Sex in our lives

Sex in our lives 

Eve ... Adam 

Dear Adam, Do you remember the first meeting we collected? Do you remember the day when my eyes saw your eyes? 

I wander among the trees of paradise having fun and frolicking eat what they desire without the trouble does not worry about galleries not disturb labeled President of the work or the responsibility, but you're not happy looking for something that is complemented by your happiness, and if God your Creator knows what you want and what you are looking for , ... His grandmother and ... Physical need, my heart is happy beats of your heart, I will never forget how your eyes met my eyes, how my soul embraced my soul and began to enjoy Bjntek now only liked paradise, and I enjoyed it because I have you .. 


Adam What Ibadk me now to what would become of us all walking on the road after it became 
One way? 

Is it a penalty or Masitna here is the earth and materiality? 

Or is the dreaded devil, who has vowed to us Vsrvk Srffine me and you. 

Adam Habib .... This hands-running to you to help me and my other hand wipe his worldly trouble and distress .. and then to proceed to get back together again helped me to be back on your sweetheart Eve that came out of the Diloek .. Oh how I miss Dmtk that reminds me of the origin and Judy Bmotunai and Molde .. Do not hesitate or number being difficult, I am sure that our return presence will make us a nice open paradise denied to us may not be missed by all of our Committee will be old but the thing is great fun and I love to cheer dissolve and you are devoted to my happiness. 


The issue of women and sex, of important issues that have imposed themselves in the last century and still occupies its place in the beginning of the new century and probably will continue to include a large area of ​​interest for a period not infrequently, I do not know why the issue became an important article looking where all the people Do it already had been neglected the past negligence in causing disasters and the problems have shaken the community, Fjzpt All the attention for consideration, or is the discretion of Western culture to transfer citizenship to our communities? 

To be fair and serious in this case we must first acknowledge that there are already "illiteracy" with her to the Egyptian society, especially women and that the books and research that discussed honestly these things are few and unrealistic, and that is still to now the perception of sex in our society the eastern immature and have no identity they are not the Islamic outlook that combines the fun and the reality of spiritual purpose and meaning in HH is not the Western outlook that are looking for fun in all its forms and how the center used in the performance and new ways to remain always fun ... 

We are not this nor that and are therefore issues relating to sex in our country is also unknown Sometimes we take the Western ideas and then re-worded seems close to our heritage and our culture is in fact far far away from her, and sometimes close all the doors of Western and leave ourselves to the Arab culture and Islamic Vensdm reader Jejunely article and their lack of "realism" even though our heritage is not the weak. 

Through my work in the field of gynecology, family planning and found that Egyptian women in various stages of her outlook on sex is still limited and the problems of women in every period of her life in its handling of sexual matters are still ashamed to speak of them .. 

What is the concept of sex that you need to know the Arab girl, and what are the problems faced by women and affect them physically and psychologically in the performance of its functions as a female is what I tried to discuss it through these writings. 

And the beginning we would like to put a starting point from there we go together in order to understand this issue. 

Why talk about sex raises the shame and secrecy and high sensitivity, and whether these things exist when he practiced human sex for the first time in the ancient times, is this view of sex came from its association with sin, Adam .. 

Without the sin of man, what God has revealed to us this world and beyond? 

Is the devil and his role is to make sex with him in all these important and this remains a mystery man always looking for what it is 

Let us agree at the outset to answer these questions until we speak to build a solid foundation to accommodate the subsequent building .. 

The Almighty God when He created man is created for each of the organs and the function performed and the joy or pleasure to enjoy and started to pleasure in eating is the motivation that drives to eat even cause your digestive system function and fun to look at all the beautiful are driven by a vision, even hearing a pleasure to enjoy what you hear , hear something voraciously and attending and alienated from another, and so on all the senses, and because God did not create man in vain and that has the function performed, we are in the house work and a monument, and if a person has to pay a price for the pleasure of the bodies which God created him a lead position in charge of the After that enjoy the best food we have to move this body to protect and lead the message for which the creation of a "created the jinn and mankind except to worship Me" 

Then shall the building and reconstructing the universe, and not just at the pleasure of watching all that is beautiful or hear what Thuah self, but the mind starts to create and understand the reality of the universe around him and so move us this world ... But what about the afterlife and what about the case in Paradise? It's fun full in all its forms without jobs, without fatigue or work there (the place of reward) .. 

Because of the reproductive system in humans is a device such as the rest of the devices was therefore his job and his pleasure, not for the pleasure that God-given for this device is sought rights of marriage, reproduction and reconstruction of the land, then come have fun full in the afterlife, where does the job not multiplication because eternity is the basis there is no need to maintain on birth control so as the remembrance of Allah to us all Ergbna to enter the Paradise that tell us about those pleasures that gave her all our equipment in the world of food and drink and clothing, and views eager in her eye and the Spirit, spoke about the virgins and their beauty and how they treated their husbands but how partners are husbands in heaven, even self eager to employ all the organs of the body with the satisfaction of Allah until the honor gain access to all these pleasures unparalleled views that do not begin to imagine the mind .. If we dealt with sex from the beginning with this concept Snnzaa dress worn by an ignorant embarrassment to speak on this subject 

We will discuss together how to lead this device and the function for which it was created as it should to get together to have fun, which is called within the limits acceptable to human instinct and religion of Islam, we will know together how raised a Muslim woman from an early age to the concept of clear and realistic sex what are the problems, how to treat Islam these problems without shame, what is sex education for Muslim women in every stage of life, and we are going as we said before the health problems experienced by women through every stage and that God used this study to be all of the needs of women in our society ... O Allaah accept from us and guide us to sincerity and understanding. 

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