U.S. state to prevent the spiritual treatment to care for sick children

U.S. state to prevent the spiritual treatment to care for sick children
Some patients resort to spiritual treatment, in order to get the cures, but there are countries banned such treatments, which have become an alternative for "medical care". The House of Representatives passed unanimously by the U.S. state of Oregon, a bill that would remove legal protection for parents who rely on spiritual treatment to care for their children sick.

No spiritual treatment after today
The move comes in the wake of several cases of prominent heroes followers of a church in the city of Oregon, which supports members of this church to pray and survey on the bodies of patients the type of oils, rather than medical care.
The bill, which passed last Thursday, was supported by Democratic Rep. Carolyn Tomei, and parents will contribute to the prevention of the use of spiritual treatment as a defense in murder cases.
Recently, the government took temporary custody of the baby girl suffers from a serious condition in the eye, where officials said, the daughter of Timothy and Eiland, Rebecca, has suffered a huge mass covering the same, and was in danger of blindness, but it recovered to medical treatment.
The other cases, it ended in death, such as Neil Begley, 16, who died due to complications of bladder in 2008, and after his death, a medical examination that he could have lived if his family took him to the doctor, where he was convicted and eventually his parents death as a result of neglect.
Also in 2008, died of her Ava Worthington, 15 months, of pneumonia, as well as inflammation in the blood, according to the autopsy, but missed her parents, who said they did not interact a doctor because they do not believe that the medicine is useful, from the charge of manslaughter.

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