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News from the Pakistan ... 
Pakistan succeed in launching a rocket carrying nuclear warheads 
Pakistan today announced its successful test-firing short-range missile ca
pable of carrying nuclear and conventional warheads. 
According to a press release issued by the Pakistani army was on Friday successfully launched a missile "Abdali" a series of missiles from "Open 2" from an undisclosed location, and added that this rocket, "the surface - the surface" with a range of 180 kilometers. 
Arrest warrants in the case of Musharraf, Bhutto's assassination 

Pakistani court for the third time arrest warrants for former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf, whose name appears on the list of defendants in the case of the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. 
The channel "Ari" Pakistan, the court issued arrest warrants for Musharraf can not be replaced on bail. 
She noted that during the meeting in Rawalpindi jail and the court gave the Federal Investigation Agency 15 days to comply with arrest warrants. 

Boiling under which passes by the Arab and Muslim world 
Is the situation in Pakistan is leading the army to take power? 

Exacerbate the situation in Pakistan after the killing of Shahbaz Bhatti, the only Christian minister in the government of Pakistan, and became the second major charge, which killed at the hands of Islamists. And assumed responsibility for the crime of the Pakistani Taliban. He was killed a month ago and the Half-Governor of the State Abannjat Salman Taser, and he had shot him an excellent bodyguard Qadri, who announced to the investigators that he committed this done for Islam. Each of the Taser and Salman Shahbaz Bhatti to call for secular and democratic reforms in the country. 
The two events that shook the supporters of the dead, but they both received support among Islamists Alrarkaliyn. The two sides held a massive protest demonstrations. Where Islamists have threatened to eliminate all of the calls for progressive changes in the country. However, the demonstrations were very modest liberals for their opponents. But the government is slow in its movements, as if waiting for something. It also says the director of the Institute of Social Research in Islamabad Fayez Bakr. 
Unlike the Arab countries 

The liquidation of four «to be spies for America» in Pakistan 
Executed by militants from Hamas «Taliban Pakistan» Four men accused of spying for the United States, through the launch of several bullets to the head of each of them in Miranshah, the main cities of the North Waziristan tribal. 
He wrote in the letters commented on the issuance of the dead: «killed them because they were spying for the United States. Anyone who does so will receive the same fate », with the knowledge that the region is a main objective of the raids launched by unmanned aircraft belonging to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency 

The new U.S. envoy to Pakistan meets a number of officials in Pakistan 

A new U.S. envoy to Pakistan today, Marc Grossman, the meetings with Pakistani officials to discuss developments in bilateral relations in the visit will last for two or three. 
The U.S. embassy said in a statement that Grossman, who was appointed after the death of former envoy Richard Holbrooke met with Pakistani Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh last night as he met today with Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Foreign Ministry officials, one of Salman Bashir. 

 Qaderi recognizes the assassination of Punjab Governor 
Malik admitted Excellent Hussein Qadri bodyguard to the Governor Punjab Salman slain Pakistani Takizr that is the one who shot him. 
The owner of an excellent Hussain Qadri of anti terrorism court in Rawalpindi Monday that he masterminded the operation. 
The hearing was held before a court fight against terrorism in sync with the demand that Pope Benedict XVI to the Pakistani authorities and the abolition of the blasphemy law, which believed that the invitation to Takizr to change it was behind the assassination. 
For his part, said time Qadri's brother told the BBC, "BBC," said the family had nothing to do with the assassination. 
"The police were interested in knowing whether my brother had any links with a religious or political one," referring to the religious tendencies of his brother and attend a number of "religious communities". 
The Pakistani police have arrested time and his father and four of his other brothers for interrogation before releasing them. 

Pakistan declared its intention to review the law on "blasphemy" 

Officials announced that the Pakistani government, the determination of the Islamic State Law Review, "blasphemy", which criminalizes insulting Islam or the Prophet Muhammad, to protect "innocent" that fall victim to this law, which raised a lot of controversy recently. 
The Minister of Minority Affairs Federal Government Shahbaz Bhatti (Christian) The Government will set up a committee of scientists to review the law, to establish this committee a set of proposals and actions, to be adopted in a practical way, at a later time, to avoid misuse of the law. 
The Pakistani minister: "After the formation of the committee, you will find some way, whether through the issuance of new legislation, or developing additional controls, in the end require the discontinuation of the blasphemy law." 
And on the possibility of President Asif Ali Zardari's decision to pardon the presidential Christian Women, Asia Bibi, facing a death sentence after the trial under the law of "blasphemy," said Patty The President is still looking for a way out legal, having prevented the Supreme Court, earlier, of a decision to pardon them. 
The baby had signed a petition to request a "presidential pardon", and handed over to the governor of the state, "Punjab", Salman Taser, earlier last month, while he visited in prison, held by nearly 15 months, and emphasized that he would submit a request to petition the President Zardari. 
The Taser, in previous statements to CNN: "that I wanted to send a strong message that we are here to protect minorities," and continued saying: "We do not seek in any way because they are the target of this kind of laws." 
A Pakistani court has issued, in early November last year, sentenced to death by Bibi, after being convicted for "insulting" to the Prophet Muhammad, and "question the Koran," while she was working with a number of Muslim women in the field of a village near the city " Lahore "state," Punjab ", central Pakistan. 
According to the lawsuit made by the police, he told the women, aged 45 years, his colleagues 

Basic facts about Pakistan 

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is South Asia, sharing a border with India, Afghanistan, Iran and China. And its capital is Islamabad. 
The climate in Pakistan, dry and hot in general, and the average temperature throughout the year to 27 degree Celsius. 
The area of ​​Pakistan about 796 095 square kilometers, with the exception of the mandate of Kashmir. And a population of 165 million people according to the statistics in 2009. 
The main languages ​​in Pakistan is Urdu, Punjabi and Pushto and Sindhi and Alsarajky. Urdu is the official language of the country, while English is used widely. 
And the official religion of Pakistan is Islam, who embraced by over 95% of the population, while the rest of the population Vtdin Hinduism, Christianity and other religions. 

Report: War on terror, Pakistan suffered a heavy price 

Behind Pakistan's support for the war on terrorism led by the United States, nearly 1600 people have been killed during the terrorist attacks and counter-attacks so far this year, to come in second place behind the preparation of flood, which killed 2000 people, during which he spent in the country in southern Asia. 
The blasts which targeted a meeting of tribal elders to combat terrorism in the Dec. 6, killed 50 people and wounding more than a hundred in the government compound in the Mohmand tribal region bordering Afghanistan. Two days later, another suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded market in Kohat, North-West Pakistan, which resulted in the deaths of 15 civilians. 
Terrorists attacks and raise the death toll from the last two suicide bombings so far this year to 700 people, mostly civilians, and wounded about two thousand others in 41 suicide bombings across the country, according to a report issued by the wing of the fight against terrorism, Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency. However, the number of suicide attacks accounted for about half the number of attacks in 2009, which killed three thousand people. 
In 2010 signed a 28 suicide attacks in the province of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa northwestern Pakistan, and seven attacks in Punjab province, east of the country, and two in each of the southern province of Sindh and Balochistan province southwest of the country and the part that Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, and used a bus loaded with explosives in ten of those attacks, according to the report. 
And in evaluating economic losses, the cumulative suffered by Pakistan as a front for the war on terrorism, he said, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi at a ministerial meeting of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan, which was held in Islamabad in July last, he said that "Pakistan has suffered $ 43 billion over the past nine years." 
Said Daniel Benjamin, Coordinator for Counterterrorism U.S. Department of State, "Pakistan is badly damaged from fighting and I think that the leadership of Pakistan understands very nature of the threat and the imperative to combat it." 
Moreover, the political disputes and targeted killings and wars of criminal gangs has resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives in the port city of Karachi, which is the economic hub of the country. 
However, Pakistan's intelligence agency blamed on elements of foreign retaliation 

Pakistan army: we support democracy, 

Pakistan army: we support democracy, 

Major-General Athar Abbas 
Said Pakistani military spokesman said the army supports the civilian leadership of the country after a leaked U.S. shed light cables on the strength of the army in the troubled country politically. 
The military has ruled Pakistan for more than half of its history which dates back to three and sixty years, raising concerns about democracy in a strategic ally of the United States. Indeed, the army was dominated during the rule of the Civil Security and Foreign Policy. 
Show telegram sent by the former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson in the March 12, 2009 disclosed that the Wikileaks site and the influence of the military in the country that has nuclear capability is vital to the U.S. war against militancy. 

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