Guevara...A man who gave his life an offering to the peoples revolution

A man who gave his life an offering to the peoples revolution

"Human life is greater than each individual property of the richest land ... a sense of pride because you served your neighbor is more important than a good reward for the work itself. What is more concrete and endless thing of all the gold that had collected by the individual is the gratitude of his people."
In its fortieth anniversary, we view his face which is similar to Pirates of the Sea in the old movies .. Sailor finds his target from behind the clouds and, despite the difficulties .. Sailor realized that the revolution is a haven to people seeking deliverance from the humiliation and oppression.
Ocean - Samira Solomon
It's the fortieth anniversary of the icon of the rebels in months, the world's Argentine-born Cuban revolutionary Ernesto Guevara, who tried to turn the pages of his life to get to know the exciting adventures .. Mad .. Dreams .. Assaketh .. Pain from the faces, which passed by ..
Book of Childhood
"I learned that when making their spirit guiding the great humanity into two warring, I would be in addition to the people, know this, I see it printed in the night sky, I see myself as a sacrifice in the real revolution, equivalent to the great will of individuals. I feel that my nose expands to inhale the smell stinging of gunpowder and blood and death of the enemy Steely determination has brought physical and prepared myself for battle. "
The world was on the date of the birth of Ernesto Guevara de la Serna in the May 14, 1928, which hit the lungs of asthma when he was two years old, which kept him out of military recruitment, and his mother was in its commitment to life, damage to his body with cotton, for fear of the sun and moisture and air.
His father was an architect and his mother was of British origin, and when the police arrested Alorzintip his mother, which was four years old, was a brutal shock to see his mother, who has spent the past which accompanies it, moment by moment, fearing for his health and ensures nights proximity to suddenly become a prisoner of bars and torture at the hands of some ruthless and without be able to do something, and realize the meaning of injustice here and felt how cruel is to be oppressed, and shortly after was released from his mother.
Guevara with his mother
Received his basic education at home by his mother, Serena Acilia DVD, learn the French language in addition to Spanish Guevara was from a young age reader of Marx, Engels and Freud, where available books in the library of his father's home.
Unanimous views of accosting him that he was carrying inside the strange contradiction between courage and shyness, and warm voice was deep, as it was messy and attractive appearance as well.
The family was forced to leave the capital and the transition to a drier place; for the health of the sick boy, and while this was the first meeting between Ernesto and extreme poverty and low social status in Latin America.
I am not of the revolution and of Medicine
In March 1947 the family returned to the capital to join the boy, Faculty of Medicine, and at the end of the first phase of the study when he was twenty-one years old had a long tour lasted about 8 months on the motorcycle towards the north of the continent with his friend, "Alberto Jrnado" on a motorcycle to catch butterflies, where it began this trip in October 1951 when approved Ernesto and his friend Granado plan for riding a motorcycle which was called Guevara "tremendous II," was the line of flight from Latin America to several countries including: Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and lived through the suffering of the peasant class toiling workers and understand the nature of the exploitation suffered by the oppressed peoples of the States and how to manipulate the capital needs of the poor, holding them at their disposal.
Then realized that his career is not real medicine .. Guevara and return to the house, and says to his father that he would not practice medicine, will not open the clinic, and will not receive customers, and will not marry and settle down in a quiet house, and will not beget children but will leave.
- His father asked him to where?
- To any place, he replied, Ernesto, does not mean much to me the border, homeland and regulations and social norms and laws. That matters to me, is that people in the world eat and digest, and people are starving and do not know that the digest.
- You seem tired father said. Relax, and talk of a new tomorrow.
Ernesto and slept that night in the morning left the house.
Since that day, after his father clapped the door behind him with anger and grief, when he said to him "that real life begins behind the border" Guevara's father to sit back but after that eliminates worries about the poor tired.
Traveled in 1953 to Colombia to recognize the revolution that had been raging in and the goals of this revolution, and their methods, then emigrated to Mexico, which was a refuge for Latin American rebels from everywhere.
In 1955 the subject "Hilda" left-wing activist of "Byron" in exile in Guatemala, married her and fathered her first child, and Hilda had made him read for the first time some of the classics of Marxism, in addition to Lenin, Trotsky and Mao.
Cared for (Hilda) have done and submitted to (Nico Obiza), one of lieutenants (Fidel Castro), who was at that time, the attack on the castle of Monaco and the failure of his attack and was imprisoned and tried and made a defense in court is a political program, resulting in Bornsto Guevara because admires Castro and his attempts to revolutionary , and eager to get to know him and meet him, and that what has been achieved in 1955.


"It is believed that the star of the revolution is set, is either a traitor or a coward or Mtsaqta, revolution is strong as steel, red Kaljmr, remain deep Kasindian Khabna brutal home."
Was a military coup in Cuba on March 10, 1952 the cause of acquaintance Guevara Fidel Castro that he mentions in his diary, saying: "Fidel Castro came to Mexico in search of the land of neutrality in order to create his men for decisive action" .. Thus, the two met, and when Castro believes that the editors, the Che Guevara was always repeating sayings: "Editors do not exist; peoples alone is liberation itself." The two agreed on the principle of "stop lamenting, and the start of the resistance," and together plans to invade Cuba and liberate them from the dictator Batista through a campaign of 82 rage quit on a ship to Cuba, Granma, and Ernesto Guevara, called that day to "Chi" or "comrade."
Guevara and tells in his book "Memories of the Revolutionary War," the story of the first battle that defeated the rebels, the battle of the "Algiriade Pew," which paved the way for the victory of the revolution in Cuba.

Guevara says:
"In January 1956, after his yacht" grams "of the attack and the killing of most men, and Joina to the mountains" Sierra Maestra ", Batista forces discovered the hiding place, a place known as" Elijriade Pew. "
"We were tired after a long, painful, and you want the truth, it was a painful journey rather than a long, walked countless hours over the ponds and marshes. And we were wearing new shoes, and we all have become infected blisters and infections of the feet. It was not our shoes new plants and wildlife are The only enemy anyway.
Was all that remained of our equipment is military rifles, belts of bullets and a small amount of ammunition wet. And the medical Miontna have disappeared, and left "Ejrebndiatna" in the swamps and we had spent the previous night in one of the sugar cane fields of the sugar factory Nikiro.
We were able to soothe our hunger and our thirst unit suck reeds. It was not the guards who are looking to us in need of any trace of trace our steps anyway.
The man was the work of the guide has betrayed us and revealed a hurry as we discovered later.
I let him go and this is a mistake we made several times in our long struggle until we have learned that it should not when we are in dangerous areas, to trust in people, civilians do not know the personal record.
When he appeared before us this morning on Jan. 5 we do not hardly walk and we strengthened on the brink of collapse, and at noon we began to notice signs of unusual activity. I started Air Force aircraft, "Piper" with another type of small aircraft, as well as a private jet, hover over the place to hide.
Caught the battle did not escape from the rebels only twenty overheated able to reach the mountains Seeramaistra which includes the poorest peasants of Cuba, and began their revolt from there, I took the winning one, that the income Guevara Havana on the first day of 1959, before he enters Castro, and fled Batista It succeeded the Cuban Revolution.

Guevara, Minister!!

Guevara with Nasser and Sadat
After the success of the revolution Guevara was appointed Goodwill Ambassador of the Cuban revolution, and visited many countries and met with non-biased leadership, such as Abd al-Nasser in Egypt and Nehru in India and Tito in Yugoslavia and Sukarno in Indonesia, and also visited Italy, Japan, Pakistan and others.
Guevara was appointed head of the National Institute for Agricultural Research and was appointed Minister of Industry and Chairman of the Central Bank in 1961, he and Castro held an alliance with the Soviet Union.
The history of Guevara, a minister of Industry, Cuba, talking and meeting with Ihsan Abdul Quddus who initiated Guevara, saying: "You tricked me when Kitk in Cuba and I asked you a communist I answered: I am an economic and laughed Guevara, and he told him the main lines to test the application's socialist Cuba, where he confirmed they were at the beginning of the revolution Tugehathm were not Marxist, but revolution against colonialism and the American Revolution against tyranny and revolution for the human right to exist.
Cuba and the position of the conflict between the Soviet Union and China, "says Guevara: We Bbtonna with Moscow, Beijing and with our minds.
And Jean-Paul Sartre describes the modus operandi of Guevara, during a visit to Cuba, he says: The night did not come to the office of Guevara. Does not seem to sleep for him a natural need, but the routine is trying to eliminate him and get rid of it. I do not know when or when Guevara relaxes relaxes his companions.
And through his posts that he the "Che" to address all the force of the interventions the United States; he decided to nationalize all the interests of the State in agreement with Castro; she stressed the United States embargo, Cuba, which made moving gradually toward the Soviet Union at the time.
Fratricidal conflict
Because things are not going to one style always, the difference in views began between Guevara and Castro because of bias Castro strongly to the Soviet Union, and attack the rest of the socialist countries, which he refused Guevara in addition to the collision of the last practices brutal and corrupt, which was carried out by the leaders of the revolutionary government time, which was contrary to what he sees in Marxism of humanity ..
Hatred of the Cuban revolution Che dependence on the Soviet Union, and continued innovation and other means of access to finance and distribution. And because it is the only one who really studied the work of Karl Marx among the leaders of the victorious guerrilla in Cuba, he was contemptuous of the party bureaucrats and mafia who climbed on the shoulders of others in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and in Cuba as well.
Revolution on the job
"Altaason are the source of power in the world." Says Guevara that he will discuss them and will rise up for them and then adds: "The Revolution freezes, and the rebels worried frost while sitting on chairs and begin to build what has struggled for it the revolution. This is the paradox tragic in the revolution: the struggling and struggling and fighting for a particular purpose, and when to inform him, and progress, stop the revolution and the freeze in the templates. and I can not live and frozen blood of the Revolution "Internal.

Decided the "Che" to leave Cuba on his way to the Congo (Zaire), and sent a letter to Castro in October 1965
Abandoning once and for all its responsibilities in the party leadership which he said: "There are other places in the world in need of my modest efforts. And I can achieve what you can not do, because of your responsibility in Cuba. I shall struggle to the squares of the new revolutionary spirit which is the most powerful weapon in the face of the dominant forces of America.
After a few weeks of "farewell letter" to the Castro, wrote Guevara's message to his parents in which he says: "Since ten years, left for the first time you, by, and is still a" deal "the door is a strong ringing in my ears. Today I leave for the second time you, by, and the country that I love , and wife and children and friends, because I felt the people itself, which I felt the last ten years almost: The love is real, which Erwini not love the country and the wife and family and friends, he was far greater, it is the flame that burns inside of millions of poor of the world's disadvantaged, torch Find Freedom, truth and justice. "
"This message may be, the latter, but I would like to say to as one thing: We have Ohabpetkma also did not Ihbkma any human being, but I failed to show that love, maybe because I measured in my actions, with myself and with others, and I think you did not Tvahmani most often. I admit that it is not easy to explain to me one. "
"I say to my mother: Do not be afraid, that my will strong, and the flame that burn me down, they will be a crutch which will be assigned Aldaiftin feet and tired lungs and chest, which exhales."
"I hope both of you one thing: that your son always Taatzkra drifter who roams the bush and mountains and valleys in the most difficult circumstances and accurate because something afflicting inside and makes him alert to others, millions of Altaasin in the world."
And went "Che" for Africa supporter of liberal revolutions, a leader for 125 Cubans, but has failed the African experience for many reasons, including lack of cooperation from the heads of the revolution of Africans, and the different climate and language, and ended up as "Che" in a hospital in Prague for convalescence, and was visited by Castro himself to hope for return .
After a short stay in Cuba after the return from Zaire, Guevara went to Bolivia where they found a starting point for a revolutionary war against the U.S. to expand and contribute to the deployment of socialism in the world.

Hope for the liberation of peoples
"I felt pain on my face every blow directed to the oppressed in this world, wherever there is injustice, the same is the national"
Not the "Che" to create a movement Bolivian armed, but the preparation and unite the liberation movements in Latin America to counter the tendency of America exploited the wealth of the continent.
And approved by Fidel Castro to Guevara's efforts, he presented him with the necessary support, and helped to provide all necessary follow-up to his revolutionary in their own way. Vanthal Guevara identity of a businessman from Uruguay and went to Bolivia.
But the difficulties took a succession of his huge, when he reached Guevara's out there with his men are looking for recruits, they found only a few stood with them as a result of bloody campaigns announced by the government's pro-United States, there has also contributed to intrigue the U.S. in creating conflicts among the leftists themselves.
He has "Che" during that period between November 7, 1966 and October 7, 1976 left no diaries battle.
And this diary tells Fidel Castro: "I was writing a diary usually at Chi stayed with him since the days of the revolution Cuba which we were together, he was standing in the forest At the time of comfort and holds the pen register by what he sees as worth up, this diary was not written with a view to publication, but wrote the few rare moments in which he was resting in the midst of heroic struggle than superhuman. "
Perception of the communist
"Communist Party is the last to eat and the last to sleep and the first to die"

He added: "The real socialism is when it becomes the conscience of every individual is the collective conscience, and the collective conscience is the conscience of every individual. This requires building a serious, deep and long-term."
Chi Link for the poor and outcasts everywhere, and his refusal to recognize the sanctity of national borders in war against the imperialist United States, inspired by the new radical movements in the whole world.
Al Qaeda has been governed by the basic Marxism: "from each according to his ability to each according to his need", were not flown only a slogan but a practical necessity was urgent and should be applied immediately.
He became incensed Russian bureaucrats, from the direction of Guevara's view of "Take what you need, do not worry how to pay." Fidel has cautioned the need to control the Chi and stressed the need to issue regulations to regulate the distribution of "optimal" for funding.
Che put his point of view in a speech, saying:
"I have been to some extent, every country in Latin America, with the exception of Haiti and Santo Domingo. And the circumstances surrounding the Petrhali, in
The first time as a student, and later as a doctor, cause know for near poverty, hunger, and disease; inability to treat a child because of the need for money; unjust minds that created by the persistent denial and cruel, to such a degree that it can where the father to accept the death of one of his sons as normal is important, as often happens in the lower layers in the America our home mother. And then began to realize that there are things that were important to me because the equal become a world famous or equal to the presentation a significant contribution to medical science: I realized that I want to help these people. "
"We must begin to erase all the old conceptions. Should not go to people and tell them, Behold, we have come. Ntvdil you to our presence with you, to inform you of our science, to show you your mistakes, and your need for culture, and the initial Jhlkm things." We must go rather curious mind and a humble spirit to draw from this particular great wisdom, which is the people.
"We often need to change our concepts, not just the general concepts, social or philosophical, but in some cases, medical as well. We will see that diseases do not always need to enter the therapeutic methods such as those used in hospitals in large cities. We will see that the doctor must, for example, also be a farmer and new foods grown and harvested, the desire to consume new foods, and diversify the structure of food which is very limited, and very poor. "
"If our plans to redistribute wealth to those who have too much to give those who do not own anything; if we intended to become a creative work a day, a dynamic source for all the causes of happiness, it is then we have goals to strive towards it."
Thus was the vision of Guevara which prompted Castro to pass a law of agrarian reform in Cuba, where Guevara was to say: The agrarian reform is the cornerstone of any revolution, as the nationalization process in Cuba to put an end to foreign influence.
Rene Dumont describes Guevara, in the book, which allocated about Cuba, he says: "The" Che "was harshly judged to business success in the Soviet Union says:" All people are working and barely active for more than itself, but the only goal is profit. I am against profit, with rights. What benefit society, any society, if the profit of money and lost rights? "

Thaer to death
"Do you know how I hope to die? Also wished the story of a hero," Jack London, "he realized that he Setjmd to death in the territory of Alaska white deserted, rested themselves quietly to a tree, and get ready to face death in silence and dignity. How I wish now, if you relax on the trunk of a tree, calm down breathe indoors, and die, after emptying my gun at the soldiers coming from behind the trees. "
Thus, Guevara said to a companion he was fighting beside him in the bush, and bullets are being waged on them

Because he was a headache at the top of America established the U.S. Defense Department in 1949 a new chapter of war and handed over her school to General Porter in Panama to train soldiers on the assets and guerrilla tactics to confront the waves of the rebels in Latin America.
They were soldiers, trained at the hands of - Green Berets, the title given to the School of Panama - are the ones who are chasing Guevara, the rhythm and eliminate it.

Guevara's time to leave
And this process continues for months, until the month of October, if Gen. Barrientos announced to reporters that the armed forces surrounded a group of gangsters, led by the commander, "Ramon" Guevara, one of the names of aliases. But the troops have not been able to arrest only to the revolutionaries of the men, "Ramon" Vaaatarva under severe torture that Guevara was the commander of the rebels. Then began a hunt for one person.
It seems that Guevara was right when chanted: "What hurts the human person is to die at the hands of the fighting for them,"
Has continued to "Che" in the fight until after the death of all members of the group despite being wounded in the leg that destroyed his gun store and lost his gun, which explains his capture alive.
The transfer of "Che" to the village "to Ahigeras", and remained alive for 24 hours, and refused to exchange a word with one of the captured him. In the village school do the non-commissioned officer "Mario Teran" instructions to shoot on the "Che".
Mario entered was hesitant and said to him "Che": "shoot, do not be afraid; you simply kill a mere man," but he declined, then returned again after the officers repeated his commands took the shoot from the top to the bottom below the waist where the orders were clear not to direct fire to the heart or head-to-long period of agony, that the sergeant has screwed with a bullet from his pistol in the left side of his life shuddered.
According to some accounts for the death of Guevara, the Bolivian, including the novel Supreme Commander of the Bolivian Gen. Alfredo Ovando, said that Guevara before his death, which in the last hours of agony: "I AM" Che "Guevara. Have failed."

Bolivian authorities have refused to hand over his body to his brother or even a definition of his whereabouts or his tomb so as not to be a shrine to the rebels from all over the world.

Published Felix Rodriguez, former agent of the U.S. intelligence agency pictures of the execution of Che Guevara. These images represent the last moments of life of the Argentine revolutionary was shot dead before his execution, Bolivia, on October 9, 1967. The images show how the families of Che Guevara, and lying on the ground, his eyes and his face almost Amolguetan Almurm and the earth stained with his blood after his execution.

As complete images of all the rumors about the death of Che Guevara during fierce battles with the Bolivian army.

Guevara said in a statement distributed by the Revolutionary in April 1967: "I do not care when and where I'll die
But I'd keep the rebels upright, fill the ground noise, so that the world does not sleep with all his weight on the bodies of the helpless and the poor and the oppressed. "
But did not achieve his wish, which announced to his friend ..




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