Religion and freedom

Freedom in God without the blood of the revolution ..::

If I felt the days of oppression from the forces of tyranny in the world, and shook confidence in your ability to confront it, remember that your faith in God and Abbouditk him, can bring you the aspiration of the completeness of freedom, only you should check out "the will of freedom" in you, it is the will of real or imagined? In this article we are sailing in the meanings of will and freedom and slavery to God, publicly, we can achieve together to achieve.

God and man:
Day God created man he is different from all other creatures in the essential is the "mind" that distinguishes it between the right and wrong, which ranks a person things according to logic, and linked to this mind distinctive that is separate from his "freedom of human will," which you can take a decision which it deems " wills let him believe and whosoever will, let him disbelieve ", has revealed God's prophecies and messages to help man to remove the mist from his mind and restore clarity of vision in the mind, and then restore the freedom of human will in its full meaning, and then described the task of the prophets and apostles and preachers after them," the author stated " .

Perhaps the male is strange which is echoed by Muslims morning and evening, which says: "I am pleased with Allah as a Lord and Islam as a religion and Muhammad peace be upon him a prophet and a messenger," this male reveals simply the essence of the "process" of faith as you want heavenly religions, namely, "satisfaction" and satisfaction is not but with reason and free will.

The wants the will of God - a tremor in his wisdom - to make himself unseen invisible or tangible senses the material, but - the Almighty - to make himself aware of the mind Featured, unjustified Bamahsus and video of the verses that evoke in the mind Tvl "Do they not reflect on the kingdom of the heavens and the earth." Metaphysics and God - the Almighty - those who, with a profound effect on force will make the human free will, as if it were enshrined Him His absolute sovereignty and tyranny, and in Mottagl embodied so as to preclude a person to that freedom.

The God placed based on this law is directly a two-way, based on the faith of man by his own free will, and then recognized him God's name and the Godhead, and then slavery him alone and no one else, since the greater the bondage of man to God, and handed over to him with Gbeth and the absence of coercion in the belief it , the greater the free will of all that is embodied Mtolh of humans or bossy self-lust of the abdomen or vagina, or lust for the presidency and the wealth and power or greed or stinginess. In contrast, the greater the freedom of human will, or edit them with the help of others to him for that, whenever Hdth his nature - if delivered - to believe in Allah and the delivery to him. Thus, the freedom of human will, and slavery is nothing Inevkan from each other.

Slavery to God -------> full liberation of the human will

Edit the human will the essence of religion

Free human will -------> faith in God and his delivery

Reason and freedom are two of the faith:
Since the created human origin are two advantages: the mind and free will distinguished, those Almizatan prerequisites of faith, despite the apparent differentiation of these features as we have said is they separate from one another.

First: Mind Featured:
And "mind the distinctive" that is "invaluable" freedom of the will of the owner, and his choice, and tend to seek and strive for the sake of gaining, and it is inferred verses cosmic on the existence of the Creator, who reasonably verses read in the books of God chooses to believe in after Tvl where and identified of sincerity.

And the mind is also featured, which has the ability to see things for cash, and a higher level, is the mind that has the ability of the creativity of solutions to those issues that are under criticism. The reason may be defects of the negative conditions that tend recipe for discrimination, that have moral or satisfactory, permanent or accidental, Kaljnon or mental retardation. It is what it is doing, such as rights of his own to deal with alcohol or drugs.
The instinct which is the basis of reason may be exposed to factors of the deviation and distortion, may be exposed brains to factors that lead to the predominance of suspicions and fantasies on them, or that such factors are social environment of its components static, or agents of socialization and their interactions dynamic by the institutions of education and upbringing different, The third These factors are those that contribute to the building structure and mental Intaba the perceptions of the universe, life and rights.

Second: the freedom of the will:
The tool is free will act .. Act of faith, and if deprived of that tool robbed the ability to act, and then every action hero by the human Maslub will. The loss of the will either be:
0 Bigsha mind or his armor.
0 or have control over that will either terrorism or intimidation, or temptation lusts and whims.
0 or physical oppression of the people either in prison or torture.

The mind and the will .. between freedom and liberalization:
If belief in God exists in the Debutante on the "consent", and then featured on the mind and free will. So there is no logic in good faith that leads to the looting of the human mind or freedom of will. And then the mind Premier and free will are wanted for the health of faith beginning, and the reason Premier and free will are the result of faith in the end, and therefore on all of the laws that make it a habit to maintain the freedom of mind and will, if you view opposed to them detract from their release, the faith in God invites us to work toward removing not only for the same person, but for others, and that is the basis of the meaning of "jihad" real re-human individuals, and restore human societies to the core meaning of the humanity of the real, and not to the meaning of the fake of humanity, and the editing of all the factors of political and economic coercion which is sponsored by the hegemonic powers World, and editing as well as all the factors of social oppression or coercion on behalf of religion .. Whenever the debt led to erase the human mind, or the absence of recognizable, or to control the free will of human injustice and oppression and aggression .. Any religion or social system to do this would require the owners to reconsider its rules or erroneous understanding of him.

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