They said about love
Best what philosophers about love This beautiful gossip about love Of the most famous philosophers and writers of the world Jealousy is the tyrant of the Kingdom of Love (Cervantes) Love is blind (Plato) Love and flower and women Huktha (Schopenhauer) Double the love of paper men, and weakens the paper woman (Jarlsson) Love weaken the discipline in women and strengthens the man (Richter) Love duel graduated from women if they are victorious (For Abrjer) Love of women for the flower Krahiq (Charles dress) Love when a man seriously ill, and when a woman of great virtue (Anis Mansour) Selfish love two (Madame de Stahl) Love makes people crazy monsters (Fillon) But what they love madness (Shakespeare) Women love the spring and fall of man (Helen Ronald) Love sees roses without thorns (Eg German) Love is not a disease in which the reward is no substitute (Imam Ali) If you Ohpetk women faint, and faint if I loved you (Murad Ali) Women in Love permission to enter her heart, As for the man he entered the heart without permission, (Bernard Shaw) If the love of women have done a lot, and I spoke a little (Murad Ali) Love is blind and devotees do not see the folly of committing (Shakespeare) Choi love fire a man's heart to eat women If you complained about the cruelty of man-woman, Know that his heart between her hands (Bernice) Love a tear and a smile (Gibran) The liking of me to love her, Itrabha and that miserable in the process of (Chelor) If you love a woman is not carrying it ((I Love You)), The first of these words make Women think you have to control (Clark Gable) If I heard that the woman she loved a poor man, Know they are crazy, Or go to the doctor ear To make sure you hear well (Brunli) What stronger love, It makes the beast of man, And sometimes makes a man a beast (Shakespeare) Love knows no law (Buricios) Love delusion you are a woman different from the others (Mencken) Love is the most sweetness and bitterness of the most (Oorubedis) Love a woman and a man and deprive (Balzac) The greater our love for our fear of increased abuse of love (George Sand) Better for us to love Venkhvq, That you do not ever want to (Chison) Love when the woman is sacred fire, Does not burn before the idols (Hassan Hafez) Difficult to hate a lot of loved (Cornail) Results unexpected love (Stendhal) If a man loves a woman Sagaha cup of kindness, If the love of women and men always Ozmoth To her lips (Byron) Love is the history of women, not only passing incident in the life of man (Madame de Style) Love enters a man through the eyes, And women enter through the ears (Such as Polish) Men die of love, And women Ihieddin tags (Dobrier) Clarifying the vision of beloved eye (Imam Ali) Women's puzzle, his key word is love) (Nietzsche) Woman without love dead woman (Plato) Not love only what we imagine (Beef) Fresca does not love a flower scent smells unless it drops of tears fell (Mohamed Abdel-Moneim) Love is stronger emotions because it is the most complex (Spencer) Love is tears, crying that means you love (St. POV) Found love for His Excellency the few, The misery of many (Dolinko) Love HE tremble (Gibran) The love for a woman down in a moment of silence, Filled with suspicion and admiration (Wales) For the love of two ways, either life or death (Prince) Love the moon when the full moon (Prince) End when love and find insidious (Rans) Families love hearts (Prince) Love prison life (Prince) Loving heart die every day (Prince) As the way of life and love are the thorns



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