Bahrain .. Aggravation of the crisis and fears of regional tension

Bahrain .. Aggravation of the crisis and fears of regional tension
Announced that Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the imposition of "national safety" Tuesday 15/3/2011 a prompt for a period of three months. While summoned its ambassador from Tehran, Manama, and considered that the positions of Iran, "a blatant interference in its internal affairs."
"Hotbeds of terror and intimidation"
The Bahraini monarch commissioned in the Royal Decree No. 18 of the 2011 Commander in Chief of Bahrain Defence Force, establishing security and stability in the Kingdom, is set to take the National Guard and the army and security forces this task alongside the Gulf. He said the Bahraini monarch that what is happening in his country "acts of violence and terrorism by groups outside the law."
The decree says: "Given the circumstances experienced by the Kingdom of Bahrain, where it was escalations security touched the security of the country, and offered to the lives of citizens at risk, and harmed their interests ... and the longer state institutions ... and turned hospitals into hotbeds of terror and intimidation has also worked to the detriment of wheel development and the economy Bahrain. " The King issued a Royal Decree to "declare a state of national safety and in accordance with the provisions of Article 36 paragraphs (b) of the Constitution of the Kingdom for the year 2002, and in all parts of the Kingdom of Bahrain as of Tuesday, March 15, 2011 for a period of three months, has been assigned to the Commander in Chief of the Defence Force Bahrain authority to take measures and actions necessary to implement these measures by the Bahrain Defence Force and public security forces and National Guard and any other forces if necessary. " Strongly condemned the
Meanwhile, the Bahraini government has announced to recall its ambassador to Iran in protest at Tehran's statements criticized the intervention of foreign forces in Saudi Arabia. Said Ambassador Hamad Al Amer, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Cooperation Council, "What came in the statement of Iran is a blatant interference in the internal affairs of Bahrain, and country that is supposed to be associated with the Kingdom of good-neighborly relations, and this approach is always the Kingdom of Bahrain in its relations with Iran, and that she was connection with the United Nations and the States permanent members of the Security Council, the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States, and the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference on the blatant Iranian interference. "
He added: "The Iranian statement inconsistent and incompatible with the basic principles of good neighborly policy of the Kingdom of Bahrain with Iran, and the principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations and the Charter of the Organization of the Islamic Conference." Said Ambassador Hamad Al Amer said Bahrain strongly condemns this statement, which is the Iranian interference in their internal affairs, and rejects categorically and unequivocally, as a threat to the security of the region and a breach of international peace and security.
The Amer: "The forces entered the Peninsula Shield comes from the unity of the common destiny and the interdependence of the security of the Gulf Cooperation Council in the light of the collective responsibility of the joint to maintain security and stability in the region, although the security of the GCC countries is indivisible under cooperation agreements defense and mutual security between Member States in Cooperation Council. " He concluded: "Accordingly, the Kingdom of Bahrain has decided to recall its ambassador to Tehran as an immediate consultation."
Iran protests and calls for
For its part, summoned Tehran embassy charge d'affaires of Bahrain has, through the President of the First Chamber of the Gulf and the Middle East, Iranian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday afternoon, who informed the Chargé d'affaires of Bahrain's "concern the Islamic Republic of hard entry of foreign troops to Bahrain and suppression of the Bahraini people, who demanded reforms in the country through peaceful marches. "
The head of the first circle of the Gulf and the Middle East during the meeting: "The initiative of foreign troops or defended in any form was unacceptable and would complicate the situation in Bahrain." He added: "As the Islamic republic was proclaimed in their positions," the resort to force convicted and should be dealt with popular demands in a peaceful manner. " Not only has Iran summoned the Chargé d'affaires of Bahrain, but also summoned the Iranian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, the Saudi ambassador to Tehran to inform him of "formal protest to the intervention of Riyadh, naked, in the affairs of Manama, the Interior and to show concern to the Islamic Republic of Iran towards the military incursion, the army Saudi Bahraini land, which she considers Tehran a step rejected affect the sovereignty of Bahrain. "
The "Hossein Amir Abdollahian" Director General for the Gulf and the Middle East, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the Saudi army, saying: "What is happening in Bahrain is currently a set of demands presented by the people for the government in a peaceful and was expected to handle the Saudi government with this question the methods of logical with a sense of regional responsibility, "adding:" The entry of military forces of Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, not only does not help in resolving the issue, but will further complicate things and will convert an internal issue to the regional crisis, which is contrary to efforts aimed to restore security and calm in the Gulf region task. "
The issue was more complex
In a first reaction to the intervention of Iranian forces in the Gulf of Bahrain, considered the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Tuesday 15.03.2011, that the entry of troops to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries of Bahrain to the "unacceptable", and would only "make the issue more complicated and difficult" .
He said, "Ramin Nberst important" during the weekly press meeting: "I do not believe it is right that the forces of other countries, especially from Gulf countries, existing or to intervene in the case of Bahrain." As the President of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Ali Larijani, that sending military forces to Bahrain will make them "face the wrath of the Bahraini people and certainly will return to haunt them in the future."
According to the official Iranian news agency (IRNA) that the Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, requested the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Conference Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu to "use all the Organization's potential to prevent recourse to violence" in Bahrain.
Unit "red line"
And on the Iranian statements, Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Attiyah, Secretary General of the Council of cooperation again, "refused to intervene in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain, especially since the Gulf Cooperation Council take into account the good-neighborly relations, and does not interfere in the internal affairs of any country, but it is keen on establishing good relations of mutual respect with all countries including Iran. "
He noted the gift to the positions of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which represents recently to send troops, "Peninsula Shield" joint to maintain security and order, explaining that it: "a normal procedure in such circumstances and comes in the context of the implementation of cooperation agreements, and shared responsibility in maintaining security and stability."
The Al-Attiyah Tuesday 03.15.2011, that the decision to send troops joint Peninsula Shield is a "collective commitment to the security of Bahrain and the safety of its citizens and residents on its territory, and that national unity is a red line will not allow any party to be crossed," once again rejected the GCC countries firmly opposed to any external interference in the affairs of Kingdom of Bahrain, or singling out, stressing: "The breach of security and stability of the broadcast division among its citizens is a serious violation to the integrity and stability of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and damaging its own security team," calling on the people of Bahrain to "engage in a comprehensive national dialogue to achieve civil peace, and to preserve the gains of the people Bahrain. "
Dead from both sides
At the field level, Bahraini official source denied reports of a Saudi soldier killed in the events of Bahrain. The source told the Bahrain News Agency that is not true that killed a Saudi soldier in the events of Bahrain. According to an opposition lawmaker, said, "Reuters," the Bahraini was killed on Tuesday in clashes with police in the jacket, and a number of other wounded.
He added that the man died of his injuries in the head. Bringing the death toll from the protests that erupted on 17 February to 9. The Interior Ministry announced the death of a public security personnel in the area of ​​Ma'ameer, during the performance of duty: "After it was intentionally run over by one of the rioters."
This has got to the Kingdom of Bahrain on Tuesday evening, the third installment of the joint Peninsula Shield forces, to join the batch, which arrived on Monday, reported the Bahrain News Agency. And appealed to the General Command of the Bahrain Defence Force: "citizens and residents to cooperate fully and to welcome their brethren of the joint Peninsula Shield forces."
United Nations stands ready to "support"
Despite the international silence towards what is happening in Bahrain unrest since nearly a month, but to enter the "Peninsula Shield" to protect the security of Bahrain on the one hand, and Iranian interference in the internal affairs of the kingdom, opening the door to the West to intervene in the crisis of Bahrain, as it announced the French Foreign Minister (Alain Juppe) Tuesday: "The Group of Eight nations in hopes of a democratic transition in Bahrain." Juppe said in response to a question on Bahrain in a press conference after a meeting of foreign ministers from the Group of Eight summit in Paris, "certainly we believe that the democratic transition is important there like anywhere else."
In this context, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon expressed concern about the escalating violence in Bahrain. The statement issued on Tuesday: "It is disturbed by the violence that left several people wounded during the past few days." Moon said: "The United Nations in touch with all parties in Bahrain, including the government and opposition parties conveyed their concerns to him after the recent developments, stressing that" the Secretary-General strongly believes in the need to adopt peaceful means to ensure national unity and stability. "
He called on those concerned to the moon: "show maximum restraint and do everything possible to prevent the use of force and more violence, and the need for all parties to act in line with international human rights and humanitarian law." He urged: "to find common ground without any delay, based on national dialogue and a broad and meaningful, students from the" Neighbors of Bahrain and the international community to support the path of dialogue and support the creation of an environment conducive to genuine reform. "The Secretary-General announced that" the United Nations remains ready to provide support to any efforts led by national, if requested to do so. "

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