Salah Jaheen and bilateral conscience

Psychological study of the Rubaiyat

Lived Salah Jaheen his life in the case of roaming continuously between the heights of fun and low-depression, and during bouts of climbing and landing repeated it passes over large areas of expertise and human feelings, therefore, was his color spectrum multiple was feeling thin and philosopher deep and a man simple and painter of the comics and writers for reviews and ... ... ... and ... ... and many others.

This state of rotation between the waves of fun and the waves of depression we call in psychiatry disorder affective bipolar, although it seems the label that they are closer to the diagnoses of medical but that many of those who suffer from this situation (especially in the degrees of simple and medium) have their characters special charm, and that the diversity and richness of experience emotional and humanitarian and flexibility and change those experiences that make them affective in the case closer to the liquidity and flow of emotions, and therefore frequently, including creators.

Will Nstozn the reader to use the term "dual-conscience" to express this case in a simple, though this expression may raise some objections to the scientific academy in the absence of conformity with the scientific name is the exact situation, and the reader can use the expressions of other alternative in such a position, such as "Nuabep conscience ", and the owners of bilateral conscience they have huge areas of the movement from the top of fun to the bottom of the depression and vice versa, and they are during the bout fun find them optimistic and departing, and on the verge of life and searching for pleasure and happiness, while we find them during a bout of depression in the case of melancholy and introversion and the withdrawal and the desire to die and a sense of deadly boredom and loss of meaning.

And the person in the variability between successive heart rejoices over this a lot and suffer many things, see the white is very white and black see black, does not respect compromise. Since the fluctuations between the poles of conscience is a dominant feature in his life, it elevates the value of emotions at the expense of the value of rational and logical.

This dye sentimental in this character given color coded and charisma captivating makes it close to the hearts and lovely to the soul, which he called recently, "Emotional Intelligence" and when the dual conscience, a poet or an artist there is no doubt that he has an enormous capacity to describe what he sees in his travels affective (up and down ) very carefully as it allows sensitivity of literary and artistic captures every detail of incoming Oklahoman and then be able to reorganize what he heard and saw him and narrated in the style of literary, therefore, be important to study the production of literary vision of psychological phenomena are more accurate and clearer and deeper, and this is what Snholh in this study We keep track of flights sentimental poet of his office during the "Rubaiyat": Fun, depression.

At the beginning of a bout of depression reflects the poet for his sense of helplessness and lack the ability to choose, in the words of a desperate sad:

I am surprised you ... I am surprised you, O time
 Licensor fads Yambki eyes blood
In what way I opted for the spiritual path
I am in life within the ones who forced

Cattle, and deepened his sense of resourcefulness (Helplessness) Vinouh saying:
Compelled you, O Morning usurped Ya Leil
Not entered Brgelea not Kanli miles
Hilni Shell entered into a life
H out and reel them Hilni Shell

Loss of control and feel like a puppet Taatnaoppea hands without any selection:
Years and Vaith Graduate Regiment after regiment
One Khaddtni second son and husband
And the third and the fourth father Khaddtni er
Er ones who work Bihdvh wave to wave?

In addition to the lack of a sense of bewilderment and resourceful left and lost the ability to make the decision and all of the symptoms of depression:
I am in the dark ... without beam Ehtkh
I stand where I fear not leave
As the light and come and Aschoff Routes
Bewildered Oslleke increase ... which one?

And then getting confused and expand its scope and extends to the whole kingdom and the existential questions arise not find her answer:
Considered in the kingdom and was busy lot
And every word (Why?) And (Achanet) asked
Ask a question ... ... reply because Q
, Directed and confusion, which entered the most

And getting things confused and lose their meaning and scratch his head looks black from everywhere:
I'm out Adam M. nothingness I said: Hey
I'm back to Adam not to say: Yeah
Dust Byahya ... ... ... goin inspired dust
The parent is death and not life?

When things lose their meaning and spirit of the disorder even when everything with nothing lost and fade the color differences:
Marble tomb of the Al-burying
The hole where the shroud is not homeless
Merritt them ... ... Oh, I wonder
For at least two Rihthm where the same mold

Depressed and has a sharp awareness of loss and, therefore, deepens his sense of remorse:
Yama-holder and encountered Sahpthmc
And cups of wine and drink and Macrepetthmc
I regret what I opportunities Spthm
The only ones who are the opportunities Spthmc

Associates with depression and feelings of anxiety and fear with a sense of security is lost, and here was its need to faith, and faith in certainty and stability, emotional and volatile nature of the poet rejects the stability of the event, so I prefer the position of uncertainty:
Treachery time my heart Malhoush Security
Hajie and you need to bead on faith
My heart shuddered and asked me ... safer Eih?
Safer Eih puzzled Bekkali time

With depression, confusion and loss of meaning in the poet loses a sense of identity:
O my door locked when I enter ...
Oyama ones who are patient and take-patient
Deghit years ... and reply back to me: Maine?
If you know Maine ... I tell you

And ending bout of depression, and begin to shift Well fun time to spill deep and feel the richness and fullness and congestion:
I'm young but I'm not a thousand years
Single, but was involved in traffic between
I fear, but fear me I
Shut up and talk but my heart is full

With the rising desire to wake up bout fun in life and the extension and penetration of all objects, a so-called "extension of the ego" (Ego Expansion):
I like to live if I live in the forests
As I wake my mother bore me Abat
Hawwan bird ... insect ... ... Old people live
The object of life ... even in the form of plant

The sense of positive self and go but this sense of a state of anxiety and fear:
Suheir s Oyama Levitte and floated
Off to see the night in the dark you saw
Fear ... like a dog blocking
I want to kill him ... but eased

And deepening of terror and fear and Istaqra within the same poet:
When the length of time a lizard Ffersgen
Khvin eyes and debited Barbgen
... Died of old Ken terror has not died
It is too late with two dates instead of date

Overlap and feelings of admiration and fascination with the feelings of fear Vtekr it described:
Liked the word from the words of the paper
Light from the East between the letters and lightning
P endowed Ociha my heart ... she is haraam
De every heart I entered the Athrq

Then get out of these contradictions, and with all its restrictions:
Everything that the madness Alchmarp Sabhm
Subhoa men exchange Cup Almnon
And blood and flora Anketb wall p
"My regret is dead you for what his heart affectionate"

Included in the more volatility in an attempt to Tatap status:
They said the brotherly Bims blood brother
Come on people what's right and real people
My heart beat him and other obligatory stone
Creepy stone ... ... and returned my thin

After these stutters starts feeling the recklessness and capacity:
Between death and the death of ... between the fire and flames
P rope Mahien courageous and cowardly
I am surprised Aladi life ... How strange!
In what way I am - Iatejen - remained Acrobat

And then begins to start a heart-term Fun:
I became my heart was a bell rattle
Geljt tags Sahiwa servants and guards
I am the Clown ... Qmto Khvto LES LES
Love Eide sword or a horse under me

And recurring seasonal depression grief is compounded in the spring where he finds himself unable to cope with an awakening of nature in this beautiful season:
Income for the laughs spring ruby ​​sad
Lindh spring when I said my name on the Maine
Spring flowers landed my side and kept
Ish and works of dead flowers

Disheartened and have feelings and not his sense of life (Anhedonia):
Mahboc Boukrbuc pain and loss
My heart and removed ribs to extract m
O O Mraiyti ones who Ptsm Dgti
O Hiltery de Oc and not mask

And continues to have a sense of security and loss and the loss of the link between home and abroad and thus has lost the ability to express feelings (Alexythymia):

Endowed ... but the love of non-Hanan
But was accompanied by a security company Malhash
I started to wise and Aktar received Bluti
The ones who faces heart not the tongue p

And overwhelmed by a sense of sadness and affect the realization of things around him, coming to grief routinely receives from the eyes.
I know eyes are beauty and well-
I know the eyes of hearts lap kiss?
The eyes of scary, cruel, and the eyes of lot
Bahs and all those sad

Poet and loses its ability to joy despite the existence of many things called for in the chase and he feels sad eyes to him:
Ish ask you the same over all this
Luck of Laughter and Ante Mtnkdh
Been said to me self: say to humans
What Eibesoulic eyes sad like that

Then tries to rush and rebellion and revolution to all restrictions, but returns again to the state of surrender and submit:
Gmak took off my Tor and I refuse to damage
Break Gears Sakia and smelled WTF
Said: But step by step ... and violin violin
O brought the end of the track dries Albert O

And the poet extols the value of emotions, even those sad ones mind and refuses to disease, such as the rest of the diseases because of the dignity and value:
O sad, O bottle under the Sea Lost
I'm sad eh Zec and possible
Sadness Mabakalhoush Jalal my stump
Cold grief Zee Zee headaches ...

He is concerned and confused while away the grief and anxiety and become a purity in the case of "Oh God, make it good" and the demise of these feelings is equal to his end: death or Philosophy:
On woke poet comfort and description
Concern and sadness still gone and disappeared
Take me wonder and question I asked my soul
I die? ... And only came to philosophy?

And continue to ridicule and mocking of mental activity which he deems futile philosophical:
Philosopher sitting thinking Sebouh
Sultan is not taught them Tsalboh
What Tarafoc philosophers O huh
Ones who said or Bergawa Ikdboh?

And the poet would prefer confusion and hesitation on the receipt of the rigid standards that limit the freedom and movement:
I stood between the catheterization Ctin
Lie Fein and Fein honesty I wonder
Sure I die ... h whale came to me and said
Itkas ruler is to speak?

Binary and conscience has the ability to see the other side of the face and at the same moment, why not have fun news summit and the summit of depression and gave him a lesson that everything has two sides and he felt the pain and screaming behind the love and beauty:
Crypt in the maternity hospital long
Laura screams of agony every door and howling
... On the way girls Metzoukin
Metzoukin for love and Mooel

And the recurring sense of futility and absurdity, boredom, and raise the value of suicide in the face of this reality, which he deems useless trivial, and is a feature of suicide humanitarian divide the human animal:
Minimum Oodah great to wait
The son of Adam uniform uniforms ass
Inspired one ... and boredom joint
And Mafeesh donkey tries suicide

And recurring fatigue and disease more difficult to see any disease, and has no cure except death:
Ayoob threw him naked all the ills
Seven years and has paralysis of both diseases
Ok ... patience, patience of Job's lips
Old Alokadh died due to boredom

It is not fooled by being above and sparkle, he has a strong sense of the triumph of nothingness in the end and this is one of the important features of the depressive position:
O, O bird high in the Sky ou Vic
What Fkrc Lord Msotfik
Dodd Brdk erosion and mud back
Suck it, O sweet ... and suck you

Then wake up to have the desire in life and let go and feel that what they want beyond the limits of its capabilities:
O people advised me to drink flora
With a sweet girl ... and promises, and laughed, and Hadit
Not from where I was advising them to earn
Wish all this? ... Or you can forget

And then announce the victory of the principle of pleasure, without any deterrent and feels the situation of flood flow and eternity:
Is somewhat lower in the de Wakhed Dzath
Siefker is no limit to the other Mamath
Matarvic, my dear ... I Ante Maine?
Inti Bride of the Nile ... the Nile and I am alone

Then looming wave of new, which insists fun to catch whatever the price:
Between the cracks of the blinds and you Hqhqt
With birds and whoop you Zkzkt
I am a new day ... people Ncov Namelih
I said, Iah Iah kill you kill me ...

It follows that the starting state of instinctive wild and stark vision of stimuli:
Alnhd costume leopard broke tons
Annbhbc heart between the ribs and ripping
O me girls have been forbidden from doing
Because of the nature of the violin invalidate Dla

Continue to launch and instinct incarnate Total awareness and spokesman for all stimuli:
Your voice, your body like a girl الإيه
Dancing removes worries wipe out blues
My beauty and your body as if the words
The words of philosophers drunk time forgot

And up to the top broke off a sense of happiness and unbridled:
My heart is happy and whip him Angeld
Shaft like a horse Wolf country
The text of the night came back to me and asked me why ...
Ashamed say you're happy boy

Then take the curve to decline gradually and becomes a quiet state of happiness:
Mazikp guiding the universe in which he plunged
And summer night, and the holding of Phil and Samar
O Hiltery all people happy
Loya Hiltery Haeven beauty moon?

And continue to happiness quiet, but he doubted its survival and hope it continues, even for one day:
Gnotk sang my heart of beauty
And dance in my chest to the north of Yemen
Mahoush far prefer to hate happy
De every day the possibility of AA

Which in this case of happiness and romantic hopes the demise of social constraints and wishes the freedom of relations without moral stigma:
INDEXU for a scarab beetle and
Atkabloa crawling some evening hours
And said to them, end Akhchoa defect is haram
No limit, "De relationship Mtdensp

Anticipating with fear of diving into the depths of depression, depression has once again equal to drowning:
I heard the point of object-Mer Ocean
Bet'oul point in Matenslish Algoit
M afraid of drowning on you ... I said I
M afraid this is what keeps the promise of unwitnessed

Depressed and has a latent fear of loss, and loss for him, the issue that threatens the existence:
Galak time position and I stood there
O Libdeh largesse of my heart, O Libdeh largesse
What remains is estimated limit on everything
With that - I am surprised - everything is

Does not compensate for the depressed in this life is a look and a touch love estimate:
How I saw my heart doctor and the Prophet
Subsided and died, and only hears his footsteps
I received told me choked with tears
Malloch is born and a touch of Ed Habib

Love for the depressed is a lifeline in tempestuous sea of ​​life:
Sea life is full of life Pegrqy
I screamed in my throat Khc Wave amusement park
Lifeboat! ... They screamed Mafeesh
But is not love lifeboat

And portrays the poet very carefully for the transition moments of fun to depression and vice versa:
Opened my window one evening to the morning sun
Dechlc what it is howling winds
And opened before me because I share the pain
Makharjc it is the love and grace

And re-photograph this moment once again explaining spontaneous occurrence of this change of mood to another without any control of it at this:
Immersed in the blackness sync my pen
What for what you write poetry dripping pain
What you Jralk er ... you crazy ... and why
Painted a rose and the house and the heart of science

Happiness and return to it again, where the child wakes up inside the playing and fun. And perhaps in the verses following confirmation of the theory (Eric Berne) for the triangular configuration of the same: the child and adult and child:
Spring welcome welcome welcome spring
O child, O Lee dolls in Naga and love
What for your eyes ya Sgn Hewitt
Even earthworms and Alograbh

And passes the poet a beautiful moment of pure happiness is not marred by any fear:
Tata grass to breeze wrong and
Green soft Lhish what are good brother
Unwitnessed bird ... I Ghawi joy and richer
H down here .... And God Ihebrni inch trap

And express great love for life and that extends even beyond death:
I advise my son the moon and flowers
I advise you to a night in Cairo Enchanted
The Jet in mind ... Buy a Phil
Samra any ... and visit the graves of Ioek

In order to maintain the situation of happiness must have Igmas eye to see the painful reality (denial) and move towards happiness without considering what is happening on the ground: -
Gamad your eyes and dance lightly and Dla
The minimum is young and you're crippled,
Agility show your stride Tabdk
But if you are for your legs ... resonance located

But was soon back his fears and calculations although it is reassures himself that the grief of present and future will end as concluded before, it has become Mtaiha with mood variability:
Billed from her grief and computer
Computer Rkapetk of the cord
Claimed the ends must be kept until
Not ended by her grief

And wake up inside a revolution against the unbridled fear, which extended to his descendants that denounced the fear and Mesfha him:
I have a voice to bark Nsahtk
What Takafsh to reap nor the specter of
The HP you ask him dead puck
What Dafc LES on the same day Andbh

And harbors the desire to vent what is inside, and without fear of departure: -
O nightingale what Takafsh of Gnotk
The words of your complaint and tell the Blotk
Ghannop Tamotk but do not h
Aghanna who is mute h Imutk

The desire to have a maximum range of freedom and of departure and rejected any limitation whatever luster: -
Ducks shawl except the mountains and the seas
Oyama satirize myself .. Hajj and what birds
I advise you, oh God, what I die ... and the Prophet
Matodneyc Paradise of the wall ...

The return of the child "Pasha" with diastolic heart holds all of the lightness, agility and surprise:
O friend, in the recreation Acrobat Ash Ash
O butterfly carved on each Oc
Hqlapt mental and mental Hqbanni
I was surprised at what remained Bahspeni

And waves off the instincts and active sensory perception at the moment energizes the wild:
Diving witchcraft Wave thelarche Bembe
A generation of Gamalat know what my
O heart defect states mothers Akaddam
Ask forgiveness from my Lord God Almighty

And recurring depression and is constantly threatened by Al Qaeda and like in this life and all human beings:
Er who Khaddth the passing of years
My heart only Dmatk and groaning
Ptin and Btafrh due nostalgic
With that not all people are happy

And feel the triviality of life and their failure, and the weight of steps:
Composite paper murmur Taattouh
Knee and total Belouh
Souht where at least two and fifty years
So far ... not in the spirit Bngrq

Increasingly, he has a sense of losing control of his feelings and by the desire to get rid of all that looms in front of him are two ways for this: the way the optional (suicide) and the way the fatalist (death). In the end, insist upon deep existential questions and finds them to contain the state of the soul in the body in the country and a situation occurs between the presence of each of these:
Adam said I'm the spirit and body art
They said no body. They said no de spirit in the body
My heart fluttered with flags in the air
I said no soul in the body in the homeland

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