Night of the full moon .. between science and myth

Night of the full moon .. between science and myth

The night of the full moon in science and myth

Used in a lot of novels literature of terror and his films get things suspicious cause fear to coincide occur with the night, which completed the Moon to become the full moon was out monsters of holes and ghosts from their graves and become the number of people to the wolves, what is the origin of that idea is historically Does the moon actually impact on the behavior of humans? This is what we will try to know, in the following lines:

Origin belief
Still established the actual theory vague from a historical perspective because the artifacts that depict the moon in many cultures dating back to the Old Stone Age before the writing of history but that can be said that this belief lasted for so many centuries that the word Unace Lunacy, which means madness derived from the name of Luna Luna is the name of the moon goddess Romanian, and we also find a similar link (madness and the moon) in other languages ​​such as language and Welch, perhaps the most famous legends and based on that theory is the werewolf legend.

Myths and beliefs
We find around the world and an abundance of pseudo-scientific theories and myths based on this hypothesis. One theory claims that the moon relationship to fertility and that this has to do with the menstrual cycle in humans by a period of 28 days on average. While the cycle of the moon 29.53 days, however, about 30 percent of women have cycle length around the Mediterranean (28) by two days.

According to some traditions, before the advent of modern technology was supposed usually that surgeons refrain from work on the night of the full moon because of their beliefs increase the risk of death to the patient through blood loss.

Research and Scientific Studies
The lunar influence theory falling within the so-called "pseudo-science" Pseudoscience is overlap with psychology, sociology, physiology, and this theory suggests that there is a link between certain phases of the moon rotates around the Earth and deviant behavior in humans. But these claims about the link does not withstand scientific scrutiny Over the past 30 years appeared more evidence demonstrates that as a "false flag". And called in some cases, this theory last name is "the hypothesis of Transylvania" or "The impact of Transylvania" in the scientific literature.

In theory, there are only a few studies that support the possibility of influence of the moon, for example, the study concluded that patients with schizophrenia, mental show signs of disturbance in terms of quality of life and the nature of the mental to the individual During the period of full moon, the researchers looked at links between the physiological changes such as cases of seizures in patients with Epilepsy and the things that arise from epilepsy in the full moon and found a study conducted in 2004 and a relationship with a "statistically significant" between the impact of the moon and on to the hospital for reasons related to bleeding in the stomach or intestine, especially among males. The following recall the results of studies tested the lunar effect on human beings in many ways:

1 - epileptic seizures
Other studies have refuted assumptions based on the lunar influence. In a study published by the "behavior epileptoid", submitted (Sally Backsndal) and (Jennifer Fisher) from the University of London Institute premise that if one of the phases of the Moon (Mhak, Badr Helal ..) effect on the seizures it would be the result of the role of moon in the night lighting (the intensity of brightness) in a manner greater than the situation where Mhaka is diminishing light intensity to the lowest level, or they fade, but if covered by a cloud in the sky full moon, the link between the process of the moon and the seizures would not have a clear impact on those Fits any that is linked to brightness regardless of the phase of the moon, and the result of experience negative about the relationship between the frequency of epileptic seizures and the intensity of light the moon calculated the proportion of sunlight in the area ranges from 0.09 - to less than 0.05, and included a sample test 1571 patients with epilepsy and took more than 341 days.

2 - human behavior
In 1996, the psychologist Ivan Kelly of the University of Saskatchewan (with James Rhoton and Roger Culver) analyzed 37 studies had examined the relationship between the four phases of the moon (facets), and human behavior for their analysis revealed the absence of a relationship, or large enough. They also examined 23 of the studies that claimed such a link, but nearly half of which contained a statistical error of at least one.

3 - suicides
Failed study of 4190 suicides in the Sacramento area of ​​California and for 58 years to confirm any connection with any phase of the moon phases of the moon.

In 1992 and a research paper in which he reviewed Martens, Kelly Sakulovski 20 studies aimed to investigate the relationship between phases of the Moon and incidents of suicide. They found that most do not emphasize those relating to the alleged studies and those that have proved a link results did not agree with each other.

4 - murder
According to the psychiatrist Arnold Lieber of the University of Miami and a link to the killings in the town of Dade County from the city of Miami - Florida with the phases of the Moon, but in the later data analysis, including analysis conducted by the astronomer (George Abel) did not prove the findings (Lieber ) also noted the conclusions of both Kelly and Rhoton Culver of Labor to be used for statistical procedures inappropriate and misleading. Even when tests were carried out more precise, this did not prove that the crimes of murder connected with phases of the Moon.

5 - The birth rate
The astronomer (Daniel Caton) analyzed 45 million birth records obtained from the National Center for Health Statistics did not find any correlation between the increase in the birth rate and the stage of the full moon. Has benefited both Kelly and Rhoton and Culver that (Caton) to examine the birth records and found a small increase over the third quarter of the phases of the moon, while the birth rate was slightly lower than the overall rate during the full moon (Badr), or start a new moon (Hilal).

- In 1957 Rbiman analyzed a sample of 9551 records of births in Danville from the state of Pennsylvania did not find any link between the birth rate and the phases of the Moon.

- In 1959, reported (Walter) and (Abraham Minakr) in the study of more than 510,000 births in New York City for an increase of 1 percent in the birth rate and in the two weeks of the full moon.

- In 1967, he studied (Walter Minakr) another sample included 500 000 live births in New York City, and found that there is an increase by 1 per cent in the birth rate period, which extends for two weeks around the full moon.

- In 1973, studied both (Somerville) and (Borst) and (Owsley) another sample of 500 000 births from New York City and found an increase of 1 percent before the full moon.

6 - hospitalization, Jerim
Study did not reveal long as 15 months in Jacksonville of Florida for any influence of the moon on crime rates or the rates of hospital admission records in particular.

There was no increase in crime rates during the nights of full moon according to the statistical analysis carried out by the Jacksonville Police Department. Where he achieved only 5 out of 15 is full percentage higher than the average crime while the remaining ten lower rate than the overall rate, and days were recorded higher than in the warmer months.

Did not show statistical analysis of visits to hospital emergency room (Chandrz) any effect of the moon, where he was incomplete, like other days.

Lunar influence in the News
Add to heritage and popular urban legends and found the idea lunar influence also the way to the news media:

- Had claimed that the moon impact on voter behavior in U.S. presidential elections in 2000

- The police claimed in the city of Toledo in the state of Ohio in an increase in crime rate by 5 percent during the moonlit nights (when the moon is full), while the police in the state of Kentucky attributed the temporary rise in crime to the full moon was based on their claim that the occurrence of chases by 3 cars bomb within a period of 4 hours only.

- In June of 2007 announced that senior police officers in Brighton, they were planning to deploy more officers during the summer to address the problems that they believe that they have linked the moon cycle.

- In January of 2008 proposed (Annette King), a minister of justice in New Zealand, the wave of stabbings in the country resulting from the cycle of the moon.

- In October of 2009 assumed the British political (David Tidnyk) that during the full moon will not be able to work the surgeons will not be means to stop bleeding or blood Takterh effective and the police to deploy more people in the streets. "

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