The main points of excitement when the man
There are important points you must know, woman, to Tnjehi in delivering the largest amount of pleasure to your husband, the man in contrast to women, that was a woman's body is the secret behind the raised and delivering them to the euphoria of full sexual, the man's body does not represent the greater part of the process of excitement. There are several points to be aware of during the woman fondled her husband.

Ngzle Bergolth
Where is the excitement points to the man? Given the configuration of the psychological man, we find that to be stirred from several areas 1 - sense of hearing. 2 - sense of sight. 3 - the chest area. 4 - penis
How the man raised your hearing?
Like a mirror, the man loves to hear from his words of love, but here is different from the spinning of men to women than from women to men, women love to flirting with men with her beauty and femininity but men love the that flatter the woman Bergolth and its ability to perform his duty and also enjoy the men that show women need him, you Madam female to seeing you in front of your husband's weaknesses
2 - sense of sight
Men in general likes to entertain his wife in front of quiet movements highlight their femininity, always wear clothes that show a part of your body, but be careful that the erosion of the man always likes to discover the unknown, but most likely it was lost by the beginning of that put it on the first line, which will complete the sentence. I do not mind during Tmilkk in front of your husband's claim that believes more strongly according to the way it Bagturabk claim that your body comes into contact with his body Tmayle dance goes Spoil yourself Azari your body. Connie looked up the most beautiful .. The feet of him what he likes its employees, a female child Siemlk man likes to live like a child to show his feelings and senses of hearing that you are Stln Atguenthma Madam your husband and trust that he will not treason, even if by nature you will not be a traitor to his claim area.

Wear Clothing, urging him to discover your body
3 - the chest area
Like a mirror, the man in the chest, a sore point provoked by sexual but are not considered an important region is sufficient number of movements or kisses them.
4 - penis
Here in this region is concentrated thinking man that the secret of his strength so you have to Tazzi own style of thinking, there are those who believe Bhrmanih sucking penis - and there are those who do not believe you are the forbidden .. Bmdaabth you with your body, and multiply your husband fondling penis.
1 - Azari force your husband as possible in the beginning but would compliment my bonds that will change with time because you deserve the best looked up
2 - fill the same for you Your first and last, Do not let him turn left or left until you find the Gza
3 - Daobei his penis with your body
4 - This is a very important Ayake then Ayake Ayake then you should not repeat your order more than once or that is in Tatbih more than once is Seetmrd then you will not do it that Roamer lover.

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