My mother lied to

My mother lied to 

(Masterpieces of Moustapha Akkad)

Not always: What do you say my mother the truth!! .. Eight times: my mother lied to The story begins when I was born, I was the only son in a family very poor did not have enough of the food .... If we find one day some of the rice to eat and fill our hunger: My mother used to give me the share .. While the transformation of rice applied to the class, she said:
Oh and I have dealt with this rice, I am not hungry.
This was discredited by the first
When I grew up I'm a little something my mother was finished with the affairs of the house and go fishing in a small river near our house, and then hope to touch a fish could help me that I feed and grow, and once was able, thanks to God that caught the two fish, hastened home and prepared food and put the two fish I have started the first fish I eat slowly, and my mother was dealing with what is left of the flesh on the bones and thorns, and shook my heart, and placed in front of other fish to nibble on, and she repeated it in front of me immediately and said: Oh and I have dealt with these fish as well, but know that I do not like fish . This was discredited by the second
When I grew up I had to be enrolled in school, was not with us enough money, school fees, my mother went to the market and agreed with an employee of a shop clothes that you are marketing goods that take place on the homes and clothes come on ladies, on the night of winter rain, it took my mother at work and I waited at home, I went looking for it in nearby streets, And found them carrying goods and touched the doors of houses, Vnadettha: Mom, let's go back to the house The hour is late and very cold and you can keep up the work in the morning, my mother smiled and said to me:
Oh and I have I'm not tired ..
This was discredited by the Third
On the day of the test last year in school, my mother insisted on going with me, and I entered I stood and is waiting for me out in the heat of the hot sun, and when the bell rang and ended test out her Vaandhantni strength and warmth and Bchertni success from God Almighty, and I found with Cuba when the drink had been bought by me When I came out to eat, Fsharpth the severity of thirst so I drank, Although I embrace my mother: it was more cool and safe, and suddenly looked at me and I found him to sweat, I gave the cup immediately and I told her: "Drink, O my mother, she responded:
Hey, I drink you, I'm thirsty ..
This was discredited by the fourth
After the death of my father was for my mother to live the life of a widowed mothers only, and became the responsibility of the home is for them alone, and must provide all needs, making life more complicated and we are suffering hunger, My uncle was a good man and he lived beside us and send us the bridge by our hunger, and when saw our neighbors deteriorate from bad to worse, advised my mother to marry a man who spends we are still small, but my mother refused to marry, saying:
I do not need to love ..
This was discredited by the Fifth
After I finished my studies and graduated from college, got a job to some extent is good, and I thought that this is the time to rest my mother and left me the responsibility of spending on the house, and at that time was no longer their health is designated to roam the houses, was carpeted with mattresses in the market and sells vegetables every morning, and when he refused to leave her work have been allocated a part of my salary, I refused to take it, saying:
Oh and I have kept the owner, said that to me enough money ..
This was discredited by the Sixth
In addition to my work and continued my studies in order to get a master's degree, and already successfully increased my salary, and gave me a German company that I work with the opportunity to work head office have in Germany, I felt very happy, and I started dreaming about a new beginning and a happy life, and having traveled and created the conditions, I called my mother to invite her to come to stay with me, but did not like that bother me and said:
Oh and I have .. I am not accustomed to lavish living ...
This was discredited by the seventh
My mother grew up and became in old age, and hit her cancer dreaded, and should have been their part of makes the animals sick, but what do I do Fbini and my beloved mother country, left everything and went to visit her in our house, and found bedridden after surgery, when she saw me I tried my mother to smile me but my heart was burning as it had been very poor and weak, not that I know my mother, tears streamed from my eyes, but my mother tried that comforts me and said:
Do not cry and I have, I do not feel the pain ... This was discredited by the eighth
Having said that, I closed her eyes, did not Fhama then never ...

To both enjoy the presence of his mother in his life:
Keep this by the grace to grieve the loss of ...

And to all who have lost beloved mother:
Always remember how tired of you so do not forget your prayer of ..



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