Alinver infected node "genetic superiority" on their own people, not Tzdhm decades-long stay on their chairs only convinced of this myth and identification with it. Otherwise, how can we understand the insistence of Gaddafi today - for example - that the Libyan people love and ready to sacrifice for it, and that does not exist in Libya without him!?

"Arab spring Change," in which we live now, has proved wrong and false argument of the "special" Arab. Instead, what we are seeing now waves of change showed that the Arab human civilized human beings and responsible, but is governed by the "gangs" paying lip service to urbanization and sophistication, but convinced her now dropping one after the other to see who did not believe by those faces ugly disguised behind what they are.

Proved to repressive regimes, and stick to grips with the culture of tyranny that it is a special underdevelopment in our countries, Logic security battalions of thugs and mercenaries, and bullets savers specifically to oppress their own people
We have dropped the revolutions Tunisia, Egypt, Libya myth that "exceptional" and lie "not ready" Arabic .. Tsagthma not only with the high courage to challenge oppression and lethal devices bare, but also when Osagtthma peoples maintained on the system and universal harmony and symptoms.

Osagtthma when we saw the Arab masses to protect the sovereign institutions, historical and cultural .. Osagtthma systems when the rebels traffic and dirt collected and maintained on hygiene and public money .. Osagtthma when they took the masses to the streets in peaceful demonstrations civilized (Libya was an exception acceptable to defend the defenseless people for himself before the system is overwhelming, seek the help of mercenaries in foreign forces to crush them, although that was initially peaceful), demanding that all promoted freedom from the grip of the darkness of the tyrants did not provide for their people and their countries but backwardness and poverty and oppression, repression and corruption, neglect and dependence of foreign and declining prestige.

Revolutions that brought down the myth beyond doubt and the final blow, when absent system devices (presumably state devices) and resigned from their responsibilities, or have collapsed, such as the Pyramids of paper, the winds of change popular waves.

On the other hand proved to those regulations, and adhere to grips with the culture of tyranny from other systems, it is a "special" of underdevelopment in our countries, Logic security battalions of "thugs" and mercenaries, and bullets savers specifically to oppress their own people, and Znazinha dedicated to hosting her children, and experience of its leaders not to exceed the ability to oppression, murder and bloodshed to stay on the issuance of formidable rock their people, even if people dislike them .. Etc.. See beyond all of that is eligible and who is not qualified to rule in the Arab arena?!

Recognized today as an Arab, the size of brainwashing that we are subjected to him day and night. The volume of moral destruction hanging us that we are ourselves practicing self-destruction. Enrich us and see how we are children and teens hair above that Alrkik and racial trivial:

If the people shouted, his face hit the shoe boot any guilt strike

It was that level of self-abasement of ourselves that SENTENCES intentional and systematic war crimes. We have been pushed to pay up like the victim to be arriving after a certain point of torture and abuse to psychological and emotional state of identification with the claim by the offender, that it (ie the victim) is caused in all her being and that it deserves.

Thus, it should accept and bow to the demands and directives of the unjust criminal who thereby becomes a mere "reformer" and "mentor" wronged circumstances, compelled to deal harshly to control the "Ttiyahat" victim and "indiscretion" self!

Proved systems as chaotic, and it proved to our security and order, and that the real threat to the national meat but it comes from this mess Almnaotp unjustly systems

We owe it to the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen today, as they dropped those myths poisoned. Divisional youth and Thoarha Hdharythm and to demonstrate and to seek liberation from the yoke of tyranny, revived us that humanity and dignity that God created us equal them, and wanted Tgatna and Flasvethm to convince us that we are "different", and therefore do not Nsthakhma.

We have demonstrated these systems as "chaos" rather, our people and proved that it is security and order, and that the real threat to the national meat - that religiously or ethnically or regionally or tribal - but it comes from the "chaos" Almnaotp unjustly systems.


Yes, it is for us to say it now and fill the mouth and pottery: "Raise your head, you are an Arab."

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