Arrows fishing hearts

Arrows fishing hearts

First arrow: the smile They are like salt in food ... The fastest shares have hearts that are, however, worship and charity Vtbasmk in the face of your brother is charity

Second arrow: Start peace Shares affects the melancholy heart of the prey is located between your hands, but the best payment to extend the face and a kind face and warm meeting tight stop to stop the reward and booty Fajiarham who greets

Arrow III: gift And have an amazing effect they go hearing and sight and heart of what people are doing in the exchange of gifts and other occasions, but something that is praiseworthy and delegate to him that does not cost the same but it can

Arrow IV: the silence and lack of speech only in benefit And beware of high volume and large number of speech in the council ... And you and dominated the boards and you'll gladly talk and a paper statement good word is charity and in the correct ... And have an amazing effect to win hearts and influence them, even with enemies as well as your friends and the children of your religion

Arrow V: good listening and listening Literature And not to interrupt the speaker was the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him not to interrupt to talk so that the speaker is broken ... And labored to the same people that love him and admired him unlike many other chatter and district

Arrow VI: azimuth and feel good The beauty of form and dress and smell good ... Messenger (PBUH) say: Allah is Beautiful and loves beauty ... The Omar Ibn Khattab used to say: It is like a young hermit clean clothes good wind

Arrow VII: to make known and meet her needs Shares have hearts that has an amazing effect of the poet, saying Smiley Best people to enslave their hearts --- As long as the enslaved human kindness But it has the love of God the Almighty said (s): I like people to God for the people benefits ... God Almighty says in His Holy Book: The good that God loves those

Arrow VIII: make money The heart of each key and key money of many hearts, especially at this time

Arrow IX: nicely with others, and apologize to them What I found a way easier and better access to the heart of it ... So well to think those around you and you and mistrust them and make your eyes observatory for their movements and actions Sknatham Vthll your mind and go your every doctrine and to hear the words of Mutanabi If an evil act of one --- and worsened Znnouna truth of what they can get used to just

Arrow X: I declare the love and affection for others If I liked someone or had a special place in yourself and tell him that it shares affects the heart and captures the soul, therefore, said the Prophet (saw) said: If one of you the owner Vlioth Vlibrh at his home that he loves ... But provided that the love of God and not for the purpose of the purposes of the minimum Kalmnsb and money and fame, handsome, beauty ... Each of the brothers is God in vain is the Day of Resurrection runner If the declaration of love and affection of the greatest ways to influence the hearts either community full of love and brotherhood and the coalition or community is full of dissension and rivalries and differences ... Therefore, the keenness of the Prophet (PBUH) on the composition of society amicable Vaky between immigrants and supporters even knew that someone could be the owner of this person, was that love that is placed Almtakhien in a single grave after A_i_hadahma in one of the invasions, but confirmed (r) on the means of dissemination of this love and that is the words of God and prayers it: "Do not enter Paradise until you believe ... Do not believe until you love one another ... First I show you something if you did love each other? Spread the greeting of salaam amongst yourselves Unfortunately, sentiment, emotions and feelings the people of the opposite sides there are those who deal with his brothers in a manner rigid dry devoid of feelings and emotions and there are those who deal with them in a manner passionate sensitive thin probably reached the degree of love, admiration, and attachment to persons and the balance between reason and emotion is different depending on the circumstances and people, a demand is not able to do each one but preferred to God bestows on whom He wills

Arrow atheist Twelve: politeness Did it improve the art of politeness??? Do you know the difference between politeness and flattery??? The difference between politeness and flattery that politeness to make this world for good life, religion, or both a permissible and perhaps Asthpt and flattery of the Salah al-Din left the world ... If Valmadarap Lin speech and a kind face and the people he led to the obscenity and indecency First, prevention of Vhchehem ... Second, perhaps in their orbits bring them to gain ... Courtesy in the condition of religion, but only in worldly matters and only moved from politeness to improve the art of flattery Is politeness afterwards?? Kaltlotf and an apology and a kind face and praise the man what he is doing for the benefit of the legitimacy of It was narrated from the Prophet peace be upon him, he said: people are polite to a charity ... The son of Heroes: politeness of the attitude of the believers is lowering the wing and let the people speaking harshly to them and that one of the strongest reasons for intimacy

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