U.S. military apologizes for grim picture taken in Afghanistan

Published German magazine Der Spiegel on Monday showed U.S. soldiers stand to pick up their photos over the bloodied body of a man said he was killed illegally in Afghanistan, making the U.S. military an apology.

The magazine said that one of the pictures shows the soldier Jeremy Murlok lawyer who said he had agreed last month that pleads guilty to charges of murder and to testify against his co-defendants in the case during the court-martial.

In a statement the U.S. military said that the pictures are "abhorrent to us as human beings, and contrary to the standards and values ​​of the United States Army."

In a statement issued through the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, "We apologize for the grief caused by these pictures."

Murlok and between one and five soldiers accused of killing three villagers in Afghanistan and there have been allegations of manipulation of the evidence so that it looks as if they were dead, killed during fighting the project.

The dozens of images associated with war, which was impounded as evidence of embarrassment for the United States and led to draw comparisons to images taken by U.S. military personnel of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in 2004.

The army said such practices evident in the pictures are now the subject of a court martial.

He went on to say "these pictures is in stark contrast with the system, professionalism and respect that has characterized the performance of our soldiers during nearly 10 years of continuing operations (in Afghanistan)."

Requires agreement with the prosecution which is subject to the approval of the military judge should not spend Murlok (22 years), more than 24 years in prison compared to life imprisonment, which he was facing if found guilty in all charges before the court.

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