Should we continue to dream

And still life goes on and still did not stop our dreams falling chips fall 
Sprinkle wind how she wants them what flying a remote and some are brought to places inaccessible 
And of which tramples upon human beings Bikdama Lahia and tear Pearls Miap pieces goes back wind and sprinkle dust almost no value 
And passes the autumn after our dreams Falling leaves with beautiful trees Alon wonder ????? 
Do you still have dreams or is it splashes and gold with autumn .. Do you still have dreams will Nkhalgaha again and continue to uphold as a child does not have a Sawa played one REM attendant controlled by a strange sense of fear of losing 
The day !!!!!! He continued to play for the sense of fear it is forbidden to enjoy the play 
And that he continued to embrace his arms and fall days comes the piece will fall from it or Abaaaaaaaaaaaae  
The fall with many things bear the meanings of a large piece of the Child did not specify the date of the fall of the piece played no pleases 
Be not keep them under innocent dream, accompanied by a sense of helplessness and discomfort of us did not ..... 
Fall from dreams such as a fall leaves autumn has been trying to stick to the piece such as a child 
Belath remained steadfast and strong winds I was refusing to leave our dreams falling 
They are probably those dreams or because we are often our weaknesses and we are not able to remain on the retaining 
Those empty dreams I greet you like trees as the storm winds of a mild Ani take us a dream we thought a nice day 
Is it possible to fall and get back to us Bamniat know that it is impossible to be realized, we say to what we grew up and why our dream 
Why .. Why .. Why did not remain on the piece of the child fearful of embracing Almstmta and played without any dream 
Sweet dreams are still continuing despite the cruelty and reality ...

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