Egypt, the cradle of civilization ... (3

  • Napoleon and Europe
    Conquered the French, under Napoleon Bonaparte and Egypt conquered in 1798 has come from the sea on the beach and faced the Mamluk army at the Battle of the Pyramids and defeated them defeat the evil. After the destruction of the power of the Mamluks sought Napoleon cooperation with the leaders of Egyptian national. He tried to convince those leaders that a friend of the Muslims, and his goal of entering Egypt is people's liberation from the oppression of the Mamelukes, and not to eliminate Islam. In addition to governmental changes that have taken place the foundations of Napoleon and the French, "French Institute" to be a place works on the development of science, economics, arts, literature and other systems. and the work of scientists and engineers to the French as well as the paving of roads, construction of factories and the construction of arsenals. The government has Ottoman computers and Napoleon and the British led by Lord Nelson destroyed the French ships cut the the way between the French and their country of France. There were insurgencies overwhelming, especially in Cairo in 1798. In any case, forced the French to leave Egypt under Ottoman attacks and to help the English to them. Ottomans and take power again, but Egypt is not what it was before

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