Tips a social

Tips a social 
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What a beautiful smile, while others think that you will cry.

Pain is part of life did not suffer and did not know the meaning of life.

A person without a friend Kalordp without nectar.

Contentment half happiness.

Every moment in life treasure does not repeat.

Warm smile is the language of kindness the world.

Not for the error was shone light right.

One does not make friends even recognize them.

In the heart of every winter and spring of a spring behind each night on behalf of the dawn.

Who knows the door of hope does not know the word impossible.

Egotist higher like a bird in the sky in the eyes of young people.

It is not difficult to sacrifice for a friend but it is hard to find a friend who is worth the sacrifice.

You can crush the flower under your feet but you can not remove the scent.

Most beautiful architecture to build a bridge over a bridge of hope from despair.

Do not smoke rises into the atmosphere alone is inferior.

Sadness and joy are two sides of one coin is life.

I can not people unable to gain friends and I can not lose him from the nail by them.

Admonish your brother is treating him and his evil Balianaam echo it.

On the oppressed to the oppressor is worse than on the oppressor against the oppressed.

Books HE civilization without silent history and literature muzzles.

Conscience is the only metal that is always looking for him.

Biography of the good olive tree does not grow rapidly but live long.

Kallowaagaf arrogant on top of a mountain and young people see of him.

Happiness treasure his key Secretariat.

Garden flowers love to meet and loyalty.

Delay in access is better than no access.

Tears clean cleanse the eye.

Receptacles hearts and lips locked and tongues of everyone to save the keys secret key.

Do not complain to the people you are the owner wound wound hurts not only the owner.

If you see the first part of the way full of thorns do not despair, it may be part of the second bed of flowers and herbs.

Happiness thin and beautiful melody send Uttar life.

Smile pass to enter the hearts of others.

Secret key a person must be kept up and preserve it.

Artificial artificial smile Kalordp easily detected.

Happy to see the smile on the mouth of someone else and the pain to see others in pain.

The hearts farms where the plant a good morals, the whole did not grow grow some.

That were not not tell the rain not fire Choi.

Language honesty always easy.

Impossible to break a rock solid under the blows of determination.

Anger Mad beginning and the end of remorse.

Life is full of stones will not stumble on them, rather sum up the ladder and I'm bringing it to success.


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